Foote Wants To Play For The Lions

Perhaps far bigger than the news that former Steelers linebacker Larry Foote wants to play for the Detroit Lions is that anyone wants to play for the Detroit Lions.
But, indeed, Foote wants to continue his career in the state he calls “home,” with the team everyone calls “really, really sucky.”
Detroit is always No. 1,” Foote told the Detroit News.  “I mean, my agent is talking to them about me coming home, and we’ll go from there.  But no question about it, that’s my first choice.”
Foote also revealed that he had been pushing the team to cut him, and that at one point he thought he’d be traded.

“I’ve been forcing [this] the whole offseason,” Foote said.  “I’ve been asking for it all offseason, asking for a trade, and I guess they finally did something.  I wish they’d have done it a little earlier.  Technically, I’m a free man now, but a lot of the money [in free agency] has been spent. . . . 

“I don’t know what the Steelers were doing in the whole process.  They kept saying they were trying to get a trade.  I know they were in talks with the Lions.  But I don’t know how it’s gonna work.  My agent [Ken Kremer] said the Lions tried to get me, but I still don’t know how bad they want me.”

On one hand, it’s arguably a tad douchey for the Steelers to squat on Foote through the first two months of free agency and then cut him three days after picking a total of, um, zero linebackers in the draft.  On the other hand, Foote’s agent could have avoided the situation by simply shifting $1 million of Foote’s $2.885 million base salary into a roster bonus due on the first day of the 2009 league year. 

If the Lions aren’t interested in bringing to the franchise a guy who got two Super Bowl rings without buying either of them on eBay, then maybe the Cardinals will be inclined to consider Foote, given his connection to former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.

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  1. It’d be pretty daft for the Lions to pass over a quality LB who wants to be part of the team.

  2. I don’t understand why it is “douchey” for the Steelers to try and get some value out of him. They tried to trade, which I am sure continued through the draft. When they couldn’t make a deal, they let him go. He should be happy they cut him instead of forcing him to stick with the team like has happened to some WRs in recent years. I know Timmons was going to limit his time and perhaps completely replace him, but I think he should be happy with how the Steelers have handled this.

  3. iId suggest the Browns get him, but they already have enough players on the team who know how to beat the Browns.

  4. Another Linebacker Factory product off to spread his wings and suck individually. I’d say the Lions will just about fit, and that’s hard to say because I like Foote.

  5. “Detroit is always No. 1,” Foote told the Detroit News, after this he stifled what appeared to be a laugh and added, “Well, not literally, of course….but….you know….in the hearts and minds of both their fans.”

  6. This guy is even dumber than I thought. Maybe he’s been too busy to notice that the Lions went 0-16. Or maybe he’s just a big fan of the “new” logo.

  7. What’s “douchey” about the Steelers waiting until after the draft? They probably shopped him at the draft. As the Foote stated, they were trying to trade him. After the draft, when there were no takers, he was cut.
    That’s standard procedure in the NFL… but I guess when the Steelers do it, it’s “douchey”.

  8. I didn’t think agents were allowed to talk to other teams about perspective contracts when said player was still under contract with another team……

  9. Comments made about the Lions are not unexpected nor unearned. This just gets tiring, though.

  10. Foote would probably fit well as the Mike in the Lions defense. He may spend all of his time fighting offensive linemen and the fullback, though, because the Lions got rid of Cory Redding.

  11. “then maybe the Cardinals will be inclined to consider Foote, given his connection to former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.”

  12. They were working on the things that are best for the Steelers interests, not Larry Foote. Oh well, I thought this was a one sided deal, oh well, Good luck!!!!

  13. Foote would be a great addition to the Lions defense. Not to mention the bonus of him actually wanting to go to Detroit, the Clippers of the NFL

  14. I think the Lions would be foolish not to offer Foote some money and bring him in. Julian Peterson, Larry Foote and Ernie Simms would make a heck of a linebacking corps and probably help to improve upon last year’s 5 yards a carry they were giving up. You know, to like 4.3 or something. But hey, for the Lions thats like the Super Bowl.

  15. Larry Foote will be to the Lions as Pudge was to the Tigers in 2003, a catalyst for a winning formula. SIGN HIM NOW MARTIN MAYHEM!!!!

  16. god forbid someone with rings wants another challange, playing for their hometown team in front of family and friends.

  17. I always knew the IQ of Steelers linebackers, ie illiterate James Harrison, was exceptionally low, but this this really surprising.

  18. “…given his connection to former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.
    I was unaware Coach Whisenhunt left the Cards. Though I don’t blame him.

  19. Foote makes all of the sense in the world in Detroit.
    Detroit is certainly home for the guy: Detroit Pershing Highschool and U of M.
    I think this is a smart cap move by the Steelers, because with the LB group that they have you can get away with Timmons inside. He will not make you say “Larry who?”, but he will be adequate. Meanwhile the Lions just refused to pick up a Mike LB in the draft, which indicates to me that they expected to get Foote all along.
    There is also a rumor floating here in Detroit that Shaun Rogers wants to come back as well if he can escape Cleveland. While I am not crazy about Rogers’ personality, the addition of Grady Jackson, Shaun Rogers, Julian Peterson and Larry Foote all in one off-season would give the Lions front 7 instant credibility. I like it.

  20. shutdown says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 3:04 pm
    Timmons will have all of us saying Larry Foote who?
    We didn’t need Timmons for that.

  21. i would love to see this. considering the Lions have no one playing MLB right now. i cant stomach another snap with Paris Lenon in the middle….

  22. If the Steelers cut Foote loose, is that one degree of seperation from Kevin Bacon?

  23. the only thing I have to say is that Foote is a 3-4 LB and the Lions run a 4-3… he’d be a back up. However, if he’s willing to ride the bench and collect a paycheck (see young, vince) then I guess more power to him, so long as the Lions will have him.

  24. All things considered, Foote just gained my respect. (I think) I’m from Baltimore and am a die-hard Ravens fan (which makes the whole “respect for a Steelers player” tough). But to want to go from the Super Bowl Championship team (even though he was being cut) to the 0-16 Lions because it’s his hometown reminds me of Spirit of Atheletes Past. (I think) It may just be the whole recent Mark Texiera thing here in Baltimore, but I like a guy who wants to be a homer.

  25. Hey ecsacker, ahhh the Lions have a orange pylon as the starting MLB right now. If he signs he will start.

  26. I would be cautious about a player who wants to go from first to worst. He clearly doesn’t care about winning. Just a pay check.

  27. foote could have also “reworked” his contract like hines ward did. the steelers have done nothing “douchey” at all. as i have now heard, the steelers plan on keeping him thru the weekend to still try to work out a trade. larry foote is an outstanding young man, as evidenced by his baby’s momma showing up at his front door several years ago and dumping the child off on him. he’s a quality football player too and would make the lions, or any other team instantly better. good luck to you larry, timmons will play your position on the field, but never replace you. first class all the way.

  28. TheCoop says:
    “I always knew the IQ of Steelers linebackers, ie illiterate James Harrison, was exceptionally low………………..”
    ……safe to say he’s in a higher tax bracket than you are, Einstein.

  29. The Coop or is it the Crap? What’s your team? At least Harrison knows how to get to the endzone.

  30. “Hey ecsacker, ahhh the Lions have a orange pylon as the starting MLB right now. If he signs he will start.”
    Technically the orange pylon would be better than the current starter. At least then there would be a chance that it would trip a guy up. The Lions have a collection of smallish weakside linebackers and Julian Peterson who is a Sam Linebacker, not a Mike. If Foote comes to the D, then he starts.
    In addition, inside linebackers in a 3-4 make an easy transition to the 4-3 for the most part because the insides are essentially the same physically, it is just a system change with different assignments.
    Another fun fact is that while Schwartz did run a 4-3 previously he has publicly stated that they will have a 3-4 package and that he is going to mix things up. Based on the draft I would say that this public statement is probably true, because the Lions have stocked up on 3-4 outside backer types. Just a thought.
    Try to learn a bit about football, coaching and the rosters of the teams you are commenting about before you shoot off your mouth, nutsacker.

  31. sim peterson foote. dat sounds pretty solid 2me! n avril,jackson, n dat other end we got from tampa n free agency hey dnt look now we’re improving lol. but really thought we r.
    and did any1 here shaun rogers wants to come back 2 da D!?

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