PFT Debuts On Sprint's NFL Mobile Live

There’s now yet another reason for PFT Planet to get their hands on a Sprint phone ASAP.
Recently, PFT content debuted as one of the features within Sprint’s exclusive NFL Mobile Live application.
Just click the “Around The NFL” link from the front page of the application, and you’ll see a list of our latest headlines — along with one of our latest PFTV segments.
Then, click on the “View More Pro Football Talk” link, and you’ll see the familiar PFT logo header, several PFTV segments, and then four options for more of our blog content:  Rumors, Injuries, Transactions, Legal.
We’re still not quite sure how we managed to crash the NFL Mobile Live party.  While we’re here, we’re going to try to get some free dental advice.

5 responses to “PFT Debuts On Sprint's NFL Mobile Live

  1. I noticed the links this past weekend while browsing on my Instinct. Very cool feature.

  2. I noticed this last weekend while monitoring the draft from my Instinct…very cool feature

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