Redskins' Draft Pick Admits That He Lied

Washington Redskins fifth round linebacker Cody Glenn acknowledged that he wasn’t telling the truth during interviews about the reasons behind his three-game suspension during his final season at Nebraska.
Glenn initially told reporters that cover the Redskins that he was punished for selling tickets, but is still declining to specify the real reason why he was suspended.
According to an Associated Press report, Glenn admitted that he made up the story to get reporters to stop querying him about why he was punished.
“It was me being dumb, just trying to have people leave me alone,” Glenn said. “It’s something I said that I probably shouldn’t have, looking at it now. … So many people kept asking me about it, everywhere I go. That was the rumor out there, so I just said, ‘OK, yeah, I sold tickets.’ …
“It was just so people would kind of leave me alone, just to get them an answer, for people who had to have an answer. And to have people constantly nagging in my ear about ‘What did you do?’ blah, blah, blah. I got tired of that. That’s all that is. I didn’t mean to confuse anyone.”

24 responses to “Redskins' Draft Pick Admits That He Lied

  1. Now that he admits to lying about it, he will have people nagging him again until another answer is given. Should have thought that one through.

  2. Overheard in Cincinnati’s front office: “Damn, damn, DAMN! How did we not find out about this? We let him slip through our fingers!”
    (That comment was probably good enough to win a copy of QBF, but thank god it’s not Friday!)

  3. wow.
    this guy sounds like a great pick!
    wish my team would have drafter him,
    seems like a real “character” guy

  4. Compared to the 100 million dollar lie the deadskins jackass owner committed to….This is just a little white lie………

  5. I live in nebraska and have no clue what he got suspended for. I thought it was selling tickets. Florio, you have that other site, can’t for the life of me remember the name of it, but can’t you get some answers?

  6. oh well he’s a nobody anyways
    another class act for the redskins
    maybe him and haynesworth will be bffs

  7. What’s interesting is….most people have never heard of him, and didn’t know he was suspended for anything…..but by lying, it becomes a national story, and now everyone (at least me anyway) am kind of curious about why it was something he’s desperate to lie about (dookie in the laundy basket, perhaps?)……
    So….I guess it kind of worked out for him, in that it got him national attention he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

  8. this makes it seem like what he really got in trouble for is alot worse than selling tickets
    he probably got caught talking bad about corn
    a big no no in nebraska

  9. Not good.
    Never good to lie.
    But if you’re committed to lying, you need to be good at it, and remember who you lied to and what lie you told them.
    And if by chance you get caught, STFU and deny it.
    You didn’t have a concience going in because you lied, don’t develop one mid-stream, just STFU and live with it, every day of your life.
    And perhaps you’ll learn never to lie again.

  10. Cody really is a good guy…I’m from Nebraska and have been around him earlier in his stay at UNL, and it really isn’t a huge deal…he violated team rules, and I give credit to Bo Pelini to not sell his players out and announce it to the world…people make mistakes, and the fact that Cody doesn’t want to relive it should count for something in his favor…he admitted he did wrong, is embarrassed by it, and doesn’t sound like he ever wants it repeated, let alone to happen again…

  11. I live in Lincoln and have read/watched many things about Glenn the last few years. I can honestly tell you that other than this breach of a single unknown team rule, he has carried himself well.
    He switched positions (was getting carries) to fill the team’s biggest need at the request of his coach. He did well and was learning at a nice pace.
    I’m sure that some of these late picks were made to excell at special teams. Glenn is an athlete that can contribute and will not destroy the team.
    Save your judgement. The ‘Skins could use a few more who know the meaning of sacrifice.

  12. Probably wore an Oklahoma T-shirt … that’s the worst you could do in Nebraska, short of piloting the Sooner-Schooner.

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