Plane Flies From Minneapolis To Hattiesburg, And Back Again

It probably means nothing.
But, let’s face it, Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport is hardly a major hub of transportation.
Only five flights arrived there today, and only six departed.
One of the arrivals came from Minneapolis, and one of the departures headed back there.
The plane from Minneapolis arrived at 9:11 a.m. local time, and left at 4:14 p.m. local time.
It probably has nothing to do with one of the more famous residents of Hattiesburg.  After all, he’s retired from playing football, and he has no intention of coming back.
Favre said so himself.  “It’s all rumor.  [There’s] no reason for it.”
Oh, wait.  That was last year, when Favre shot down in early July talk that he wanted to come back.
Since he was telling the truth then, he’s surely telling the truth now.

126 responses to “Plane Flies From Minneapolis To Hattiesburg, And Back Again

  1. I can only imagine.. it’s the year 2060 and we’re all asking if Favre is comin back for his 95th season with the new expansion franchise in LA..

  2. OK, Florio, I gotta know. At what point did you start monitoring the Hattiesburg airport, anyway? The minute the Jets granted his release, or before?
    You’d think by now they’d know about guys like you monitoring small-town airports. They should have Brett do a cut-out leg, maybe fly to Atlanta and then charter a plane from there to Minny.

  3. LMFAO! Yeah time for another round of As the Favre turns. The guy just doesn’t know when to leave does he, but you can’t completely blame him if there was no interest then he wouldn’t play, but as you can see there is interest from Minnesota.

  4. The league needs brady to pull a stunt like this.
    It’d be nice to see all their fans go back to being Cowboys and 49er fans.

  5. Oh god – the pure potential for merch alone makes this worth doing.
    How many effing purple Favre jerseys would sell the instant this deal goes down?
    I could use a break from T-Jacks jump passes. Favre – we’d love you here.

  6. Ha Ha, Favre wont leave the NFL alone.
    It was a private plane also. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

  7. I think Florio is really REALLY hoping this is about to happen again.
    Cha-ching! Or… what sound does a web traffic ticker make?

  8. Was it Barack Obama on the plane? I mean only him and Brett Favre get this kind of coverage… and Favre is retired… right?

  9. Holy hell, Florio… you have sources at airports?
    But are you a better litigant than LT Kaffee?
    Your honor, these are the tower chief’s logs for both Guantanamo Bay and Andrews Air Force Base. The Guantanamo log lists no flight leaving at 11 pm and the Andrews log lists no flight arriving at 2 am. I’d like to submit these as defense exhibits Alpha and Bravo.

  10. i was on that plane, effin zygi snores louder than paul bunyan with a cold. ruined my flight


  12. It’s amazing how Favre is able to continue to hold the football media’s attention…

  13. I wish Brett (the most overrated QB of all time) would just call it a slightly above-par career.

  14. I personally love when Florio does this. Very funny stuff.
    Who knew a person that owns and runs his or her own website can be a troll on it. That’s talent my friend.

  15. As a Viking fan, I view Brett as all but washed up. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing him sign a cerimonial retirement contract….with the Minnesota Vikings.

  16. Jesus, come on Florio 3 Favre stories in one day! Why don’t you just start calling the time after the draft before Training Camp “Favre Season”. You call him a prima donna but you are the one bringing him back to the attention of your readers. I usually love the content on here but when you feel like grinding an axe it really makes your site unreadable. I can’t remember what month it was last year when you posted somewhere around 10 Farve stories in a day and all you did was call him out for being selfish.
    When Favre actually comes back out of retirement and signs with a team then start harping, but your snide comments and sniffing around every aspect of his life makes you look pathetic and crazed. Until then get down of your cross and use the wood to build a bridge to get over Favre and your Favre obsession.

  17. Brett Favre the helmut hugger!!!! Come’on Brett come back, can’t wait to see the new 3-4 defense, all 11 of them tell each other that you came back just to beat them. Favre will do nothing but eat turf for 4 quarters. No seriously, Barnett, Raji and Mathews just DRILLING #4 ALL DAY LONG, while Collins and Woodson are in the secondary just scooping up pic6’s all afternoon.
    So please Meat Missle (Favre) COME BACK YOU D-BAG

  18. Minnesota, you need to forget about that zero and get yourself a hero!
    Jeff George

  19. I want Brett to come back. He was a great player. If he comes back, has a great season, it’ll be a great story. If he comes back and flops horribly again, it’ll be hilarious.
    Plus, it’s in Minnesota, so it’s not like they are really a threat to win anything anyway. Even if they had Peyton Manning at QB, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson starting at wideout, Adrian Peterson at runningback, the ’85 Bears at defense (not now, but theoretically), and Bill Belichick coaching, they would still go 9-7 and, if they made the playoffs, get bounce during Wild Card weekend. It’s just the way it is.
    Like how Viking fans will flock to the 1 rating for this post, even though they know it’s true.

  20. I think it was two different planes.
    OPT708 arrived in Hattiesburg from Minneapolis at 7:12 AM
    OPT708 departed from Hattiesburg for Lafayette at 11:15AM
    OPT704 arrived in Hattiesburg from Birmingham at 2:57PM
    OPT704 departed from Hattiesburg for Minneapolis at 4:14PM
    So the plane that came from Minneapolis was not the same that went to Minneapolis…however, that really means nothing.

  21. Florio I am with you, I think Favre is absolutely considering coming back.
    Here is the problem; he tore his bicep.
    “After surgery prosthesis is used to immobilize the arm or severely restrict movement within a specific movement range. This normally takes at least 2 months. Even after successful completion of this therapy no lifting or stressful use of the muscle can be allowed for at least another three months. During this time scar tissue will cover the area of tear or detachment. It takes almost six months before any type of stress related training can start with the injured muscle. At that point the injured person will have only 40% of the pre injury strength and regaining previous strength levels may never be totally possible”.
    So see if your Moles can dig up if Favre had surgery in January. If he did then it is safe to assume Favre will be back. If not, even though he probably wants too it aint going to happen this year. There is always next year though…ugh

  22. Why not bring farve for this year and bring vick to learn how to throw from him. Then you’d have Peterson, Vick and Harvin. Pretty scary

  23. NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
    I hate Brett Favre. He ruins football news. JUST GO AWAY!

  24. Interesting… but is it the same plane that left for Minny that came back?
    Let’s look at the log…
    At 9:11am OPT708 arrived from Minneapolis/St-Paul in Hattiesburg.
    At 6:35pm OPT704 landed in Minnneapolis/St-Paul from Hattiesburg…
    These flights have different identifiers… If you’re a Viking and you’re chartering a Cessna to fly to Hattiesburg, would it make any sense that you’d switch planes for the ride home?
    You’re right Florio, it probably means nothing… but nice of you to feed the rumor mill with a subject we’re all quite sick of.

  25. he can’t play anymore and he isn’t going to make any kind of positive impact on our current QBs — hopefully he just stays retired.

  26. If there is a nuclear war the only things that will survive are cockroaches and rumors about Brett Favre unretiring.

  27. That was a great find.
    Chilly Dog and Co. are going down their to convince him to play. We all know it.

  28. Dang it.. Hope I have room for another Vikings jersey… Put it right next to my ‘Kill Favre’ poster that I made with a Green Bay poster with Favre, and with a lot of darts.. and some markers..

  29. FLORIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!! Let Favre be mowing his lawn and tending his farm. We don’t want him in Minnesota.
    psh. Who am I kidding, with a torn bicep he’s still twice the QB then anyone on the Vikings. Bring him in, Childress. Just be sure not to mention that you stole him away from Belichick because he wanted Brett to start in front of Brady.

  30. I’ll buy a copy of your book, get a Sprint phone and click on CFT every day. Please stop.

  31. Florio, you’re abso-freakin’-lutely hilaaaaarious!!!
    Where do U come up with these ideas of how to track a story?!
    Not only do we get constant legal analysis, now we also got some investigative shit goin’ on….
    Wildly entertainin’ ma man… Keep up the great work…

  32. john madden just fired up the bus…..this is awesome tho this guy just cant go away and hes gonna jack up his whole career because of it.

  33. Florio, don’t complain about any more Favre stories if you’re going to stir the pot with this kind of rumor.

  34. If he goes to the Vikings, and the Packers ever let him into Lambeau after he retires…..someone needs their head examined. Like LT going to the Cowboys, or Staubach going to the Redskins, or Butkus going to the Lions. It really is unthinkable and also really, really classless. He can let the Vikings or Jets retire his number and pay his marketing deal….and any alleged Packer fan who remains planted to his wood if he does this; is no Packer fan at all.
    Favre is the biggest egomaniac alive and you know that Yoko and Bus are just fueling the delusions… I honestly hope the Packers send the house on every play until they break him for good.

  35. Got one for you Florio…
    Looking into it, the website shows what aircraft it was that landed, and sure enough it’s a private jet. To be precise, the aircraft is a Cessna Citation X (twin-jet), but also looking at the tracking of the plane, The arrival from Minneapolis left to Lafayette Regional Airport, whilst the departed aircraft to Minneapolis arrived from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, so it’s probably just a mere coincidence instead of the Vikings going after Favre.

  36. Mike PLEASE!! This was the best offseason for football since the day Brett Favre started in the NFL. No one was talking about him!! Dont ruin it for us now please! Let him play with his tractor in Hickville like he has always wanted to.

  37. I wish Farve would go to the Bills so we all can see the Golden Boys sitcom.
    Getchya Depends ready.

  38. 2 separate planes, both operated by a company called Flight Options, which is a time-share private jet company. Very likely the Vikes could have hired them to make a run.

  39. Somebody with NFLN probably drove up to Minneapolis and chartered the flights down and back. Not much news left until HOF weekend….FaRVe watch ’09!

  40. It is true, I live in Hattiesburg, next to nothing comes or goes to that airport except smaller flights (like ones NFL executives would use) Pretty much any “normal” person here goes to New Orleans or the Jackson, MS airport for flights.

  41. I just heard that John David Booty is switching his jersey #4 to another
    number, and that Darrell Bevell is scripting west coast offense plays similar to the ones ran in Green Bay. Also God just left a voicemail on Favre’s phone and asked him to sign in Minnesota.

  42. Ahhh it’s nothing. Brett just broke a part on his tractor and the only dealer that had it in stock is in Minny. Pure coincidence.

  43. I once remember a time when Brett Favre was idolized for overcoming difficulty and tribulation to become a heroic, idyllic even.
    Man, 1996 feels like forever ago.

  44. Brett Favre is like the couple you invite over and doesn’t know when to leave. If he does end up with Minnesota, at least our DB’s will be able to pad their INT stats.

  45. And so it begins. At least we’ll know when Favre goes to the bathroom, or when he receives any phone call AGAIN!
    So, when is the announcement that John Madden is coming out of retirement to only commentate on Favre’s games?

  46. It has nothing to do with Favre unless the Vikings are so cheap they fly Cessnas now.

  47. Well……..rumor has it that the flight was a Target Inc. jet. Possibly not Wilf’s . Also research says Zyggi’s plane is a Dassault and the plane on the records says a Cessna Citation. Although it seems like this is a very strange coincidence. I think thats what it is. Who knows???????I’m sure Wilf has several planes. He may have rented one to go down because its very likely that Wilf is in New York conducting his other business.

  48. You just HAD to stumble across that flight info web site last year, didn’t you Florio.

  49. I think Florio is trying to track down Favre so he can get him to autograph QBF. Then he’d have a copy that’s actually worth something…

  50. If the Vikes seriously think they’re one impact player from the Super Bowl, they need to realize that Favre is no longer a season long impact player. There was a reason he’s considered retirement every year since about 2003 – his renaissance season in 2007 would have been a nice fade into the sunset, but prior to that season there were already rumblings to see what Aaron Rodgers could do. Favre just played well enough that season that they couldn’t bench him, and he kept his Ironman streak alive. In 2008, he had flashes of brilliance, but plenty of the old, “ready, fire, aim” Favre that makes him the career INT leader as well as the TD leader.
    What’s keeping Minnesota from being a dynasty in the NFC North is their lack of patience in developing the QB position. Other than a couple of dominant seasons from Culpepper before his injury, Minnesota rarely has the same opening game starter from season to season, and many seasons seems to employ a “QB by committee” approach to the starting spot. Is it T-Jack or Frerotte this week? Maybe Rosenfels is the savior they’re looking for? MAYBE, if Rosenfels is your franchise QB, you need to look at drafting or trading for a young QB with lots of upside, and who you’ll invest some time in (or find such a QB on your own roster – I still think T-Jack can play, if they’ll commit to him). Bringing in an egocentric diva past his prime is not the answer.

  51. Hell, Moon played into his forties… why not Favre? All he is doing is pushing that HoF induction back a year.

  52. If this plane or any other from this backward ass country airstrip crosses Wisconsin airspace it should be shot down because there is a weapon of masshole distraction on board.If Bretteney does end up in Minnehaha the league has to conduct some type of investigation no attempt was made to improve the QB situation(the only glaring need the team needs no crazed Vike fans Sage doesn’t count as an effort) so what kind of deal was made and when.
    By the way Bretteney why don’t you wear your goodluck ham and go swimmin out back behind your compound and find some gators or stingrays or something else equally as friendly and stick your head in their mouths. The same way you stuck your head up your butt during the two overtime plays in playoff games where you threw interceptions

  53. Wait a minute there nordicnightmare. So far Napoleon Florio hasn’t gotten anything right “yet”. I’m not even sure to believe the LIFO/FIFO airplane/Hattesberg nonsense but so far, the little general of this website has gotten zero right on Betty Farve returning to the NFL. If Betty DOES return — yet AGAIN — it only means he conjured up a story, on time, and it came true. Anything he wrote yesterday, he conjured. And, of course, Napoleon FLORIO IS STILL ONLY FIVE FEET TALL~!
    As for Silver_and_Black_in_DC, when you quote:
    “Your honor, these are the tower chief’s logs for both Guantanamo Bay and Andrews Air Force Base. The Guantanamo log lists no flight leaving at 11 pm and the Andrews log lists no flight arriving at 2 am. I’d like to submit these as defense exhibits Alpha and Bravo.”
    I say, any “A Few Good Men reference is a GREAT reference”

  54. It would be interesting to know if there were any flights from MSP to Hattiesburg, MS, at any point in the last 12 months before today. Because if the first time it’s happened was the day after Favre got his release from the Jets, that certainly would be curious.
    We know Favre is going to end up unretiring and playing for the cursed Vikings because (a) we’re talking drama queen Favre and (b) Chilly is just stupid enough to fall for this. Does the Viking Brain Trust understand that they wouldn’t be getting Brett Favre cerca 1997?

  55. Florio, your a Vikings fan. Admit it already. You can barely go a day without posting something about the Vikings.

  56. If you check the log, these were two DIFFERENT planes. The first was passing through from Minneapolis to Lafayette. The second plane was en route from Birmingham to Minneapolis. Both stopped for about an hour, we can assume to refuel, pick up passengers, etc. Coincidence, yes. Related to the Vikings or Favre, no.
    Florio is busting his ass to make a story out of nothing because he can never beat ESPN at anything. I’ll stick to ESPN for my legitimate NFL news, it’s faster anyways. (Of course, I’ll still come here to insult Florio and laugh with the other members)

  57. this is Vikings story, not a Favre story. If they really went, and even if he said no, they still went to Hattiesburg.
    And guys, the different flight number indicates a different flight, not a different plane. Right?
    –What the hell’s Brett Favre doin’ here?
    –I’m in town to play the Dolphins, dumbass.

  58. Abyss to all the Favre Hater’s of the World, Number 4 in PURPLE will SURELY put the Minnesota Vikings as the FAVORITE in the NFC for a SUPERBOWL~!

  59. I believe a Fex Ex overnight package big enough to hold a playbook was also shipped from Minneapolis to the Hattisburg area. Could be nothing, or could be something. What a stretch Mike.

  60. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Your diligence is impressive (scary?), Florio, but I don’t buy it. Yet.
    Flight numbers aside I think rew14478 makes the best point of all commenters thus far.

  61. This is old-school PFT right here, folks….tracking planes. Love it.
    BTW, the key words in Lord Favre’s statement the other day were: At this time ….
    He’ll be back.

  62. Ziggy has his own plane, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to use it to visit Farve or have Childress to hitch a ride with Ziggy. Lets remember that they’ve used this plane before to steal Winfield away from the Jets before signing a free agency contract and also to get Berrian.

  63. Favre is an attention whore, the Vikings have already demonstrated a propensity to hire whores, sounds like a match made in heaven.

  64. This is reminiscent of Toby Flenderson coming back from Costa Rica. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  65. The sad part is, Favre still beats out any QB in MN so if I was a Viking fan I’d be a little interested in how this develops.

  66. You watched him when he was in Green Bay. You loved him when he played in New York City…now for the 19th consecutive year and football’s longest running reality show…it’s the Truman…er…Farve Show.
    From high on top of every football stadium in the USA in PFT headquarters in some godforsaken burgh in WV it’s Florio, creator and artistic director of the Farve Show. “What do we have on tap with coming episodes, sir”? “Well, we have Farve escaping the big city and going back to the midwest, to a land of Nordic purple………….”
    Come on folks, you know you love this. I love this. Brett, there is no way out. You must sign in the land of 10,000 lakes. The SHOW must continue.

  67. Yes Zygi Wilf has a cessna. But the plane arriving at 7:15A is a different plane then the one leaving at 4:35P. The plane arriving at 715A departed for KY at 9:30A. The plane leaving at 4:35P came from Birmingham. So unless this was some crazy 2 plane decoy – it has nothing to do with Brett Farve
    Florio – You have a law degree, right? C’mon dude.

  68. The Vikings recently signed Mississippi Safety Jamarca Sanford (rookie free agent based out of Hattiesburg, obviously). I’m guessing this flight had something to do with this signing. Just a guess!

  69. i’ll ask again, as i did yesterday (i have a job, so i can’t really research this beyond the two-minute google search i did): where can i bet on whether he plays in 2009?! if i could get 10- or even 8-1, i’d be ALL OVER it

  70. This is hilarious. Please keep doing these Favre updates. As a Vikings fan who used to constantly ridicule Favre and the Annual Brett Favre Retirement Debate, I now cannot get enough of this story, dating back to last year when the comeback controversy in Green Bay first started.
    Even if Favre’s acquisition turned out to be a total disaster, I would still love it. They can take away Favre’s ability to throw, they can take away his ability to lead a team to the playoffs, but they cannot take away my purple #4 jersey.

  71. whats funny is that if he did come back, the Vikings would still have the worst QB in the division.

  72. I hope he does come back. I took great delight as his image and reputation came crashing down around him last year during his selfish power play. One more go round will finish the job and make him every bit as likable a person as Roger Clemens.

  73. love that there are so many comments about a story about a shitty little airport out in the sticks

  74. And it will be going to Boca Raton in an hour and 10 minutes.
    Is he going to pick up Constanza’s parents at Del Boca Vista?

  75. I don’t understand why so many get so pissed that a veteran still wants to play football. He’s only two years from a MVP caliber season, and he not only lead 4-12 team to 9-7 record, but had a 6 TD game against the NFC champs in the process, while revamping an entire offense.
    He injured his arm and coudn’t do it in the final 6 weeks. Now he’s healthy and he’s a free man. Either you’re all afraid of what he’ll do to your team, or just bitter. What’s the harm? If he’s so “bad”, then what do you have to lose? It’s not like the NFL is bursting with QB’s or anything, so the time is still right.

  76. So what if he changes his mind. I don’t get why some people, especially journalists, seem to get so upset about this sort of thing.
    If he decides to play again, so what? Really, who cares? and if you do care, why does it upset you so much? How does it affect you in any way?

  77. “OK team. I know I should have drafted a QB in the first round of the draft. I know that is what we needed, but I heard a rumor that the ‘coach who must not be named’ in New England was gonna take this wide receiver, even though they don’t need one. So I took him instead! OK, OK, now this kid might be magical, that’s what I thought anyhow. But don’t worry, I think I know a QB we can get. Heard of this guy named ‘Far’ or something. Think that might be a nickname because he can throw far. He has another nickname, ‘King of the interception.’ I thought that was funny because he doesn’t even play corner. Anyhow, I think we can get him, but we are pretending that we aren’t interested. That seems to work.”

  78. If Favre wanted to retire a Packer, and the Packers didn’t have a problem with it, they could not talk to him without the Jets permission. Getting his release means he and his agent can work it out with the Packers without the Jets getting involved. He’s not going to play anymore.

  79. dayglo80 says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 11:17 am
    now it landed in philly, can you say mcnabb???
    Letsgojacks says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 11:25 am
    And it will be going to Boca Raton in an hour and 10 minutes.
    Is he going to pick up Constanza’s parents at Del Boca Vista?
    Have either of you two nimrods actually flown anywhere before? If so, are you aware that you probably did not ride the same exact plane both ways? They like to keep those things moving.. Something about maxmizing revenue..
    Florio’s not saying Wilf flew his own plane down to Hattiesburg. He’s saying it’s possible Wilf (or Childress or Spielman or whoever) chartered flights down and back.. There’s a difference.

  80. 120 comments to this article alone, if that isn’t buzz I don’t know what is. The preceding article had 5 and the one after had 7. Can you post a link to the online store that has the purple #4 jersey as soon as it becomes available?

  81. pboom says:
    “Ha ha ha…This is great! I’m a Vikes fan and even I think this is getting rediculous. ”
    Yeah, we know. We could tell you were a ViQueens fan because you have a horrible grasp of the English language, and in turn, how to spell many of its words.
    Write it down, pboom.
    Oh yeah, and your coach looks like Gargumel from the Smurfs.

  82. I can’t believe it! Planes go from airports to airports? This is unheard of!
    Give it a rest.

  83. Gregjennings85 says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 2:11 pm
    pboom says:
    “Ha ha ha…This is great! I’m a Vikes fan and even I think this is getting rediculous. ”
    Yeah, we know. We could tell you were a ViQueens fan because you have a horrible grasp of the English language, and in turn, how to spell many of its words.
    Write it down, pboom.
    Oh yeah, and your coach looks like Gargumel from the Smurfs.
    It’s Gargamel. If you’re going to chastise someone else on spelling, you’d better damn well be checking your own.

  84. The planes were different, but came from the same chartered flight business, “Flight Options, LLC” . Chances are the planes were dropping off and picking up the same individual. Those things don’t make any money sitting on the runway.
    Maybe it was someone from the Vikings, maybe it was an agent, maybe it was some other type of business person.
    To the guy who posted the picture of the Vikings private jet….Most likely it belongs to Red McCombs. At least, its based in San Antonio

  85. The Pack needs to get rid of Toommy, and get Brett back where he belongs. He will ALWAYS be a Packer. If he even says “he misses or loves football” the rumor mills go nuts. Brett will always wish he was playing at times — it’s been a big part of his life . If the trueth was known, he’s prob’ly had numerous calls since leaving Jets,wanting him to come out of retirement. He gave us so-o-o many great memories and I only wish him and his girls the very best. We love you Brett. Marty

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