Ralph Wilson's Daughter Passes

Linda Bogdan, the daughter of Bills owner Ralph Wilson and the team’s Vice President/Assistant Director of College and Pro Scouting, has passed away.
According to WIVB, she had been battling cancer.
Bogdan was the only female scout in the NFL, a position she held for 22 years.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ralph Wilson, his family, and the Bills organization.

11 responses to “Ralph Wilson's Daughter Passes

  1. wow i have been a Bills fan my whole life (19 years only) and I had no idea ralphie’s daughter was a scout

  2. from a long time viking fan, thoughts and payers go out to ralph wilson and any family she had. i’m not a bills fan (or a female), but why are stories like this only told after the person dies? Florio, how about every time you think about writing an editorial on brett favre and how he is coming to the vikings (god forbid), tell one of these stories nobody knows about (but should know, maybe then the ladies would STFU and watch football. or just STFU during football and after losses)

  3. worst thing in the world is to bury a son/daughter no matter what the age. condolences to mr wilson

  4. You one ever wants to outlive their kids. I actually did not know there was a female scout, never really even thought about it. Good for her.

  5. “myusernamestinks says:
    April 29th, 2009 at 7:21 pm
    Still nothing for Bea Arthur?”
    That’s a good point. An article on Usain Bolt because some teams expressed interest in him…..and you KNOW someone in the NFL once looked at Bea Arthur and thought “You know….we could probably use a new inside linebacker…..”

  6. To jlyng:
    Why did you find it necessary to use this feed to comment on the status of Buffalo as a city, especially when you have nothing nice to say about it? That’s kind of a dick move. There are good things about Buffalo, the bills being just one. I see you were born in Buffalo, but judging by your attitude, we’re glad you left.

  7. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ralph Wilson, his family, and the Bills organization.”
    Yeah, I’m sure you spent a lot of time today thinking about Ralph Wilson and his family and the Bills as a whole and praying for them.

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