Redskins Special-Teams Standout Rejects Contract Offer

Washington Redskins reserve linebacker and special-teams ace Khary Campbell has declined the team’s contract offer of a veteran minimum salary and is holding talks with other NFL teams, according to David Elfin of the Washington Times.
Per the report, Campbell, who led the Redskins in special-teams tackles over the past three seasons, has made up his mind that he’s not going to accept the offer and will be moving on.
“That wasn’t something I was going to accept,” Campbell told the Times. “And they drafted two linebackers. They did what they had to do, and I’m going to do what I have to do.”
Campbell, 30, is a former Bowling Green player who had a previous stint with the New York Jets.
He registered 13 tackles last season and a career-high 34 in 200 for the Redskins, appearing in 30 out of the past 32 regular-season games.

21 responses to “Redskins Special-Teams Standout Rejects Contract Offer

  1. maybe wait until he becomes a FA and Snyder will pay him 10x what he’s worth.
    oh and moochzilla,
    this is why the eagles do what they do, so they’re NEVER in this position you tool.

  2. Sounds like sour grapes to me. If he played more than special teams then a bigger offer would be expected.

  3. He’s been playing for the Redskins since the year 200? Well, no wonder they don’t want to pay him more than the league minimum. He’s like 1800 years old! (Though Bill Bellichik reportedly thinks he still has some gas in the tank, and is giving him a tryout at weakside linebacker)

  4. “He registered 13 tackles last season”
    Talk about a free agent gem!!! I wish Pittsburgh had more cap room so they could throw $30mil at him!!!

  5. I liked Khary…..but not as a starter. And with our cap situation we could not of afforded much more than that. If he wont take the vet min no chance in hell marcus washington will either

  6. “and a career-high 34 in 200 for the Redskins”
    Wow, if he was playing in the year 200 he is much older then 30.

  7. I didn’t even know there was football in the year 200. If I was still good enough to be playing for 1808 years, I wouldn’t accept the vet minimum either. Because, come on, if you are 1830 years old and still playing, you have to be amazing. And a very lucky guy to live that long. haha. : )

  8. this guy has to be really old if he had 34 tackles in year 200. I didnt know the NFL existed then. I want to know his trick to staying fit while getting old!

  9. All this means is that somebody else will step up on special teams and earn the Captain’s ‘C’. Khary was an above average special teamer. Good luck to him on his future ventures.

  10. I don’t care how old he is, I’m much more interested in him playing for the Vikings than Favre. Hey, Florio, check the air traffic across the United States and Canada and let us know if an aircraft landed in Washington DC in the past few days, OK?
    Ignore these fools that get their little rocks off making fun of your typo.

  11. Bud Grant says:
    April 30th, 2009 at 1:04 pm
    Another example of Washington crapping on their own players.
    Hmm, they offered to let a guy who had 13 tackles stay on the team bonehead. I think that’s a little more than fair. By the way, the Redskins are notorious for over paying players, so how is any of that crapping on them. Scheez you have the mentality of a Cowboy’s fan. Are you a Cowboy’s fan? I bet you are.

  12. I guess he played for the Lions in the 199 season. Of course that’s when there were only two teams – Lions and Christians.

  13. hey bud grant how about you pay him.skins are doing what they can with limited funds,and he is 1808 years old.

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