Sauerbrun Busted, Again

Former NFL punter Todd Sauerbrun is in trouble with the law again.
This time, he has been arrested for missing a court hearing arising from a 2008 DUI arrest.
Sauerbrun was taken into custody Thursday night, and he posted a $295 bond.
The 13-year NFL veteran last played in 2007.  His career includes stints with the Bears, Chiefs, Broncos, Patriots, and Broncos.
He was one of the more colorful punters of the past 30 years.  In addition to the periodic arrests and the occasional feud with one or members of the Gramatica family, he was implicated in a largely-ignored steroids scandal regarding the 2003 NFC champion Panthers.
In fact, Sauerbrun once was suspended four games after testing positive for Ephedra, a banned weight-loss substance.
A punter.  Using banned substances to lose weight.
Based on his most recent mug shot, he might want to consider using it again.


25 responses to “Sauerbrun Busted, Again

  1. Good job fatty… Take more PEDs next time…
    I’m hoping since this fatty no longer plays, it doesn’t reset the trademarked and copyrighted arrest meter(or whatever we’re calling it. I’m on iPhone and too lazy to look up the turd watch dictionary.)
    I just wanna see it last longer than the Rex streak. Is it too much to ask to not get arrested for 20 days? Apparently so…
    Goodnight now!
    War Nesrin, not Mesrin for the upset smack off title belt.

  2. What a boring mugshot. Look at that both eyes are open, semi-smile, clean shaven, with a nice comfy-casual button down shirt.
    Dumb it down,Sauerbrun! If youre going to make this a routine youre going to have to start trying to look like a serial criminal. Your fans are counting on you!

  3. Inflated HGH head, we’ve got a generation of players with Barry Bonds chipmunk faces.

  4. Must be a slow rumor day for Florio. He’s now picking on punters.
    Florio, you suck.

  5. The people who bash Florio for ridiculing a washed-up punter truly need to get a life.
    Then again, I’m here on a Friday night, 11 pm, defending Florio from people who are bashing him for ridiculing a washed-up punter. Perhaps I need to take my own advice.
    But really, people are pissed he’s picking on Todd Sauerbrun? If that really upsets you I think you may need some kind of counseling. I love football too, but folks, it’s just a game played by a bunch of D-Bags.
    “schweinehund” is apparently one of my fellow losers trolling PFT at an hour to midnight on a Friday, wishing that he had a Pro Football Talk website with which to spew his unqualified opinions.
    I can only hope the dudes like “schweinehund” make every effort not to procreate and spread their genes on to future generations.

  6. He may be a pain in the butt, but he’s the only punter I’ve ever seen who would consistently go downfield and knock the crap out of someone, or at least try. Just don’t ask him to help you out if your kicker goes down with an injury.

  7. But there’s one fact that should not be forgotten: He was one hell of a punter. For his entire career, he’s over 44 yards per punt. Had some astounding years in the early 2000s.

  8. iheartjesus… A name like that and your defending a “D-Bag” who is making fun of a man for gaining weight after his playing days are over? I am not calling you a hypocrite but hey… if the shoe fits.
    Florio, thanks for the news but maybe you should keep your personal observations to yourself.

  9. FYI: Sauerbrun went to WVU — that’s why you’re hearing about him. WVU has disowned this guy too — along with Pacman, Chris Henry, and Mike Vanderjagt.

  10. I will be extreamely happy when the word “douche” and all of it’s derivatives are passe……..

  11. He had a nice run with the Panthers too Florio. Had a DWI while in Charlotte. Fined for not making weight. But man he could boot the ball.
    They did a “local” cribs on him while he was here. He had a glass coffee table made that could hold 2 girls dancing at the same time.
    Party time.

  12. Mike,
    Since you look like Fabio, it’s OK to comment on other peoples looks.

  13. your name is iheartjesus and you’re calling people D-bags?

  14. He played for the Panthers, too. He was good the year they lost the superbowl in 2003

  15. Of course he went to WVU. Now Florio will have to send back his Bears, Chiefs, Broncos and Patriots NFL bedding.

  16. Douchebags is not going away. Douchebag is here to stay. I heart the word Douchebag.

  17. Put me down in the “don’t pick on the man’s looks” column. Not everyone has Mr. Florio’s matinee idol good looks.

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