Dolphin Stadium To Be Renamed Land Shark Stadium

The venue in which the Dolphins play their games will soon be renamed Land Shark Stadium after a beer called Land Shark Lager, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.
[Editor’s note:  . . . Candygram.]
Currently known as Dolphin Stadium after previous incarnations as Pro Player Stadium and Joe Robbie Stadium, the Dolphins are reportedly about to be associated with the beer through a partnership between singer Jimmy Buffett and Anheuser Busch.
Per the report, the new name is likely to be introduced next Friday.  And the arrangement may be on a short-term basis, perhaps just as long as one season.
Also, Buffett has been approached as a potential minority owner.

30 responses to “Dolphin Stadium To Be Renamed Land Shark Stadium

  1. In this economy we’re going to see a lot of things sponsored by things with funny names … only the beginning.

  2. What a great idea. Name your stadium after an animal that is the complete opposite of the team name!
    In other news, the New England Patriots have re-named their stadium Al Qeada Field.

  3. So Land Shark Stadium is going to be the home of the Dolphins.
    Who’s the marketing genius who OK’d that?
    I know, I know, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. You’re not that clever landshark are you?
    Ah no ma’am, I’m a dolphin.
    I saw this headline and my first thought was, Hey–April Fool’s was last month. I’m filing this one under “WTF?”

  5. Enjoy it for now.
    In a short time, they will all be known as Comrade Barack Obama Stadium.

  6. If this isn’t a joke (it has to be really, please), there might be copyright or trademark issues. Surely, the SNL folks were smart enough to get some legal protection for Landshark?

  7. *Checks calendar to see if it is the begining of April instead of the begining of May*
    I wonder if brother Warren has his hand in this at all…

  8. Not sure if it’s a worse name for a stadium or the beer. I’ll lean toward stadium as the Dolphin team mascot would warrent a better name for the stadium.
    Marketing geniouses.

  9. this just in hot off the florio news wire……Jerry Jones has decide to name the new home of the Cowboys Little Big Horn Field (in honor of General Custer).

  10. I don’t know what you are all complaining about. If Jimmy Buffet wasn’t involved I would say it’s the coolest thing a team could possibly name their stadium after. I know PSInet and 3com are sexy as all hell, but to name your stadium after both a classic piece of American comedy (or was the person who wrote that Canadian, you can never tell with comedians) and a beer… well my hat just goes off to the Dolphins.

  11. If you’re going to name a beer and a stadium after a line in a Jimmy Buffett song, then call it “Why don’t we get drunk and screw” beer and stadium. Now, THAT’S a name for a stadium!

  12. It should still be called Joe Robbie Stadium. The guy spent all that time and a lot of his money to build the stadium without taxpayer money. It really sucks that Huzienga changed the name like he did many years ago.

  13. this is horrible. i don’t mind the beer, i don’t mind jimmy buffett, but this is just a bad idea. you don’t name the stadium of the Dolphins anything with “Shark” in it. just retarded.

  14. I’ve had that beer – it tastes like watered down light beer. Not surprised it’s made by the Budweiser boys.

  15. This just in…The Dolphins Cheerleading squad will now be known as the ….
    Land Snappers.

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