Patriots Saturday Minicamp Report

The New England Patriots’ rookies have gathered for their first set of underwear practices.  Here’s a look at the first day, in our patent-pending (not really) One-Liner style.
Rookie CB Darius Butler is wearing No. 27, only days after it was vacated by the Ellis Hobbs trade.
With or without Hobbs in New England, Butler knows what he needs to do:  “I was going to come in, regardless of who they had on the roster, and work my hardest to get on the field, and do what I got to do to help the team.  The fact they traded Ellis Hobbs has no effect on me.”
DT Ron Brace has begun to learn the 3-4 after playing college ball in the 4-3.
Brace already sounds like he gets it:  “College football and the NFL are two different things,” Brace said.  “In college you can stick out by being the most talented, but when it comes to here everybody is the most talented and the difference-maker in the person who puts in the most work.”
Rookie offensive lineman Jermail Porter has never played a down of organized football.
Thirty players are present12 draft picks, five undrafted free agents, three current players, and 10 tryout-basis candidates.
Third-round WR Brandon Tate isn’t practicing as he rehabs a torn ACL.
In non-rookie-minicamp news, DL Richard Seymour’s wife has been cleared of lynching charges.

12 responses to “Patriots Saturday Minicamp Report

  1. Oh boy Patriots start camp! The woman beaters, pill poppers, weedheads,snitches,hgh users,and dope heads are back again.

  2. What gameday writes:
    “Oh boy Patriots start camp! The woman beaters, pill poppers, weedheads,snitches,hgh users,and dope heads are back again. ”
    What people hear:
    “Blah blah Patriots blah blah! Blah woman blah blah blah weed blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

  3. That’s why you cheer for the other 31 teams, Gameday, because they have none of the above?

  4. Gameday has no clue…..winning breeds this sort of thing from low iq people like gameday. go back to your packer site…

  5. Attention NFL Fans,
    The New England Patriots are going to absolutely demolish and destroy the field this year. I am not saying this as a homer (which I am and proud).
    They have more depth, they have added key FA’s, and with a deep draft pool, the only thing that will stop us is injury.
    Our weak areas were Cornerback, Linebacker, and Tight End. Those areas have been addressed and fixed.
    Oh, and we have the best QB in the world coming back fand another injury aside, will throw 45 TD’s.
    PREDICTION: 15-1
    Second prediction: We will run up the score again on teams
    And last prediction — SEE YOU ALL AT THE SUPER BOWL!
    PBA –

  6. @gameday:
    just the hell up. I’m about 90% sure you’re a chargers fan based on your comments on the blog about merriman’s “footballhood,” so blow all of the patriots’ infractions out of proportion all you want, but you’re still a goddamn idiot. You’re just upset that everyone sees Merriman for what he really is now, so you lash out against the Pats and their fans. GTFO.

  7. One last comment on “gameday” (btw, what a stupid handle). The punk has the depth and clarity of a mud puddle.
    “gameday”, if you mess with me you will regret it. I will make you look foolish. Best thing for you to do is spend some time with your sister. Isn’t that what you yahoos do for entertainment?

  8. Dorchester;;
    do you have any clue on how stupid your last comment makes you look? Believe me, I’m not impressed at all with your “regret it” remarks. Now go back upstairs and thank your mom for allowing you to still live at home in the basement.

  9. Gameday is a Chargers fan. His organization is second only to the Bengals with respect to thugs, druggies and drunks. Not to mention Shawne Merriman. Yes, I realize that every team has all of the above.

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