Report: "Favre Can't Stand Green Bay"

Though plenty of folks continue to accept at face value the same “I ain’t comin’ back” message that a certain quarterback was communicating as late as early July of 2008, the signs point to the Second Annual Brett Favre Retirement becoming the Second Annual Brett Favre Unretirement.
Why?  Favre reportedly still wants revenge on the Green Bay Packers.
“Favre can’t stand Green Bay,” an unnamed league source told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.  “He wants to play Green Bay and say, ‘I told you so.’  His bitterness is creating this.  I think he’s calling Minnesota.  I think Minnesota is talking about this as we speak.  You haven’t heard the end of Favre.  No way.  He is bionic.  As long as somebody will let him in, he will play.”

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  1. I would rather contract swine flu than listen to another summer of Favre talk.

  2. I hope he comes back and gets hit so hard he looses some of his old ass teeth
    hang it up dude

  3. I also don’t think it’s “Green Bay” that he hates, it’s Thompson, and maybe McCarthy that he hates. He feels as though he was pushed out, and I think this kind of proves that he was. He obviously wants to play.

  4. As a Bears fan part of me wishes he would stay retired because QB is really the only position holding back Minnesota from being serious contenders. I’d hate for the Bears to have to go up against that, but at the same time I think I would really love to see Favre burnin up that piss poor pass defense in GB. The story lines leading up to such a match would be pretty damn cool too.

  5. the commish shouldn’t reinstate him or allow him to re-enter the league. he’s distracting to the whole league

  6. The key here is “As long as somebody will let him in, he will play”
    Revenge is his only motivation, hardly a good reason but let the Vikings decide if it is good enough for them.
    You have to be dumber than a box of rocks, stupid as they come, not the sharpest knife in the drawer to let him play on your team. Oops, those all apply the Brad “I’m late for my weekly MENSA meeting” Childress.
    But then again, Childress spent all last off season raving about how well T Jackoff took command in the huddle in OTA’s. So maybe for as bad of a choice as Favre is, he is hardly a step down from that clown.

  7. Get it done already! Sign with the vikes and then go spank the pack for a year or 2 then hangem up. Screw all the haters! Farve is fun to watch and can still throw better then 75% of the N.F.L’s current Qb’s.

  8. He hates Thompson, not Green Bay. Totally different. Don’t create a feud between Brett and Packers fans, even if I don’t appreciate Favre’s behavior.

  9. Please God, let this be true. Oh please oh please oh please.
    Favre in the NFL = entertainment, for better and for worse.

  10. OK I will admit that I was tired of the Favre stories last year but him going to the Vikings would be gold. I hope it happens and it would be great.

  11. I fully hope he does come back and put the screws to Green Bay. BIG TIME. And is he does come back with MN. he will.

  12. win the Superbowl!
    come to Minnesota, Brett.
    let’s teach the Packers.

  13. “myasylum says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 4:13 pm
    I also don’t think it’s “Green Bay” that he hates, it’s Thompson, and maybe McCarthy that he hates. He feels as though he was pushed out, and I think this kind of proves that he was. He obviously wants to play.”
    And he obviously can’t take a hint either. When they are “pushing” him to retire, it’s because they want to move on. How long is a team supposed to be stuck with a guy whose skills have diminished, who is a constant headache and distraction in the offseason with his “I don’t have a desire to play anymore” bs, and who is roughly as old as Methuselah? Until he decides to quit, despite the fact that they have a competent successor wasting away? They drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005, and since then in Green Bay, Brett threw 66 TDs and 64 INTs…..he wasn’t “pushed out”, he played himself out. And he should be ridiculously grateful that the front office tried so hard to let him save some face, and retire with dignity and class, and remain in the organization…..but noooo, he had to prove something, just like he always has something to prove when he throws into triple coverage time and time again.
    I’m not trying to take anything away from his career like a lot of people do….he had a ten year or so run where he was consistently on of the top 2 or 3 QBs in the NFL (the top in some seasons)…..but Green Bay was 100% right in everything they did “to” him.

  14. farve to vikes will be more entertaining season than if vikings would play in superbowl.

  15. I am so sick of hearing about Farve, He came back it was a bad decision didnt work out he is done its over STF^ about Farve!

  16. If Favre was really “bionic” the Jets would be the Super Bowl champions.

  17. I’m not sure how he can feel he was pushed out. In addition, no PLAYER is ever bigger than the team, period.

  18. Poor cheeseheads. The love of your life is giving you the finger and you’re trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt, so sad.
    Your love has decided to go to the dance with your enemy just to make you watch…ouch!
    Images of #4 replaying over and over again in your head as you curl up in bed with your cats and a bottle of Everclear…Will the sun ever rise again?

  19. As a non-Packers, non NFCN fan, I had a great deal of respect for Favre for a long time and was happy to see him retire from the Packers just so he wouldn’t play my team anymore. But more or less Favre has become a crybaby, attention monger who’s quest for “revenge” has done nothing but tarnish his reputation among most non-worshippers of Lord Favre and the Lord Favre fanclub (ie most NFL fans).
    Favre was holding a gun to the Packers (and their fans) heads for multiple years with the “will he won’t he” come back and play. The Packers drafted Aaron Rogers for the sole purpose of being Favre’s heir apparent (I forget if 2005 was Favre’s 1st year of “I’m going to retire” or he was doing this before then) because they figured Favre would retire within 1-2 (maybe 3) years after 2005.
    The Packers did the right thing getting rid of him and looking towards the future and Favre……did exactly what most thought he would do. Retire again after failing to prove Ted Thompson wrong.
    I really don’t want to hear about Favre for the next 2-3 months and the will he or won’t he garbage. TO rants are better and that’s not saying much. I also hope that the Vikings consider that Favre sucks in the dome and obviously the Vikings will be playing at least 8 games there.

  20. I don’t want to hear Favre news all day everyday, but I’m sick of all these people who think he should just shut up and go away. Their opinion means nothing to him.
    He’s a grown man. he can do whatever it is he pleases, if he wants to continue to work, that’s his perogitive. This is the United States, and it is a free country.

  21. I think I’m gonna move under a rock this summer.
    On the bright side, all he has to do is come out, say he wants to, and sign for this madness to end, unlike last year when there were so many hurdles to get over.
    Shit or get off the pot, Brett. Places to see, people to do here.

  22. You do realize that Favre wouldn’t just be sticking it to McCarthy and TT right by playing with the Vikings? You do realize Favre would also be sticking it to the fan base and the Packer players? I have no problem with Favre playing again, it is him wanting to play for the vikings that is the issue. Reggie White was retired for a year, before he came back and he never went to play for a division rival.

  23. Is this from the same source that told you Browns were going to pickup Sanchez or Crabtree, the same source that told you that Percy Harvin was M.I.A from camp so he can pee clean on a drug test, or the same source that said USC linebackers were racists dawning the nickname “whitenation”.
    I hope this isnt more irresponsiable journalism. Ive gotten about all I can take of that crap.

  24. Nothing has ever been hidden about Favre’s displeasure with the way he was let go by Thompson, then McCarthy also throwing mud in his face, not even allowing him to come in and compete for a starting job. Favre more than likely will be back IF his bicep injury has healed and he is in football mode mind and body. Whether he will be wearing purple and gold? I don’t believe so, Chili has 2 “very iffy” QB’s, and one who hasn’t taken a real NFL snap, Favre would just cause his head to implode with ineptitude at that position. Sage unfortunately is the obvious choice for Chili’s KAO

  25. This goes to show you Favre is off his rocker. How can you hate Green Bay..there is nothing there. Just a small farming community that drinks to much…whats to hate.

  26. And he got his story from whom……. I always love the unnamed sources….
    He doesn’t hate GB but rather an individual who works there. As far as his teammates and fans of GB…he loves and always said so. It’s a know fact he doesn’t care for Ted Thompson and I wouldn’t care for an individual who lied to me on a regular basis either.
    But you know…..unless we have a concrete story on him coming back instead of guessing….stop the stories… only makes fan incessed.

  27. He was pushed out by a coach that has prooved nothing and by an Owner that reaped the benefits of Brett being their Qb for 16 years. He was treated unfairly, and i hope he comes back and leads the Vikings to a playoffs birth. the Packers deserve to have to play against Brett.
    and to be honest, he still has it, he is still a damned good QB in the league. he fell off a little last year because they threw the ball 40 times a game, but with AP running the ball 30 times, Favre will only have to throw about twenty. He will do well. Good for him, i hope he comes back. and those of you who are tired of Brett, obviously dont remember when you were younger watching him play and going “wow, how the hell did he do that”. He was awesome, he still is good. need a remind you he threw 6 Tds in a game last year? you werent tired of him then. Get over yourself, and maybe you wouldnt be tired of hearing about him if you werent an internet junkie and read 37 blogs a day about football.
    You are tired of all of the reporting about Favre, thats not his fault, blame the media.

  28. Well let’s face it. Favre was in the way of Rodgers’ progress. He wouldn’t help him out, He wouldn’t mentor him. Now I think Rodgers will be a better QB then Favre could be now. So yes he was pushed out. Get rid of a DIVA QB so the young guy & the team can excel. I had no problem with that. Favre needs to go away, it is his pride & anger driving him to where his body can no longer go.

  29. I agree that it’s not the city of Green Bay or the fans, it’s the management/coaches. They were tired of being jerked around and felt it was time to move on. If at this point he’s being driven by some sort of vengeance rather than a love for the game, I feel it’s going to come back and bite him.

  30. seriously, everybody needs to stop crying about all this Favre talk. the guy is one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game, has a big personality, and obviously left Green Bay feeling like he had unfinished business. Its no wonder that the media is so obsessed w/ the guy. All of you little biatches that only post to complain about how you’re so sick of the Favre dram only fuel the fire. Your frustration w/ favre is misguided; hate on the media, not the player.
    I hope Favre comes back. The guy had a helluva first half of the season last year (remember his 6TD game against the NFC champ Cardinals?). I hope that Favre comes back. If he is back to full health, he’s still better than 50% of the current starting QBs.

  31. I’m so sick of this douche and I am the biggest Packer fan here. I now officially hate this prick and his wife Yoko Ono and the svengali Bus Cook. Let him go to Minny so we can shut his effing mouth once and for all. I’d love to see Kampman, Barnett or Hawk take his head off. I hope they give their new punter #4.

  32. If he wants to come back, and any team wants him…go ahead, let him come back. I love it when he says he is a team player, but the reports say that he only wants to show up the Packers to prove a point.
    If he plays fr Minnesota, I have no doubt he will be up for at least two games. Favre will always have a special spot for me, because what he accomplished as a GB Packers player, but now, I am thankful that the leader of our team is (at least for now) the ultimate team player and leader. Not a vengeful, spiteful brat, who thought more of himself for the last 5 years in Green Bay (which I blame Mike Sherman for sowing the seeds). He did not dress with the other players, he had his own little room off the side. He thought he should be consulted on every football move.
    Ulitmately, history will overlook these blemishes and Favre will be honored in Packers nation, as they do for Bart Starr (who was admonished as a really bad coach).
    Brett, my advice to you is this: If you want to play, and any team wants to play, go for it! From purely a team standpoint, you will never again be successful, until you let go the “Green Bay Fiasco” and soely focus on winning and inspiring the teammates around you (and not just for the two games that the Vikings play the Packers).

  33. Poor cheeseheads. The love of your life is giving you the finger and you’re trying to pretend it doesn’t hurt, so sad.
    Your love has decided to go to the dance with your enemy just to make you watch…ouch!
    Images of #4 replaying over and over again in your head as you curl up in bed with your cats and a bottle of Everclear…Will the sun ever rise again?
    YES, the sun will rise again and I suggest you find a girlfreind/boyfreind and grow the hell up

  34. How can people complain about this, other than Packers fans? There won’t be anything interesting going on in the NFL until training camp. I am bored. Come back Brett! The duel between you and Thompson is incredibly entertaining.

  35. I posted this thought on yesterday’s “Favre Watch”
    This will be just great! Picture this….
    Bret Favre in the Shotgun sitting in his very own team painted purple Hoveround. Most likely with a nice set of Viqueen horns painted on the side. He has to play out of the Shotgun, because that damn Hoveround just won’t fit under center. But, alas, the horns will be Down once the pass rush gets to Favre and turns him ass over tea kettle for yet another sack and fumble.
    It is pretty sad that this man just can’t let go. Play wherever. I just hope the team’s fans don’t get too excited. Unless fumbles and a new season record for interceptions excites them.
    Good Luck!

  36. Green Bay cant stand Favre either, so the feeling is growing mutual. Bring it on Brett. He’s an idiot if he hasn’t figured out what Packer fans will think of him if he ever comes to Lambeau dressed in purple…

  37. myasylum, I agree 100%.
    Whoever this “source” was makes iy sound like Favre despises either the city or the Packer fanbase or the team in general. I think Favre likes Green Bay and is somewhat conflicted over this.
    But misguided or not, he feels F’d over by Ted Thompson for pushing him out just as the talent around him improved to where the Packers were legitimate contenders after years of carrying a less talented team without complaints. So he want to F over Thompson now,

  38. This guy is like a crazy ex girlfriend who you broke up with and wont move on with her life. The Packers got tired of his annual retirement dance, probably even more tired than we are of it. They were in position in 2005 to draft a QB who was considered a top 5 talent going into the draft. They pulled the trigger and groomed him as his successor, as any smart team would when they had an aging QB on the roster.
    Favre’s last couple of years on Green Bay were medicore at best. Plus the team wasn’t all that good at that point. So what did Favre want the Packers to do? They weren’t going anywhere with him, he was getting old and they had a kid on the bench who they drafted as the future and they risked losing Rodgers. It was time to rebuild.
    So now what does this psycho do? He wants to un-retire again, just for the sole purpose of playing for the Packers division rivals in Minnesota. A great big F-you to the organization and the fans. Real nice. The guy is a diva and a jerk. He was terrible towards the end of the season for the Jets. He just doesn’t have it anymore. Let it go Favre, your just making yourself look like an all time asshole. Thank Green Bay for all the memories and leave them and the rest of us alone!

  39. “Favre can’t stand Green Bay,” an unnamed league source told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News. “He wants to play Green Bay and say, ‘I told you so.’ His bitterness is creating this. I think he’s calling Minnesota. I think Minnesota is talking about this as we speak. You haven’t heard the end of Favre. No way. He is bionic. As long as somebody will let him in, he will play.”
    Substitute the word moronic for bionic, IMO it sounds about right. Really, if Favre still has issues with what went on in Green Bay, then he is the one that has the problem.
    Cutler would end up being more mature than Favre. I haven’t heard Cutler squawk since he got traded, and I think Cutler was being a big baby..

  40. Someone I know refers to all stories about Brett these days as Favrma Drama. About ten years ago Brett talked with admiration about guys who retired while they were still at the top of their game – how he thought that was a great idea. Times change. Brett stays Brett. Sure, come back, maybe you’ll beat the Pack. Maybe that’ll make you happy. Burn the few bridges you have left. Flame out late in the year again. Throw 5 INTs in a game in the playoffs or trying to get to the playoffs, then say “I could care less about what other people say or think.” It was nice knowing who we thought you were, Brett. Bye now.

  41. Well, yea.. You have to realize Thompson did nothing to help Favre out either. He was pretty much surrounded by crap, other then Donald Driver. Favre deserved much better and Thompson treated him like sh*t! Thompson had a Superbowl quarterback and didn’t even care, Thompson was to consumed with the Packers being “his” team, and letting his boy play… and slowly squeezed Favre out, there more then one dimension to this situation.

  42. “I would rather contract swine flu than listen to another summer of Favre talk.”
    -so why would you read and contribute to this thread?

  43. Brett,
    Mom says holding grudges never did anybody any good. If you play for Minnesota, you are burning bridges that have survived your soap operas over the past few years. If you have no friends in the Green Bay Faithful, you lose almost all credibility.
    Even the Hall of Fame committee will be forced to ‘consider’ your enshrinement timeline. As of now, you’re probably a lock for first-ballot, but continuing this circus in order to get Green Bay’s goat by playing for their arch rivals will make only a relatively small number of people happy, even if you take the Vikings to the top. For myself, I would be happy but with an asterisk. I will find it very difficult to be serious about you because you have been Purple Enemy Number One for most of my adult life. Hell, even the tackling dummies at Vikings training camps and practices have had your jersey on them.
    But I know that you aren’t doing this for me, or for anyone else in particular. This is for YOU. YOU hate the Packers, YOU want revenge for the way you were treated, YOU want this and that, etc. YOU will lose stature in the eyes of your peers and those of us that watch every single pass you throw.
    Next Sunday is Mother’s Day. Do Mom a favor and let it end. The Vikings don’t really need you as much as YOU need them.

  44. Well, it’s déjà vu all over again ! Prepare yourself for another summer of Brett Favre’s soap opera, along with T.O. “QB drama” stories ( btw Buffalo, you are doomed ! ) !!!

  45. “Capital Punishment says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 4:41 pm
    He was awesome, he still is good. need a remind you he threw 6 Tds in a game last year? ”
    That’s a great reminder….he threw 6 TDs and 1 INT in ONE GAME. That is pretty good.
    What ISN’T “good” is that, in the other 15 games, he threw 16 TDs and 21 INTs.
    Oh, and those 6 TDs were against an Arizona team that gave up 24, 27, 48, and 47 in every other game they played in the Eastern Time Zone.

  46. A word of caution to all of you posters wishing ill will (i.e. “I hope someone snaps his f’n neck” and so on) upon Mr. Favre: I read recently somewhere karma has extended its francise to the blogosphere…tread cautiously.

  47. JimmySmith says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 4:17 pm
    You have to be dumber than a box of rocks, stupid as they come, not the sharpest knife in the drawer to let him play on your team.
    He played for your team for years and you loved it JimmySmith. I guess that proves what I have always known. You JimmySmith, are as dumb as a box of rocks. If not dumber.

  48. If he comes back and rocks, then all you naysayers will look like the Mel Kiper’s of the world. No one knows what’s going to happen, and that’s the simple truth. Just shut the hell up and enjoy it.

  49. Florio met with his “league source” in the usual meeting place this morning – his bathroom mirror.

  50. As a true Packer fan I would enjoy watching Brett play in Queen purple n gold. TT has kicked BFs *ss every way he possibly can and I’m sure this will end no different. The only BF supporters left are grandmas, little girls and Queen fans. The Jets couldn’t get him out of NY fast enough.
    Being a Packer is an honor. BFs attempts to dishoner and humiliate this franchise may go over in places like Chi or Minn, but it won’t in GB. It’s time to reconsider if BF is worthy of the Ring of Honor or going into the HOF as a Packer.
    BF was a 3rd string drunk on a crap team playing for a crap coach. Most likely

  51. Favre didn’t get “pushed out” of Green Bay. All he had to do was stop his annual “I’m going to retire if you don’t beg me to stay” routine. If he simply said that he was not retiring then there was no issue. Unfortunately his need for attention was his undoing.

  52. As a Pack fan I’d love to see Brett in the purple n gold. TT has kicked his *ss every which way, and I’m sure this won’t end any different.
    Enjoy your sloppy 3rds Queen fans!

  53. Will some of you quit saying he was pushed out of Green Bay. The prick tearfully retired in his press conference and then assumed he could come back at anytime… after they drafted 2 QB’s.
    When Rodgers was drafted, it was a no brainer. He fell into their laps at #24 in 2005, which was year 2 of the ‘I may retire’ talk. TT has done a hell of a job rebuilding this team and salary cap numbers. Something Brett can’t seem to understand since he didn’t get his way..

  54. Playing for the Packers is an honor.
    BFs attempts to dishonor and humiliate this franchise has not gone unnoticed. Only grandmas, little girls and Queen fans want anything to do with this guy anymore. The Jets sure couldn’t get rid of him fast enough!
    It’s time to reconsider the Ring of Honor and BF going into the HOF as a Packer. BF was a drunk 3rd stringer on a crap team w/ a crap coach when the Pack plucked him from the dung pile. If not for Ron Wolf, BF would have drank himself out of the league in a year or two.
    If old Irv were still around I have a feeling things might be a little different

  55. Fact is BF is a “recovering” alcholic and drug addict.
    Anybody who has had the misfurtune of of living with such a person can easily relate to his symptoms:
    1. Paranoia – “TT took my team – the Packers are out to get me!”
    2. Inability to take responsibility for their own decisions – “TT made me retire, it’s not my fault!”
    3. Inability to make a decision – “I retire – no i don’t – I retire – no I don’t”
    4. Will lie at the drop of a hat – ’nuff said
    Of course all alchoholics/drug addicts are always surrounded by enablers who are basically parasites to the addict. We all know Dianna, Scott, Mee Maw and Bus are just red-neck river trash w/out Brett.
    This grass mowing country boy crap is just that. BF is an addict who HAS to have attention w/ a lot of time on his hands w/ nothing to do. Trust me, BF’s life in 5 years will not be pretty. Him offering up sloppy 3rds for the Queens is just the start of his eventual downfall.
    Trust me

  56. favre can’t stand green bay huh? that’s pretty stupid seeing as how packer fans have worshipped him for 15 plus years and given him far more slack than any other fan base in the nfl would have. the jets couldn’t even stand him for one year (and i don’t blame them). the more favre continues this nonsense the further he is separating himself from the only franchise or fan base that is going to care about him in 10 or 15 years. when he isn’t relevant anymore he isn’t going to have anywhere to go.

  57. and let’s be real here. brett favre is not making any difference in the vikings never ending quest for a super bowl. even if he isn’t hurt and he comes back, he is a decent quarterback at best. you’re gonna have some real highs, but mostly you’re gonna have lows. he can’t handle the wear and tear of an nfl season anymore. he might throw a 5 touchdown game, but he will throw away more games with picks and poor decisions. he used to be able to get by on his arm strength and “golly gee wiz” southern boy charm, but now we can all see both of those are fading fast.

  58. Hmm – I think Cleveland plays Green Bay this season… that seems to jibe with Mangini making noise about bringing Favre into camp from a few weeks back…
    Of course, everyone in Cleveland has brainwashed themselves to believe that Mangini was forced to name his son after Favre and accept him as the QB – which is the only way they convinced themselves they don’t have a $#@%’n idiot as a head coach – so this may cause problems with that theory….

  59. We all know this drama started w/ a phone conversation between Brett and the Queens Darrell Bevell 2 weeks after he retired. Now we’ll see if Ziggy really ever wanted Brett or was just leading him on like a hillbilly idiot.
    Ziggy and Chilly are no-class individuals in a no-class organization playing in a half empty toilet of a stadium w/ piped in crowd noise. Even Queen fans deserve better than this.
    Even as a Pack fan I miss the old Vikings of Bloomington. The organization had class players, a class coach and despite the SB losses was always a top teir team. Now it’s a team of Packer retreads, “dehydrated” punks, roid using, Love Boat sail’n, drunks and turds. I guess we can add washed-up, weak-armed divas to the list.
    As M McCarthy said, “Brett should play if he still wants to.” Translation: “We would LOVE to put a golden helmet into Bretts spine”
    I can’t wait. C’mon Brett, make it happen.

  60. “You have to be dumber than a box of rocks, stupid as they come, not the sharpest knife in the drawer to let him play on your team.”
    That’s been true for the last 5 years or so.

  61. It’s nice to hear from all u Packer and Bear fans. What a bitch it would be 4 u guys to choose who to key on! Let’s see …… Favre …… no no …… Peterson ….. oh no ….. Harvin ……. no Berrian .. no Farve ……… no no oh no ……… SO MANY CHOICES. FAVRE ALWAYS GIVES THE FANS AN EXITING GAME AND THAT IS SORELY NEEDED IN MINNESOTA ……….. COME ON OVER BRETT!

  62. Favre does what Favre wants. he’s earned it. F Ted Thompson and the Packers organization.

  63. Is it too late to hope that Dan Snyder signs this rag-armed clodhopper?

  64. Dear Brett,
    Get in shape NOW. Memorize the Vikings playbook by July. Start throwing passes with Berrian, Harvin and Peterson ASAFP. Show Childress what an idiot he is. Call audibles and torch the opponents.
    Yours Truely,

  65. Oooohhh Yes, it’s “Green Bay” he hates. Talk about annoying fans…

  66. First I am a packer fan. Second a player can be bigger than the team when he brought green bay back into the national spot light. They were the detroit lions of the 80s before Favre. I root for the packers still and would if Favre played for the vikes. But I think the way Thompson and McPudgy treated Favre was ridiculous. If I hired Thompson I would’ve just told him this is really Favre’s team. You are the GM in name only, go to your office, get down on your knees, and practice smiling like a doughnut Favre will be along shortly. So next year I will be pulling for the pack. However if Favre beats the pack it will serve Thompson and Mcpudgy right. Also every pack fan I know feels the same way.

  67. I think people are over exaggerating this a little bit.
    Oh well, it is after draft and there is nothing to talk about so people have to start rumors about Brett Favre.
    I personally would not want him to come back, I don’t want him to get injured(if he can) or suck it up. We all know most Bear fans judge any player on their last years in the NFL, and not around their prime…

  68. I love the Vikings . . .
    I have always hated Farve . . .
    The missing piece on the Vikings is the QB . . .
    Would I sell my soul for a chance at a SB?????

  69. I think its kind of funny that when Favre was with the Packers, Bears fans and Vikings fans said he was done, washed up, no good, to old but now he is the one to take them to a Superbowl. The Packers were crazy to get ride rid of him and go with Rodgers. Just kinf of funny.

  70. Its obvious Favre wanted to prove something to Thompson when he left With how the season played out, the situation seemed to end in a tie. Neither the pack or jets made the playoffs, neither teams QB was fantastic or a complete bust.
    The Jets were not scheduled to play the pack anytime in the near future so a head-to-head show down wasn’t possible.
    Comming to Minnesota would give Favre the opportunity to settle the dispute. But is that a good reason to come back? I don’t think so. You have to assume he’s got 2 games marked on the calender and won’t make the effort to prepare for the rest of them.
    That said. Is he better than anything we currently have? Yes.
    If you see an pre season injury to T-Joke or Sage you’ll see stories like this posted hourly.

  71. Wow. Another Brett Favre dramafest. What a shocker!
    As for the Vikings fans, be careful what you wish for. The guy isn’t half the QB he once was, and any objective fan that can’t see that isn’t very smart.
    Making matters worse if he’s not close to 100% (and it sounds like he’s not with the arm) good luck.
    Personally, I would love to see him come back to play the Packers. People talk a lot of crap about how he wants to stick it to GB, well, I have a feeling the Packers would love to stick it back to him in return. Indirectly he threw a lot of his teammates under the bus, and it’s not his team anymore.

  72. pftfreak says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 4:35 pm
    I don’t want to hear Favre news all day everyday, but I’m sick of all these people who think he should just shut up and go away. Their opinion means nothing to him.
    He’s a grown man. he can do whatever it is he pleases, if he wants to continue to work, that’s his perogitive. This is the United States, and it is a free country.
    Yes, it’s a free country. And if people want to tell Favre to shut up, retire and go away that’s their prerogative. Isn’t it? Free speech, bish.

  73. Retired last year – retired again this year….this crap has gone on for more than that – at least 5 years we had listen to this whiney baby. He stopped being a team player long before that.
    Let him play especially for the vikings – one good tackle and his career could be ended for him.

  74. How can anybody not want him coming back? How awesome would that be when he strolls into Lambeau Field? Afterall, it’s just entertainment.

  75. Anyone wishing for any player to get hurt is just a complete moron. Hell, his parents are morons. The whole family should die in a slow painful fiery car crash. Hey, I guess I can sound as stupid as they do if I really try!
    Go Favre!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick it to TT and MM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I made a decision after the Packer organization screwed Favre to not be a packer fan until he retires for good! Anybody that does not like it can hitch a ride with the people above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Why are the cheesedicks trying to drag the Bears into this?
    They have their QB and don’t give a damn about Brett Favre.

  77. Are we STILL talking about Favre? When will it end? It’s the “Never Ending Story”. This will go on unto infinity. He wants revenge on Green Bay? What happens when he faces the other 31 teams? Will his passion be as great then?

  78. Hey. That’s a thought Vox Veritas. As an Eagle fan, I can only hope and pray that Dan (How Much Does That Super Bowl Cost?)Snyder does as you suggest. It would be Feastorama for our secondary.

  79. Favre will soon be known as “The Coach Killer”…after he throws the interception that knocks the Vikes out of the playoffs Chilly will be out just like Mangini in NY.

  80. The harder Favre tries to prove Ted Thompson wrong, the more he’s going to prove Thompson right. Thompson knew that Favre and his streak had become bigger than the team, that Favre had put his own ego in front of the team time after time, distanced himself from his teammates, and of course Thompson was well aware of the dirty little secret…that Favre is now losing more games for his team than he’s winning. Against the Giants in the NFC Championship game, Favre torpedoed his team by trying to be “the gunslinger” rather than running the call his coach put in. After Favre retired, Thomspon did the right thing by moving on with Aaron Rogers…who outplayed Favre in every category except for wins (and that’s mainly because the defense gave up six 4th quarter leads!)
    I would LOVE to see Favre in purple. If he’s intent on flushing his legacy and reputation down the toilet, where better than the toilet of the NFL – the Metrodome? In fact, when Ziggy Wilf moves the team to L.A. (because Minnesotans don’t care about pro football enough to build a stadium), Favre may even be the last Minnesota quarterback. SWEET!

  81. Why Favre? I had respect for you. This is sad. Its like a punch drunk boxer. Please don’t tarnish your legend any more!


  83. someone mentioned earlier that favre shouldn’t come back and play for an nfc-n division rival (much like reggie white with the panthers). totally agree. favre can have it both ways. he can keep what respect he has left of the packer fans by playing for a team outside the division, while having his shot at “getting revenge” on thompson.
    now, let’s let the 2008 nfc championship game be the last game favre played at lambeau – as a packer – and not with another team. let’s see what everyone thought was going to happen when it was determined he would be traded last summer. all the speculation was tampa. packers were set to play tampa, in tampa. guess what… it’s set again this year. pack vs. bucs., sun. 11/8, @ T.B. let’s get this one game, “for all the marbles”, as we should’ve had it this past season.
    bucs don’t have a legitimate QB on their roster, and the vikings need to build with rosenfils behind center. i’m a g.b. fan, and last year was more of a favre fan, but i would lose tons of respect for him if he went to minnesota. i would buy tickets for the games, but i wouldn’t be rooting for favre this time around. would rather see him stay in mississippi and be with his family – finally.

  84. a couple more reasons to keep tampa in the mix of possible suitors…
    jeff jagodzinski, new offens. coord. for the bucs… started out with the pack in ’99 as tight ends coach thru ’03 and came back for a year as offens. coord. in ’06.
    jim bates, new defens. coord. for the bucs… was defens. coord. for the pack in ’05 and was interviewed for the pack head coaching job that went to mccarthy. bates was almost positive that he landed the gig and even called favre to encourage him to come back and play for the ’06 season.
    …let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think that minnesota would be the best fit or destination for favre soley because he knows darrell bevell, the offens. coord., brad childress (a little bit), and ryan longwell, the kicker. bevell, although he was favre’s qb coach for three years, was also part of the problem (along with sherman) that led to unsuccessful years for favre as an undisciplined qb. childress and bevell have to know that they will have no control over favre, whereas jim bates, although a defensive coord., will act as a father figure for favre and jagodzinski will keep him disciplined and work within the system to allow for fewer mistakes (i.e., interceptions).
    FAVRE to WINSLOW all day!!! favre can even redeem himself for his lack of mentoring aaron rodgers and take josh freeman under his wing. who else do the bucs have at qb that is worth keeping? they aren’t going to keep four qb’s on the roster… griese and/or leftwich will be gone by training camp anyway. the vikings have rosenfils, jackson, and booty, and should keep all three (not worth parting with one to have one year with favre)… what’s wrong with booty, anyway? wasn’t he a decent qb at usc?.

  85. favre actually has played better in domes and worse in outdoor cold the last few years. trust me i am a betting man and i track this stuff.
    this is because he is older and less mobile. mobile QBs dont do as well inside usually. i think it may be due to it beinbg louder if not much louder out by the sidelines. so why run around.

  86. “I hope Favre comes back. The guy had a helluva first half of the season last year (remember his 6TD game against the NFC champ Cardinals?). I hope that Favre comes back. If he is back to full health, he’s still better than 50% of the current starting QBs.”
    1) That 6 TD game was made possible by Kurt Warner’s turnovers. Favre got the ball in scoring position for every one of those TD’s.
    2) Sorry, the stats and the wins/losses prove there are plenty of starting QB’s in the league better than Favre. He’s done. For the 3rd time in 4 seasons he finished with at least as many INT’s as TD’s.
    3) Quit living in the 90’s. Favre hasn’t been a good QB since then.

  87. He wanted to play for the vikings all along maybe thats why he tanked in new york at the end of the season, probley not but I will go with it. But no matter what side of this you are on, if it happens people will watch and as a viking fan I would love nothing more than see him play a lambeau and crush the pack

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