Bengals Sunday Minicamp Report

Here’s a look at the Cincinnati Bengals’ minicamp, in One-Liner fashion.
Former Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson has been getting a tryout at outside linebacker as defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer determines where to play him.
Undrafted WR Quan Cosby, who was spotlighted during the second day of the NFL Draft alongside Bill Cosby and Erin Andrews, returned punts at Saturday’s practice.
Former Wisconsin FB Chris Pressley can’t wait to hit someone and is eager to prove himself, saying, “You can’t just be hungry. You’ve got to be starving.”
Former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick advocated the HBO program, “Hard Knocks,” which the Bengals are being considered for this year’s edition.
Fourth-round draft pick C Jonathan Luigs is excited about the opportunity to potentially become a rookie starter.
Northern Colorado TE Ryan Chesla decided the NFL wasn’t for him, leaving camp and heading home.