Browns Sunday Minicamp Report

Here’s a look at the Cleveland Browns’ minicamp, in One-Liner style.
Out of the Browns’ 24 workout days, WR Braylon Edwards has only attended three of them with RB Jamal Lewis only going to two and FB Lawrence Vickers showing up once.
Browns rookie LB Kaluka Maiava’s rookie contract might need to include a clause prohibiting him from hunting wild boars.
OLB David Veikune cost coach Eric Mangini a bet by properly drawing up a blitz on the chalkboard.
The Browns are using video phone technology for position coaches to communicate with rookies when they’re not at team headquarters.
The Browns are hoping that rookie first-round draft pick Alex Mack will finally stop the constant flux at center and solidifies the position.

6 responses to “Browns Sunday Minicamp Report

  1. Reportedly, Edwards did not report because of a bad cold. Mangini knew this was false as Edward’s hands are so pitiful that he couldn’t even catch a cold.

  2. In a related note: after consulting Visanthe Shiancoe, the Vikings will not be using video phone technology to communicate with players.

  3. Asked if players have Skype, Mangini said, ”If they don’t, they will.”
    BiG Brother Mangenius is calling, you better answer or you will do laps!

  4. And here is why the Browns suck now, and will continue to suck (and believe me, being a life-long Browns fan, it really pains me to say this). Just compare some of these one-liners to those of the Steelers.
    The head coach of the Browns loses a bet because one of his rookies can correctly draw up a blitz on a chalk board. Now compare that with Tomlin saying that mini-camps are about learning, not competition.
    Braylon Edwards lead the league in dropped passes last year, and he can only be bothered with coming to three practice days out of 24? F-U Braylon, get your @$$ in there and practice. And why does Lawrence Vickers get away with only coming to 1? Last time I checked the roster, Vickers rides the pine. Perhaps some extra practice is what you need.
    Finally, using video phone technology is fine and all, but how about you make the rookies want to stay in shape and stay in communication instead of putting in “Big Brother” processes. Build a culture of pride in the organization and you get people who are proud to be there. I understand that it will be difficult given the team’s records since returning, but does that mean you should just give up and rule the team with an iron fist?

  5. Every once in a while, albeit not very often, a fan has something to say that makes sense. Kudo’s GedePrime….. well said.

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