Dolphins Hire CEO

The Miami Dolphins have hired former Boston Red Sox executive Michael Dee as CEO of the team and Dolphin Stadium, the team announced.
Dee’s duties will include business development, marketing, sales and capital stadium projects. Dee was previously the Red Sox’s Chief Operating Officer.
“I’m thrilled to be able to add someone of Mike’s background and expertise to our organization,” Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said in a statement. “His accomplishments with the Red Sox greatly expanded their business footprint and amplified the team’s standing as one of the premier franchises in professional sports.
“I know that under his leadership the Dolphins and Dolphin Stadium will continue their position as industry leaders and provide unmatched service and value to our fans and partners.”     

12 responses to “Dolphins Hire CEO

  1. Dee’s duties will include kissing Parcell’s ass, picking up Parcell’s laundry from the dry cleaners, and trying to prevent Land Shark stadium from becoming the laughing stock of stadium names. Look for Dee’s to succeed with the first two chores and fail at the third.

  2. Florio! This is old news…….talk of the town here is Jimmy Buffett. The new Dolphins “buisness partner”. Im all about Landshark stadium!

  3. He said dolphin stadium. Did the deal with land shark fall through or did it not happen yet?

  4. Maybe it will end up being something lame like Landshark Field at Dolphin Stadium

  5. Parcells is good friends with Dee, professor. Parcells was instrumental in getting him the job. And Parcells reports directly to Ross. Way to know nothing, Staff Sergent.

  6. For those of you who don’t quite understand business operations
    verses football operations. Parcells is not in charge of business
    related matters such as revenue from stadium operations that
    Steven Ross also owns. Revenue from events such as concerts
    etc….Parcells does not control such operations. This is really
    a simple concept. Just put the beer down and stop thinking
    like a jerk!

  7. Oh, and LandShark Stadium will be announced next Friday. I wish they would call it ‘Joe Robbie Field” or something to keep his name around…sad that it has been lost over the years.

  8. Err…sharks and dolphins don’t go together do they? I mean, i didn’t do marine biology in school but don’t they hate each other?
    Stupid name for a stadium. You can see it now, headlines read, “Dolphins lose, land shark!…give me a break, more like land fill”.
    Lose the name! It spells trouble.

  9. Landshark stadium…are you kidding me? Stupid name. Sharks and dolphins don’t mix…they hate each other.
    When we lose a game, the press will say, “Dolphins rubbish…Landshark stadium! should read landfill stadium”.
    Lose the name. It spells trouble.

  10. Who cares what they name the stadium. It will always be Joe Robby. Better Landshark Stadium than Tampax Stadium.

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