Lions Come Up With New Way To Address Surplus Jerseys

When an NFL player wants to change his number or his name, the NFL and Reebok promptly prepare an invoice for the unsold jerseys containing the player’s current number and name.
The price tag kept Jerry Porter from switching numbers during his last season in Oakland, and it delayed the arrival of Chad Ochocinco by a year.
When franchises cut or trade players, they apparently have to deal with the issue as well.
According to Terry Foster of the Detroit News, at least one team has come up with a strategy for addressing that surplus of jerseys that are no longer relevant.
Apply a new name plate.
That’s what the Lions did last weekend, in distributing free Kevin Smith jerseys to certain attendees of the team’s draft party.  Todd Taylor, a season-ticket holder, won one of them.  He thought the portion of the shirt bearing the word “Smith” looked sort of bulky.  So Taylor cut it off, revealing the name “Jones” beneath it.
As in Kevin Jones, the guy who wore 34 in Detroit until the team cut him in early 2008.
Now we know why Smith wasn’t permitted to change his number from 34 to 24; the Lions had a plan for dealing with their backlog of Jones jerseys.
We could say much more about this one.  But it’s the Lions.  That pretty much sums it all up.
On a brighter note, at least Taylor hasn’t received a “f–k ’em” e-mail.

21 responses to “Lions Come Up With New Way To Address Surplus Jerseys

  1. I was hoping for a puffy shirt joke. Unfortunately, they aren’t called the Detroit Pirates.

  2. I really don’t have a problem with this. The jerseys were free. And they tweaked their logo, so they have a lot of stuff with the old logo laying around also that they have to absorb.
    Jacksonville did something similar, by eliminating several different color combinations for their uniforms. That wasn’t about identity. It was about saving money.
    Times are tough. The smart thing to do would be what Penn State does; no names at all on jerseys. Then we geeks could get them and put OUR names on them.

  3. I need to quit reading these articles in the morning when I’m trying to wake up. I should only read PFT in the afternoon before I take a nap or late at night when I want to go to sleep.

  4. Whats the big deal? Some guy get free jersey…who cares if it is not a brand new, mint conditon…YOU GOT A JERSEY FOR FREE, you shoul be happy, and not complaing about it

  5. I’m starting to become convinced that the ownership of the Lions and Bengals MUST be the same guy and the other is just a puppet: both franchises are among the worst run in all of professional sports and both resort to cheap-skate moves like this.

  6. “filbertkiwi71 says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 10:01 am
    I was hoping for a puffy shirt joke. Unfortunately, they aren’t called the Detroit Pirates.
    bored_of_seinfeld_jokes says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 10:09 am
    It’s a free jersey. STFU and take it.”

  7. What are you ungrateful pieces of dog dung complaining about? I resort to cost saving measures like this so I can put a better product on the field. Hell, I did the same thing with my kids. When the oldest would grow out of his clothes (and underwear) I would have the maid sew in a new name tag and pass the clothes on down to the younger brother.
    W.C. Ford

  8. Dwight Smith wore 26, not 24. And if Kevin Smith wanted to wear Dwight’s old number, wouldn’t it just be a “Smith” Jersey?

  9. on the Redskins team store you can “buy” a Jason Taylor or Marcus Washington jersey for $19.99 so at least the Lions aren’t trying to milk every last dollar out of their fans. Also for some reason an Adam Archuleta Skins jersey is still full price? Maybe they want Adam to buy all of them so they can pay his $30 million in guaranteed money that im sure they still owe him

  10. Mr. Florio,
    That is just good business. Waste Not Want Not.
    During the season I print out a weeks worth of “OLD” P.F.T. articles. I make a hundred copies, I bind them, then sell them to people about to take a shit at B.C. Lions Games for $4.95 Canadian.
    It is a great Toilet read, and….. I make $495.00

  11. Sounds like to me the Lions and Cards work from the same business model. It truly is no big deal. It just represents what the Lions are about. It would have been better to just give away Jones jerseys instead of playing them off to be something they are not. I am sure there would be plenty of people wanting a free Lions jersey no matter whose name was on it. You want to score real points, give them to the homeless. But it is a Lions jersey so they probably would not want them either.

  12. So what’s the problem? Free jersey! Maybe they could have taken the original name off first but so what if they don’t? It’s a freebie! Sell it on Ebay! BUY NOW, limited edition convertible Lions jersey.

  13. Who cares if detroit does this? It’s probably the 2nd smartest thing they’ve done recently next to firing matt millen. I bet if this guy paid for the jersey, he wouldn’t have cut it. What a loser. He has nothing better to do than ruin a jersey.

  14. …and I thought we were getting a good deal when we bought our jerseys online for 10 bucks apiece when (Thanks Florio) PFT said they were on sale awhile back…one of the perks from an 0-16 season, nyuck nyuck!Go Lions!

  15. There’s nothing more pathetic than grownass men who worry so much about jerseys.
    It’s like a child worrying about having the latest Superman pajamas.

  16. Yesterday I went to a Tigers game and looked for a Lions sweatshirt in a shop nearby Comerica Park (and Ford field). The owner said “nah, don’t carry any – no one wants them”.

  17. So what if some ingrate fan was upset about the name on his jersey. Imagine being Kevin Smith, I guarantee he’s wearing the same one with the “puffy” stacked on name tags, and it’s HIS name on it! Your freebies sure aren’t going to be anything better than the player gets.

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