Twitter Quote Of The Day

We sometimes scan our list of Twitter followers for folks we should be following in return.
And we sometimes find some quotes in the process that we like.
Here’s one from Randy Cross, formerly of the 49ers and currently of CBS and Sirius NFL Radio:  “Time for a little late church and some heart felt thank you’s.  I know the God + church thing freaks some out but you know what?  Tough.
Amen, Mr. Cross.
So follow us at Twitter and maybe some day we’ll post one of your tweets here.
Or not.

94 responses to “Twitter Quote Of The Day

  1. Florio, I hate to break it to you, but in all probability, there is no God.
    You’re a smart, likeable guy; you should reevaluate your beliefs.

  2. Church goers always have this straw man attack. Who are these people that are “freaked out” because Randy Cross or anyone else goes to church?

  3. As long as Mr. Cross doesn’t kill in the name of God like millions of people do across the globe, then that’s fine.

  4. Adrian Peterson is Purple Jesus but only Christ could run that good and not fumble, along with doing some receiving and picking up the blitz..if he wanted to.

  5. I love Church. Then all the Christians are busy. Wal-Mart is empty. The traffic is lighter. And all of the Korean women are off the road, which is always a good thing. And Brunch restaurants are full of people I would much rather be around than the Church crowd with their “I won’t work on Sunday but it’s ok to go out to eat and expect people who can’t go to church because they have to work because of people like me have to wait on me” attitude. Leaving small tips and bible tracts instead. LOLZ. I love people who do nice things. But religion is enslavement. Period.

  6. Florio I almost never complain about your stories but I will with this one. DONT GO INTO THE TWITTER SCENE. When you are posting twitter quotes of the day you are selling your soul to the devil bit by bit. I really don’t want to read this crap nor do I want to associate a news site(not really news site, very little investigating involved) that has articles and info gained through twitter. I still cannot for the love of god care about twitter. I can see why others do but I typically do not associate myself with “those people”. Please, spare us

  7. This article brings back childhood memories of disappointing Christmas mornings past. I see a shiny new box begging to be opened and visions of a brand new over priced made in taiwan Len Dawson football dance in my head. And when I finally do get to open that shiny new box, alas but what do i find……..a lump of coal. Come on guys, when I click on a PFT link I expect to be at least somewhat mildly entertained, not extremely disappointed. btw florio, my god bless you. Amen

  8. Right on Florio….. what the hell is everyone so afraid of here? As soon as someone exposes their faith you get morons saying things like.. oh i dont know, things like “you should reevaluate your beliefs”. Why? Nothing like a god-fearing man to strike fear in the weak by simply saying “I believe”

  9. That’s kind of funny. The first thing I usually think of when I see the words “God” and “Church” usually is the word “scared.” I think of all those poor people who are unable to wrap their minds around the simple fact the human existence is fleeting, and that just like all the other animals on this planet we only have one life to live. Religion really says a lot about the human ego and man’s inability to accept his own inevitable demise. We all die people. There is no afterlife and there is no God. I am all for cmmunity building activities but you don’t need to make a fol out of yourself by singing rediculous songs and reciting pointless hymns. Just enjoy your life and live every day like it is your last. It could be and that surely “scares” a lot of people.

  10. Ummmm…
    “Nothing like a god-fearing man to strike fear in the weak by simply saying “I believe”’
    Belief in God is based on fear and weakness. You seem a bit confused.

  11. BernardPollardIsAnAss says: “We all die people. There is no afterlife and there is no God.”
    And you speak of ego? Wow you sure know a lot.

  12. Why can we comment on this church based excerpt but we couldn’t comment on the Jewish thing with the Jets games? Double standard, Florio.

  13. Kurt Warner has converted Florio! LOL
    Seriously though, I agree with what Cross says.

  14. Nothing like a god-fearing man to strike fear in the weak by simply saying “I believe”
    Exactly. I mean who wouldn’t be scared of a guy that only has to say to himself “I believe” to condemn or kill another human being? Who needs basic logic and intellect to strip away a man made security blanket?
    Beer Volcano and Stripper Factory here I come!

  15. Who does it freak out? Really? I am a man of faith, just not a christian. I think we should keep try to keep faith off these boards cause it could get messy.

  16. Christianity:
    The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.
    Makes perfect sense.

  17. Bernard, totally agree man.. or as my fellow churchitons say “Preach on Brotha”
    You cant see or feel if you don’t believe. Well I don’t believe in hell so I guess I dont have to worry about it.

  18. BernardPollardIsAnAss wrote everything I wanted but was too lazy to say. Well stated, man.
    Normally I don’t like to start religious debates, but this was a really pointlessly boring post, so I tried to make it at least a little interesting.
    Anyway, it’s absolute arrogance to think that out of all these galaxies and planets ( *WE* are the “chosen people” by the powerful creator of it all. But not as arrogant as thinking that God worked the miracle of helping you find your keys while he doesn’t see it fit to save people in Africa dying of AIDS.

  19. Why did you post this? Seriously are you crazy? You want to have this argument? Yeah it freaks me out that people are so obsessed with religion, particularly Christianity (“Church and God”.) One of the core beliefs is that of miracles. I don’t understand how anyone over the age of 7 can believe that. I mean it is really f-ing weird. Have you ever seen magic happen? Has anything EVER happened EVER that breaks the rules of physics? Because last time I checked the answer is no. And if the answer isn’t no, then who cares what anyone does because cause and effect clearly have no meaning to us. I could drive my car down the road and it could magically turn into a dragon. I don’t know! Anything could happen! So much magic in the air tonight! Seriously, I don’t hate religious people, but if you want to act like I have a problem because I don’t believe some book written by a dozen or more people with no scientific background at all, continuously rewritten for 2000 years, with the central theme being cause and effect are not predetermined, then all I can do is laugh at your sad narrow mindedness. I’m sorry but I don’t need to be afraid of something I don’t understand to behave like a good person. Anyway, thanks for wasting my time, I’d love to hear your response.

  20. That’s kind of funny. The first thing I usually think of when I see the phrases “there is no God” and “there is no afterlife” is the phrase “wishful thinking”.
    You know… maybe there’s no deity or afterlife… I mean who really knows? Nobody really disputes that physical death is inevitable. I guess the real joke would only be on the non-believers if they do exist, though.

  21. God hated the Lions last year. 0-16 is proof. God really liked the Titans until the playoffs, at which point he liked the Steelers.

  22. Religion is the lazy man’s way out of learning about the world. I mean c’mon, all Christians have to do is read ONE book and they know everything! Like Heaven, that’s O B V I O U S L Y too good to be true.
    There was a time in human history when simple, religious based explanations for natural phenomena was acceptable; but considering all the factual knowledge we’ve gained since Biblical times, taking the Bible literally is just ridiculous.
    The moral teachings of Jesus Christ are undeniably good, and should probably be read by everybody at least once. But turning his teachings into an overblown fairy tale is completely unnecessary, his teachings are strong enough to stand on their own…

  23. Matt Hoover.. You are exactly right.
    Most people don’t get it because they refuse to even try to acknowledge that this universe was made so God would have someone to have a relationship with.
    We messed it up by sinning. “For all have sinned (that means everyone) and come short of the glory of God”. So God made a way to forgive us of that sin so we could have a relationship with Him again. That was an agreement in blood between God the father and God the Son. A perfect covenant that can not be broken.
    He came down from a perfect place (heaven), where angels worship Him, to prove how much He loves us by dieing for us.
    The Creator of the universe, dieing for us “But the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
    “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved”
    That’s all it takes. That’s all He asks.
    Are you going to be ignorant to it and choose not to believe?
    If this is wrong we die and nothing happens, but if Jesus is what the Bible says He is and you don’t believe it you go to hell.
    The only think you have to loose is eternity in hell.

  24. I saved a baby seal once but I’m no liberal. No wonder I’m so damned confused!

  25. Jeez Florio. Stop forcing them to read it.
    And clearly Cross was off base. Just look at these comments. Nobody has a problem with a man being openly Christian.

  26. Love the hypocrisy Floor-boy. From the same guy who said “The team’s early struggles in 2008 were attributed in some circles to Dungy’s commute between Tampa and Indianapolis. But the media never posed hard questions to Dungy as to whether his special arrangement was compromising the team’s performance.
    We’ve got nothing against Dungy. But we don’t understand why his reputation as a Christian man who never yells or curses insulates him from the interrogation and the finger-pointing directed at nearly ever other coach whenever his team encounters difficulty.” because it was obviously only his faith that prevented such questioning, not his results as a coach doing what he had always done.

  27. was it a slow day so you thought you’d get some people angry on the comment board?

  28. a cheerleader,
    Seriously, why do people who are smart enough to not be enslaved by Jesus, Mohammed, Puff the Magic Dragon, etc. think that because we don’t buy that load of crap that we are tree hugging liberals? I am a libertarian (conservative, without the religious BS), and I think Obama is a freaking communist elitist and McCain was a joke and Bush was one of the worst conservative presidents in decades.
    That’s what is killing the Republican party. Stop letting Jesus enslave your party like it does Christians and then you will have smart, viable party based on small government and a strong defensive military. Most conservatives don’t care who is gay, really.
    Do you know how many gays would vote Republican if the party would drop it’s Christian propaganda? Jesus is why Obama wins. Jesus is why conservatives are a joke. Jesus is killing the American Experiment.
    Truth. Tough. Deal With That.

  29. “kennoisewater says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 12:39 pm
    Why can we comment on this church based excerpt but we couldn’t comment on the Jewish thing with the Jets games?”
    Because the Jews Murdered God’s Illegitimate Son. Haven’t you heard???

  30. Yes, Americans are so afraid of Christianity that we’ve only elected 44 Christians to our nation’s highest office. Only 44, and we have around 300 million people in this country, so clearly there’s some sort of conspiracy against Christians. And Christians get persecuted in mainstream society, because it’s not like everything shuts down for their most important holiday the way it does for every other religion’s most important holiday. What a terrible, terrible life it is for the pained majority of this country that has the burden of running everything; yes, I weep for the plight of Christians in America.

  31. I prefer the more probable tales of Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldie Locks, and then the Three Pigs to any stories found in the bible. The talking serpent, the old guy parting the Red Sea, and the other old guy who put two of every living organism onto his boat just seem too unrealistic.

  32. Matt Hoover says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 12:59 pm
    It’s funny how the non-Christians are the first ones to force their beliefs on everyone else. Pot, meet kettle.
    tell that to the people in the 3rd world counties where the missions go and offer food shelter and education but only for people that believe what they tell them

  33. I find the Tweet to be mindlessly useless. It creates a strawman, then essentially blows it off with “so what” chest-puffing. It is merely a display of juvenile debating skills crossed with insecurity.
    Is this really the best that you can find on Twitter? If so, then that medium is in big trouble…

  34. Raging Clue,
    That’s why 90% of self-proclaimed “Christians” are a joke. Most Christians now say it’s ok if someone is muslim. According to the Bible, it’s not. Most Christians claim it because it is their birthright, not their real lives. Does anyone believe Obama, Bush, and Clinton were really Christian? Really?
    What a joke.
    And to philly’s comment,
    All you have to lose is a fulfilling life on earth without guilt fear and them taking 10% of your money, which is a deal compared to the 60 or 70 that Comrade Obama will take before all is said and done.
    That’s why most of the earth’s christians are generally less educated and less financially successful. The smart ones are the ones taking your money.

  35. mikecal645,
    Tell me about another religion that helps as many unfortunate people around the world as much as Christianity does. You can’t.
    Here are my thoughts, in a nutshell:
    I don’t go to church. I rarely pray. But I believe that there is some greater reason for all of our existences’, and I happen to call that God because that’s what my parents call it and that’s what their parents called it. I don’t take every word of the Bible literally; it has been rewritten for 2000 years by men. Men will abuse power to further their individual gain. But I do believe it’s a comprehensive guide to living for those that choose to read it and taken lessons from it.
    However, no one is forcing ANYONE in this country to do that. That myth is propaganda spread by people with an emptiness in their hearts, who think that they’re smarter, more intelligent, and more logical than whatever created what we know as life. It’s done to feed those people’s egos. Look at mankind, including many parts of our societies: we continuously try to make ourselves feel bigger, better, and more important than everyone and everything else. We strive to make OURSELVES into gods. With that innate goal in mind, it’s much easier to dispel the idea of the Christian God, because it’s the biggest obstacle in the path of that goal. 75-80% or more of Americans still consider themselves Christians. They are the enemy because they believe in something different to some, and that “some” is a group that is hateful and close-minded, unwilling to accept the beliefs of another. It’s all about the ego of man and there is a direct correlation to that theory and the lack of humility in our society today.
    Lastly, Christians aren’t the ones running around the world with TNT strapped to their torsos, killing in the name of Allah. The Crusades, which the Christians are so vilified for, was a war in response to Islamic Imperialism. Of course, in our dumbed down, liberalized society, you won’t find that in your school room history book. Where is your outrage at that group of murderous, hateful religious people?
    And for those that argue that everything is scientific, explain to me how emotion is scientific. How is love scientific? Sure, you can dissect parts of the brain and tell me where those feelings in the mind and heart come from. Try telling me why they’re there.
    I believe there is something bigger than us all. In America, the idea was that every man and woman would be free to believe that or anything else, without persecution. Think about that the next time you begin hatefully mocking and tearing down someone else’s beliefs.

  36. Florio does this on purpose. I think he enjoys the fighting in the comments section.

  37. As someone who is vehemently against organized religions, I can tell you that it’s not people going to church that “freaks us out”. It’s when those people then turn around and attempt to force your churchs teaching on us. You should feel free to worship however you want and if it makes you feel better, good for you. Just keep it to yourself.

  38. Hey Florio,
    Keep posting uninteresting, non-football related garbage like this and watch your readers scramble elsewhere.
    Word of advice. Stick to football. Just because Randy Cross who happens to have a football-related job makes a stupid comment doesn’t mean that anybody else cares to hear about it. If Randy cross is so damned interesting we can follow him on Twitter ourselves.

  39. Matthew Stafford is our new lord. He shall resurrect the Detroit Lions.
    All praise Him.

  40. Amen, Matt Hoover.
    Nobody has a problem with a man being openly Christian.
    You only have to read the posts on this board to know otherwise.
    I’m hardly Cathy Christian, but I am a spiritual person who believes in a higher entity. I was raised Catholic. Do I believe there’s a guy sitting on a cloud wearing white robes and a beard? No, but I do believe there’s something greater than me out there. And I resent the sanctimonious, self-righteous, smug comments like the one in the first posts telling Florio he’s smart but should re-evaluate his beliefs? Wow. Doesn’t that sound like someone trying to force his beliefs on another? The same complaint that so many anti-religious people make about having religion “forced” on them. Hypocrisy indeed. I believe in live and let live too. How about letting religious people believe what they want without telling them how sad and/or stupid they are for it?

  41. “”mixman34 says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 12:30 pm
    Nothing like a god-fearing man to strike fear in the weak by simply saying “I believe” “”
    Any man that feels the need to fear his “savior” is not worth knowing

  42. I think somewhere Florio is rolling on the floor laughing at our comments. The guy is a genious!

  43. You know… maybe there’s no deity or afterlife… I mean who really knows? Nobody really disputes that physical death is inevitable. I guess the real joke would only be on the non-believers if they do exist, though.
    There’s that catholic guilt we all know and love.
    I agree though, better to play is safe. “Hey Jesus, sure I got drunk on Saturday and accidentally did my wife’s sister but I was at church on Sunday! So we’re good right?”
    I also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus so I don’t miss out on my 15 pounds of candy and presents.

  44. Most people don’t get it because they refuse to even try to acknowledge that this universe was made so God would have someone to have a relationship with.
    Wouldn’t eharmony have been easier?
    On a serious note, you actually think the human mind can even comprehend a being that is capable of such creation, yet your ilk’s interpretation of such a being’s intent was just going for a love connection? Really?
    Hell, Benjamin Franklin and many Founding Fathers were Deist. What the hell are liberals doing founding the greatest nation on Earth?

  45. I keep the bible in a pool of blood, so that none of it’s lies can affect me.

  46. “And you speak of ego? Wow you sure know a lot.”
    Yeah, embracing the reality right in front of you versus creating a fictional, make-believe land of salvation to reward you for punishing yourslef during your life here on earth is surely “egotisitcal.” Not exactly, jackass. Anyone who has every undertaken the exercise of embracing one’s own mortality under the limitations of one’s species would not call the exercise “egotistical.” It is a humbling exercise in humility dumbass. Obviously you have never bothered to give it ay real though. Who can blame you though? There are plenty of people who prefer the land of make believe rather than having to admit that they are not immortal. Get a grip on reality. It is a whole lot harder than you think and it has nothing to do with God.

  47. Read the 10 Comandments again. If there was ever something that WAS written by man, that is it.
    Very obvious. A king telling it’s people to always work, which day not to work, and threatening harm to anyone who disobeys. Then goes on to list items that are sacred and that should not be coveted. A woman is listed among those “items”. Gee…. Can it be any more obvious that some all-knowing mystery creator of the universe DID NOT create some of that crap?
    People think they need some kind of religion or the world would fall apart without it. Chaos would be everywhere. Fact of the matter is – look at the world throughout history. Crusades, Jihads, sacrifices, wars, genocides, murder, etc… religion has always served to serperate people because. That’s what it does best.

  48. I wish Twitter would go away and die a quick death. I’m so sick of hearing about Twitter, I just may kill the next bastard that says the word to me.
    The site is just plain stupid, and a waist of friggin’ time!

  49. Henry says:
    I agree though, better to play is safe. “Hey Jesus, sure I got drunk on Saturday and accidentally did my wife’s sister but I was at church on Sunday! So we’re good right?”
    Simple ignorant man, if your understanding of Christianity is that you can do whatever you want as long as you are present in church on sunday, then I can understand why you feel such sharp opposistion to any mention of church. In order to avoid future comments of sheer ignorance I suggest you become familiar with the teachings of Christ, not for a spirtual purpose, but so you can avoid talking out of your ass in the future.

  50. Henry
    I truly don’t mean to insult, but nothing of what you just said has to do with biblical Christianity. Though I completely understand how much of societies perceptions about Christianity get fouled up and sorry to see that you’ve been mislead.

  51. Leave it to a lawyer to praise Jesus and pimp twitter, all in one breath. Amen.

  52. Simple ignorant man, if your understanding of Christianity is that you can do whatever you want as long as you are present in church on sunday, then I can understand why you feel such sharp opposistion to any mention of church. In order to avoid future comments of sheer ignorance I suggest you become familiar with the teachings of Christ, not for a spirtual purpose, but so you can avoid talking out of your ass in the future.
    Hey schleppy, I’m merely mocking your ridiculously shallow belief system. I can guarantee you with 100% certainty that I know more about not only the “christian” religion but most major religions on the planet, life experience and study.
    Don’t get all grumpy because you’re a typical buffoon who uses religion as a weapon, a cudgel even, and your whole sphere of “understanding” this life can be disassembled with a couple of bad jokes. I hear the Pope was pretty warped about the whole “round Earth” thing too. Oh wait, same religion! What a coincidence!

  53. sounds like Randy Cross was in Foxboro considering There is only ONE god and he wears a dirty grey hoody and resides in foxboro!

  54. 1 CORINTHIANS 1:18- For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to those of us being saved it is the power of God.
    If there is no God, then there is no ultimate standard of judging moral conduct. PERIOD. If there is no God than morality is the product of the chemical processes of the brain in the individual. As you know there are MANY “individuals” living upon this earth. The atheist would have to accept EVERY man’s version of “right and wrong” as equal to his own if indeed there is no God. Therefore, Adolf Hitler is justified in his thinking, Stalin would be Justified, Ted Bundy justified, me deciding to hammer you with a meat cleaver… all justified if I believe that I act correctly. American society might tell me I’m worng but who are they to judge? There is no God and every society is different and it’s laws based solely upon the subjective legal rulings of it’s collective soulless apes (man). There is no cosmic, supreme judge, so morality is subjective and unique to the individual. As a soulless ape, man is empty, and totally worthless. His deeds, his name, and his posterity are all lost in time. Man is inevitably forgotten. He is after all, a soulless ape.
    If there is a God however, then morality belongs to Him. It is NOT up to man to decide what is right or wrong, and man has a cosmic measuring stick by which to judge what is right, thus granting validity to all human life. Man, his deeds, his name, and all of those who receive God live on forever.
    John 3:16, 14:6

  55. Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many angry, atheisttic, effeminate, liberal males with an interest in Pro Football!? It’s really interesting too considering the VAST majority of NFL players express at least some degree of faith in God on or off the field in some way. You’d be hard pressed to find many San Francisco “Code Pink” supporting, child molester sympathizing, pacifist weenie liberals runnin’ around the NFL on Sundays, but yet here we are on an NFL blog, and atheist hippies are run amock! LOL!
    I know, I know, you’ll all say that you are “conservative libertarians” that don’t accept Christianity or some crizap like that…. RIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTT! Sure Mr. Metrosexual liberal, we believe you! You guys make football players wish they could wear baggy pants come game time. FreakIn’ lib males! PUKE!!!

  56. BHussein just went from zero to stupid in exactly 2 posts. I can feel that “christian love” just oozing from your posts.
    Clowns like yourself don’t believe in Evolution but you keep trying to justify the boatload of hypocrisy that is organized religion. So, when using this “cosmic measuring stick” are devout, peace loving, giving Jews and Muslims given the same “measure” as Christians? I didn’t think so.

  57. BHussein,
    Nothing shows defeat like name-calling your opponent. Fact is, we probably have the same belief system except you believe in Jesus.
    Only ignorance and religious bullsh*t can reduce someone who is conservative but for social FREEDOM (not socialism) into a right wing religious nut.
    How does your rant do anything to encourage people to agree with you. You just showed your own lack of Christianity. Would Jesus OR the Spaghetti Monster OR the Invisible Teapot approve? Probably Not.
    Yeah everyone in certain cultures and families acknowledges God, but that is cultural and really doesn’t reflect a relationship with Jesus Christ.
    I am not an atheist, but I just don’t give a crap what happens after because I am sure it isn’t the Christian Heaven or Hell. Life is too short to spend trying to figure out how you got here and where you are going. Just do what you know is right. and enjoy it.
    And as far as VALUES go, are you sure God created values or did the elitists that use religion as their enslavement tool take the guilt that is INSTINCTively in us like animals, and use it to trap people???
    It is just as much or much more so plausible that we grow up knowing murder is wrong than believing a spirit in the sky decided it was wrong. And don’t use Bible verses to prove anything. That is just literature, oh and the bible can be reversed on you as well. Remember that.

  58. Ron,
    If nothing says defeat like name-calling your opponent than the atheist liberals lost this fight waaaaaaay back on this blog with their insults.
    As for ignorance, only a media sedated liberal sympathizer could type the foolishness you just did. As for me, I’m not trying to “encourage people to agree with me”. I’m just not interested in appeasing people who despise me for my religious views. I have not been infected with the stink of libralism thus I do not care a thing for what others think of me. Political correctness is the mother’s milk of libralism. And it would appear you enjoy the taste of it.
    Oh and take your head out of Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchen’s arse. The “flying spaghetti monster” has no basis in history or archeology. Christianity does. Piss poor analogy, but you bone thin, angry fem-males love to quote it. LOL!
    I also care NOTHING for religion. Religion itself has always been a tool of man, no doubt. Jesus Christ came to save souls and prove us with a measuring stick for morality. He did not come to start a religionous organization or particular denomination. Salvation of the soul is why he came. That is why we call him savior.
    Oh, and I’ll use the Bible ANY time I please and to prove ANY point I choose! Don’t presume to tell me anything. I may not “prove” anything to you by using the Bible, but I’ll go right ahead and use it anyway tough guy.
    As for the Bible being “reversed on me”, so what? Reverse it on me. It convicts me of guilt and sin. In that way it can be used to enlighten anyone about themselves. If you were attempting to use it against me from a theological standpoint, I’d say go for it! Give it a shot!
    I fear nothing from the effeminate, liberal, hippie, media creation male. You remember THAT.

  59. philly says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    The only think you have to loose is eternity in hell.
    I think that pretty much clears it up.

  60. LOL! I remember telling people about my “stool” when I was 13 or 14 years of age, so don’t think I can’t empathize with your false bravado! It’s obvious you have a need to assert your manhood against the backdrop of your two dangling, limp wrists. Let’s face it little man, the only thing you have in your stool is your boyfriend’s DNA.
    I am a HUGE fan of natural selection!!! My favorite part of it is the fact that it stipulates an end to weak and undesireable genes that do not further propagate the species! This is means that you and all of your effeminate, metrosexual, male friends are already an endangered species! Natural selection is GREAT! I’m a huge fan, really I am.
    I also enjoy mathematical equations, but I’m still a much bigger fan of natural selection. However, there are MANY in the field who believe the numbers point to a higher intelligence. There is NOTHING in the realm of Physics that debunks the existence of a possible creator. I wouldn’t go there if I were a sissified, media creation male like yourself, but if you insist there is loads of information available to both of us! But you won’t get it from Perez, sooooooooo sorry to disappoint.
    Provide me with evidence of the Bible’s “plagerization” and it’s “alterations”. In fact, there is faaaar more manuscript evidence in the Bible’s favor than there is for ANY marxist propaganda tomb your 60’s reject professor ever forced down your all too willing throat. No other book in all of academia compares. And considering the fact that you have no eternal standard of moral judgement then I hardly see how you can call the book “debased”. One would have to employ a moral standard greater than that of the human standard which boils down to subjective opinion as I’ve already explained. You say the Bible is verwy, verwy biad. I say it’s very good! In your eyes we are both soulless apes and “morality” is merely a construct of the individual. The opinion you back is rendered no more useful than my own. You are a moot point by virtue of your own standards.
    SO WHAT?
    BTW, this only took me 3 years, 7 months, 12 weeks, 4 days, 9 hours, 6 minutes, and 2 seconds to write, don’t go to bed early.

  61. Henriquez,
    1.) I used to use to discuss my “stool” when I was roughly 13 or 14 years of age. So work a little harder and maybe you’ll make honor roll little man.
    2.) I’d rather “dry hump society’s proverbial leg” than take one between the cheeks and like it. So stand up straight, pull up those pants, and seek out the hairy leg that suits you best!
    3.) I am a big fan of natural selection in that it filters out less desireable gene traits that inhibit the survivability of the species. Guess what that means for effeminate males like you? Indeed, I’m a big fan of natural selection!
    4.) Physics have convinced many that there is indeed a creator! Numbers are God’s best friend!!! There is loads of information available in this regard. No surprise you’ve ignored it! Does this mean we are done with Evolution?
    5.) Give me SPECIFIC evidence of the Bible being “altered” or “plagerized”? The manuscript evidence for the Bible is faaaaaar greater than the best available for ALL the books of antiquity currently used in ANY University known to man. Do a little research and get back to me with some well googled “facts” to the contrary! I love it! LOL!
    6.) Because you have no eternal standard of morality due to the fact you are a soulless ape, you cannot pass moral judgement on the Bible because you have rendered your personal morality to be nothing more than a construct of the chemical processes of the brain. You have dubbed the Bible a “debased” book and I say it’s not. Since both views are subjective opinions held in the minds of two soulless apes, the point you made is moot and no better by any REAL standard than my own!
    There, I just wanted to see if I could beat your time. Yay! I did it! Took me all of 23 seconds too! Beat that with one of your limp wrists!

  62. Uh oh! Do you hear that sound of a rusty gate swinging in the background? I absolutely love it when the most rabid gay bashers come prancing out of the closet. Don’t worry, I’m sure you have plenty of “good christians” around you to help turn those tingly feelings you have into sheer rage and hatred. Give Fred Phelps a call. You two can froth at each other and then have a secret heavy petting session. God won’t see you.
    It’s laughable that you think the bible hasn’t been altered. Ever hear of the Council of Nicea? I’m sure they all just got together and said, “Yep, everything is good here. Print it.” Ever hear of the King James bible? Of course all the divisions within christianity point to a real unity of message. Not even a debatable point.
    The best thing about this whole exchange is in the midst of your hissy fit you assume I’m a atheist, marxist and gay. Golly gee wilikers Mr. Christian, I smell a whole bunch of hypocrisy. Just to help you out, I hate organized religion and the premise of a “chosen people” and “miracles” amongst the bevy of other ridiculous dogma scattered like so much schit across the ages. Your bile and base flailings posted right here is just a affirmation of a total breakdown of humanity as soon as religion is tossed into the mix. I absolutely live for clowns like you, a couple of jokes and you schit yourself and then proceed to smear it all over yourself in front of everyone. But who doesn’t love a monkey flinging poop? Good entertainment.
    I’m guessing you would hate all those “limp wristed, souless, marxist apes” that started this country. Go look up all those sub intellectuals like Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Hamiliton, Adams, Paine, etc. and their views on religion and the bible. They were Deists.
    For all your reactionary, “kill ’em all” mentality you are a worm in my presence. I could even out “tough guy” you if it wasn’t more amusing to poke you with a stick. But you keep telling yourself your rage filled rants, innuendo and baseless arguments holds you up as a moral being instead of what it truly does, a transparent mask of a criminally repressed little boy.

  63. 1.) Ah yes, please do trot out the ole’ “if you are disgusted by homosexuality, you must be gay yourself” tactics (the media/pop culture has taught you well I see). Tiny little toilet squatters like you have have been asuaging the guilt for their perversions by projecting their thoughts and circumstances on others for years. Misery loves company. I’ve been roasting you boy to watch your pitiful rage expose itself as the self-righteous indignation that all liberal, political correctness indocrtrinated, bird chested little nancy boys like you always reduce to when heat is applied. So very predictable, so very FUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!
    2.) It’s laughable to think the Bible has been altered! Nicea was simply a confirmation hearing to bring together all of the documents known to be “authentic” scripture and settle the confusion amongst the population that existed due to all of the psuedo christian materials in circulation (like the Gnostic scriptures etc.). One can also visit the University of Michigan and several sites in Israel and see that the earliest known scriptural documents in possession (predating Nicea) remain unchanged post Nicea and post King James Version other than basic grammatical differences (punctuation, words in absentia, spelling) due to the obvious shift in language translation. The Bible as it stands today is the most reliable historical tomb in existence again due to the means by which such things are decided before they are used in modern academia (manuscript documentation).
    3.) Would you care to to go into the historical examples of what happens when religion is TAKEN OUT OF THE MIX? Hmmmm… Shall we discuss the body count to that end as well? I absolutely LOVE history! I’ll let you decide, but first what happened to all the talk of Physics and Evolution???
    4.) I have never been so foolish as to label the founding fathers of this great nation “limp wristed, soulless, marxist apes”. The gentlemen you named were indeed deists which means they were intelligent enough to uphold and recognize the hand of a CREATOR… A DEITY. Now if you would be so bold as to take into consideration the fact that the overwhelming remainder of the men who signed off on our greatest documents were Christian then you would begin to paint the picture of brilliance embracing God (Men like you enjoy a good paintaing no?) . And together they created a great nation that, while completely eliminating the opportunity for theocracy to emerge within government, they totally embraced the role of faith in society and the notion of an existant God. I have MANY articales on hand quoting these great men and fully illustrating their belief in the importance of maintaining faith in something greater than man… God.
    5.) Worms are underrated and VERY neccessary to the cycle of life druids like you embrace so much! You might be able to “out tough” an earth worm or two, but I think you should stick to adjusting your pocket protector, place a new band of scotch tape between the lenses of your coke-bottles, hoist those pink polyester pants above the belly button, look in the mirror and shout… “I’m tougher than this guy… really I am… grrrrrrrr”! Then go grease your comb over and give your man a big kiss.
    6.) Innuendo and baseless arguments are exactly all you have presented here. I am not moral or righteous according to scripture and I accept that, and your fascination with “little boys” and “smearing schit all over other men”, and angrily “describing your stool” renders YOU the “criminally repressed little boy” and frankly, much, much worse!
    Catch ya later 5 minute man! Try to steer clear of all that fecal matter in the mean time you sick freak! How embarrassing… LOL!

  64. 1) Rage? That would mean your comments, which are geared to get a rise out of your fellow simpleton, would somehow have to morph into cutting intellectual dialogue instead of grasping at any pubescent derogatory comment. A snotty little comment that only holds power in your feeble mind. Like I said, you’re a monkey flinging his own poop.
    2) Wow, you don’t know squat about the Nicene Council. A “simple confirmation”? What about the Arius? What about setting dates of celebration because they had no idea when the dates were and also because they co-opted older pagan traditions. The Council was as much about building and consolidating a hierarchy. All you have to do is read the gnostic gospels to see why they were left out, they supersede the power of the church and put the power of God and salvation into the hands of the people. Revelations is the craziest damn book written yet it was included because it painted the only way to save yourself was through Jesus and the only way to get to Jesus was through the church. Quit cutting and pasting for christ’s sake.
    3) Bring it. I’ll kick your proverbial ass all over the place when it comes to war, death and destruction when it comes to actions performed in the name of “Allah”, “Yahweh”, “The Lord Our God”. Did you know that the early Jews actually worshiped the same pantheon of Gods as the Philistines? What is most interesting is they became monotheistic but the god they choose to worship was “Yahweh”? Guess what “Yahweh” represented in the old pantheon? That’s right, war. Yahweh was the god of war. And there you have the foothold for the three major monotheistic religions. You keep huffin’ and puffin’ and go runnin’ for your copy of Apocolypto.
    4) The founding fathers were christians but influenced heavily by Enlightenment thinking. Do you need a lesson in Locke, Hume, or the example of Roger Williams and Rhode Island? Do you know what the Enlightenment brought to the founding of this nation? Of course not, because that would make you bombastic point of view tenuous at best.
    DEISM: The belief, based solely on reason, in a God who created the universe and then abandoned it, assuming no control over life, exerting no influence on natural phenomena, and giving no supernatural revelation.
    That definition completely excludes the dogma of man made religions. I’ll say it again for you, I am also a deist. It is the complete idiocy of religious zealots like yourself that lead me to shun the idiocy of religion.
    5) You’re right. I shouldn’t have insulted worms in such a manner. So tell me, your cyber seizures are a affirmation of your manhood? Or somehow a mental line in the sand that tells you I can’t twist you into a pretzel if you were right in front of me? Maybe you should throw in a few more puber “LOL!” to help that delusion sink into your half rotten squash.
    6) You have said absolutely nothing again. I merely use the best analogies to accurately describe the situation. You go with Happy Gilmore commentary. Let’s try to be a little more original closet boy. Oh, the repressed gay man rhetoric is 100% true. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The guy always looking for a fight and a few years later he blows the doors off the closet. It’s a well known condition. Some guys have “Don Juan” syndrome and then there’s guys like you who go into hiding and roil in a mix of self loathing and man lust. Then you come out and take your rage out on those you want to be with the most. It’s pretty common and you’re a walking text book example. I just call ’em as a I see ’em. Have you tried to “Pray the Gay Away”?

  65. In addition to my above post, I’d like to also point out another example of your hypocrisy… if I am but a “worm” in your eyes and soooooo very beneath your eloquence of expression and mastery of all things academic, why o’ why do you continue to engage me? Kings (obviously not you) and Queens (this is where you fall in) do not humor the rabble with argumentation of things they believe to be fact or falsehood. No, no, no. You do not engage children in titanic battles of wit and wisdom and nor do I. So that being said, why do you persist in your feeble rantings? If you are so completely and utterly above me in intellect and education, why continue to tolerate one such as I? Am I a worm, a child, a little boy with schit smeared all over his body, a boy who doesn’t compare with the size of your filthy stool, a societal leg humper, a man of “innuendo and baseless arguments” (that you refused to answer)??? Why continue on with one as beneath you as you purport me to be?
    I’ll tell you why… because you are a bottom feeder and above no one! Like most liberals you count victory as the moment when the other side of the argument walks away. The “last word” is the glorious prize of children and psuedo intellectuals. The “last word” is the ULTIMATE measure of success in your eyes. It is how liberals communicate and deal with (and attempt to offset) the lack of substance in the ideology they uphold and use to fill their God void.
    You NEED to continue to go back and forth with me in order to secure your “last word” prize. I have the power to make you feel justified, fullfilled, and victorious. All I need to do is pull out of this conversation and you can rejoyce and inflate your already too bloated ego (after all man is god, no?). And I typically wouldn’t grant you the unwarrented pleasure and satisfaction you desire so dearly and clammer for, but I digress. You have failed to address numerous issues throughout this argument and your allegations have been refuted numerous times in regards to Evolution, Physics, Bible Authenticity, arguments as to how I view the Founding Fathers, etc., etc.. In addition, you have revealed the deep seeded perversion and fetish desires you harbor and continue to stoke. You have projected fantasies of men smearing fecal matter all over themselves, you have attempted to again make reference to fecal matter by comparing me to the “stool” you produce, you again make further sexual references in my regard when you envision me “humping” a leg, you went on to elaborate on the fantasy you entertain regarding myself and another man fondling eachother, and again (in yet another example of your blatent homo-erotic projecting) you decribe the vision you have of myself and Fred Phelps “frothing at one another” and “petting” each other! It is aboundantly clear to me that you are indeed the limp-wristed, effeminate, liberal, metrosexual male the media and the realm of modern academia promotes as the ideal feminist standard for today’s male.
    However, I fear the above definition falls faaaaaar short of the mark in that you also are a fetish driven pervert of the first order! The incessant exportational projection of your homosexual fantsies and your fanatical, unceassing obssession with fecal matter (schit) is making me untolerably ill! I just don’t have the stomach to hang with such a debased creature as yourself. I came here primarily to read and discuss the NFL, not to continue trading punches with a filthy, schit loving, homosexual predator looking to get his rocks off by talking dirty to other men. So I’ll go ahead and bow out of this filth bin of a conversation at this point and grant you the superficial “last word” victory that perverted liberals like yourself ABSOLUTELY LIVE FOR! I can do so with the knowledge that you skirted every issue I addressed and chose instead to debase the conversation with your filth and perversion. YUCK!
    I’m going to go and shower off now. I’ll be praying that you are able to set aside your fascination with all things “toilet” and “male”. Good luck to ya!

  66. By the way, I don’t care that you’re gay but I do have a problem with your misplaced rage and funneling it all into backing the same corrupt organization that persecutes you and who you love.
    I’m there for you buddy.

  67. Well hell my schit obsesssed, malignant homosexual. Again you provide NOTHING but common place liberal talking points in defense of your foolish lack of faith. All you have proven is your familiarity with Google (which no doubt is the method of choice you utilize to seach for the feitsh porn that drives you).
    I’ll humor you one more time due to the fact that you at least tried to address some of the points I’ve been pressing you to finally attempt…
    1.) I have simply matched YOU “snot for snot”, though again I see that you have no ability (desire) to set aside the references to your precious fecal matter. Only this time your fetish has spread to the inclusion of monkeys. You are a very sick individual.
    2.) It is YOU that fails to understand my perspective of the Nicean Council. As a Christian who like you has a bold distaste for “religion”, I have no concern for the council’s setting of celebratory dates, the co-opting of pagan traditions, the consolidating of the political/religious hierarchy. The Gnostic gospels were not cast out because they “returned power to the people”, they were cast out because they denied Jesus Christ’s deification and cast him as a mere man. That was heresy and it was appropriately rejected. The ONLY way to heaven is through Jesus Christ, but the way to receive him is by faith… NOT via some membership in a specific church or religion. The whole point of our discussing this was because I said the councils didn’t “alter” or “plagerize” the SCRIPTURES. And I my position maintain that it did not. It dealt with the politics of religion but also managed to purge falsehood like the Gnostic gospels from acceptance into popular canon. Again, you have failed to give me any plausible evidence of “alteration” and “plagerization” of the scripture. You best head on back to Google and see what you can dredge up!
    3.) Again you fail to realize who you are speaking to. I am a Christian in the same belief and practice mold of the early church in the book of Acts. I would actually agree with you in terms of the many false religions of the world (Islam, Catholicism, etc.) have been a cause for war, death, and destruction MANY times over. But I would laughably caution you to understand that there isn’t a nation, era in history, or civilization that isn’t soaked in the blood of innocents. There isn’t an ideology present on this earth that doesn’t have extreme measures of blood on it’s hands. Open a history book sometimes pal. Jeeesh, don’t be so quick to play the fool. Besides I don’t see what you find objectable to war and death considering you have no object eternal authority to consult on the issue of moral values. Again, if “morality” comes from man, it is merely a construct of the chemical processes of the brain. Considering that all men have a brain and all men are of differing opinions your condemnation of war is nothing more than subjective conjecture. In other words… who gives a dizamn what you think about war?
    4.) I ALWAYS find it amusing when the very same people who want to tell us what to drive, if we can/can’t smoke, what light bulbs to install, take away our right to guns, murder innocent unborn babies, take away the money a man/women rightfully earns, claim private property from those who own, etc., then want to talk about the “ENLIGHTENMENT”. The Founding Fathers couldn’t have been any further from the way you think today so I’d no longer referece them if I were you. There is just too much information available to even remotely compare these men with modern day liberals. Sorry, that just won’t cut it. You can put away your revisionist history books now.
    5.) Yeah, yeah, keep talking about the monkeys, poop, snot, and homo-erotic scenarios and the like. It’s what you do best.
    6.) Again, the drugs, public school indoctrination, pop culture worship, rampant schit fetish, and excessive media exposure has blind, foolish, perverted, and angry. I just call em’ as I see em’ as well. As for “praying the gay way”… that sounds an awful lot like an invitation from someone who strongly recommends it! YUCK! I’m just not into the things you enjoy so let it go! At least you didn’t mention searing schit all over other men this time around! For that, I’m quite greatful!
    Again, I’m going to depart for conversations that do not involve schit, gay fondling, and monkeys. I suggest you quit reveling your own filthy fetishes and move on too!
    Good bye and good riddence!

  68. We should exchange emails. You could send me all your bestest hate literature and I could send you links to all those fetish sites you, I mean “me”, have a hankerin’ for.

  69. And there it is… your “last word victory”. Ooops, I just took it away from you didn’t I. My bad! I won’t do it again.
    Now, I don’t mind that you are a limp-wristed, effeminate, media creation male, but I do have a problem with your projecting S&M, homo-erotic, leg humping, male DNA in your stool sample, gay-way praying, schit slingin’ monkey fantasies on fellow bloggers.
    Get help squatter!

  70. BHussein,
    Who says anyone who is not religious is a liberal? Your arguments border on moronic.
    You keep saying we are atheist, marxist, and gay. I am not any of those things yet I believe in small government, big military, individual guns, the right to form a militia as the constitution INSTRUCTS us to do, and I believe that the republicans are just a toned down version of the democrats. They are all power hungry and corruptable.
    Term Limits and Legislated morals/religion is what is wrong with this country.
    Term limits means limits in power over short periods of time.
    So BHussein, you are exactly the guy they find giving BJ’s in rest areas. The closet homo hiding behind his faux-machoness hating that what he is.
    You know why I think you are a closet homo?
    I am very conservative but I believe in freedom to be who you want t be without government or religious interference.

  71. Oh and Yahweh is not the pagan god of Lavent. Yahweh is simply the Hebrew translation used for the term Jehova. The term runs parallel with the one used in paganism because it is merely the term Jews use for God. Nothing more nothing less. They now ascribe it to the proper God rather than the pagan one. Liberals try this crizap all of the time. Nothing new.
    -Just for the record-

  72. I thought you were done? And here you are rambling on about the “last word”. You keep tripping on your own rage. I see you hate Catholics, I’m guessing 7th day Adventist? Got your tree all picked out to go clamoring into?
    So, tell me the difference between the Yahwism of the desert and this supposed mistaken identity Yahweh.

  73. Look it up yourself, squatter.
    I have no rage, I’ve been all farts and giggles with you behind the keyboard. Nobody hates Catholics here either. Just like a taco isn’t a slice of pizza or an octopus isn’t a shark, Catholicism has numerous theological problems. What I find most amusing though is that now all of a sudden you are pro catholic! What an amazing transformation! A moment ago you were about to site all of the horrible atrocities they have been responsible for throughout history and now, because it’s convenient, you are concerned with my alleged “hate” for them. Admit it, you were going to piss all over the RCC, but now you see things a bit differently, no? HYPOCRITE! LOL!
    If anyone has hatred for the Catholic church and Christianity in general, it’s you fairy boy.
    Now, I’m gone for good. You are free to continue on in error.
    Enjoy your monkeys, male rectums, and schit, schit, schit!

  74. RonInCharlotte,
    I never said what you accuse me of saying. I NEVER said anyone who isn’t religious is liberal. That would be moronic and I never said that. Though I do believe the majority oif those who attack religious people for their belief’s are liberal and atheist.
    I actually agree with the vast majority of everything else you’ve said. I’m just giving this little prick lover Henry a tough time because he’s excitable and angry and it’s rather amusing. Sorry if you don’t like it.
    In closing, I’m not 7th day adventist. They are heretical.

  75. BobInCharlotte,
    One last word of advice…
    BJ’s in the restroom? How do you know that men do this? I think it’s clear that the object of Henry’s anal-shizit fetish has just arrived! Bob, it’s okay to be a shizit packing conservative. You don’t have to get all pissy with me because I insult a boy who shares your fetish! Chill out with all the liberal shop talk about homosexuality. It’s Shizit sucking libs like you who give real conservatives a bad name.
    Henry… meet… Bob in Charlotte… two sissified, limp-wristed, media creation biatches! Enjoy eachother!

  76. You keep saying goodbye with lots of capital letters yet you come back as soon as I summon you. I love the projections and half truths you have to tell yourself just to keep your sanity. You are dangling to reality by the thinnest of threads you crazy fundie you. So, within your own religion you’ve condemned Catholics and Seventh Day Adventists. Who’s next?

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