Two Saints Are Sinners, Allegedly

A couple of members of the New Orleans Saints have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.
Receiver Biren Ealy and tight end Kolomona Kapanui were busted on various charges, including obscenity, disturbing the peace by being drunk in public, and lewd conduct.
Both players were signed earlier this year; don’t look for either to stick around for very long.
So here’s what happened, allegedly.  Two women pulled up to an apartment complex shortly before 1:00 a.m. local time on Sunday.  One of the women saw two men urinating in the parking lot.
So one of the women told the men to stop.  (You know, ladies, once we start, it’s really hard to stop.)
Ealy allegedly responded by turning around and exposing himself and making “lewd” comments.  Then, Kapanui allegedly turned around and fondled himself while making comments other than, “You know, ladies, once we start, it’s really hard to stop.”
The players are being held on $4,250 bond in a place where more than a few of the residents might be very interested in seeing Ealy and Kapanui recreate the events preceding the arrest.

24 responses to “Two Saints Are Sinners, Allegedly

  1. they’re NOBODYS – get rid of them and make a statement!!!..and by the way – if this new punter ain’t bouncin’ the ball off the roof of the dome – i’m BOOIN’ every time i see him!!!…

  2. Yeah, maybe Ealy should have accepted that futures contract with us. Instead, he took the “brighter” future in New Orleans.

  3. o-face says:
    May 3rd, 2009 at 12:28 pm
    “No mention of uromysitisis poisoning?”
    What makes ‘Seinfeld’ so great is that it’s pretty hard to find something that doesn’t bring an episode to mind. Classic.

  4. Lucky they didn’t do that in Colorado….they’d be charged with indecent exposure and would have to register as a sex offender. Not sure what the Louisiana laws are regarding these charges.

  5. Apparently, they tried to get out of prison by telling the warden that their fathers had just gotten out of a Red Chinese prison.

  6. boy Vince Young sure can pick his friends … Ealy , though he HAS promise , has yet to do anything meaningful so to shame an orginization before you can complete 3 catches – what in the hell ? ….

  7. Some people never get potty trained.
    But really these women need some diversity training. These players were only celebrating their cultural heritage.
    We are all one and should not discriminate based on criminal behavior. We should be accepting and tolerant of sex offenders and axe murders.
    The NFL should not hold their lack of playing time against them. Just because one has never appeared in a game and the WR has 1 reception for 6 yards in two years is no reason for them to be cut before Drew Brees.
    That would be discrimination.
    The police ought to go to some more diversity training as well. Their lack of tolerance and excessive zeal in responding to a 911 emergency call so they also need to be more involved in community policing.
    I’m sure the Saints organization follow through on their committment to tolerance and cultural diversity.
    We were all taught in school not to hold another person’s orientation against them. Self love on a public street is just their orientation.
    Celebrate Diversity.

  8. I agree with “Bob_Nelson”. It’s just their “orientation” and certainly we should not discriminate against them.

  9. It’s the ‘Shockey Effect’… a well known medical syndrome… it affects receivers and tight ends… turns them into drunken fools.

  10. They do their best work in exhibition games!!
    Now the coach knows who to call on late in games to pull it out!!
    (Sorry….can’t think of any more re-cycled Lance Rentzel jokes…!!!!)

  11. I thought this sort of behavior was okay in New Orleans? They must have small wangs, or she would have thrown them some beads instead.

  12. “We should be accepting and tolerant of sex offenders and axe murders.”
    Funniest thing posted anywhere, ever

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