Wilf Has No Comment On Favre

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said in February that he had no interest in adding quarterback Brett Favre to the team.
Less than three months later, Wilf has nothing to say on the matter.
I have no comment,” Wilf said Saturday regarding whether he’s interested in Favre.  “No comment.”
Possible translation:  “That stuff I said in February?  I only said it because I thought Favre was actually retiring.”
Indeed, Wilf allowed no equivocation to invade his comments from February.
“I would have been interested 15 years ago,” Wilf said in the days after Favre announced his Second Annual Retirement.  “No, I’m not interested.  No way.”
Um, way.

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  1. “Less than three months later, Wilf has nothing to say on the matter.”
    Along with the rest of the league considering he was still under contract with the Jets.

  2. What did you expect Wilf to say a few months ago? “Yeah, we want Favre, Jackson can’t cut it.” Look what happened when someone shopped for a QB in Denver and look what is happening when someone shopped for a QB in Washington. You don’t burn your players until you have someone else on the team who can replace them. Whether you like Wilf, Spielman, or Childress, they are doing this the right way.

  3. Hey its not really Farve that Wilf objects to, its paying for the 60 piece Marine marching band Farve requires in his contract to play Pomp & Circumstances every time Farve enters or exits the locker room.

  4. What was Zygi Wilf supposed to say in February when Favre was under contract with the Jets? “We plan to sign Brett Favre as soon he forces his release with the Jets. In fact, even if a young immature franchise QB like Jay Cutler is offered to us in a trade, we’ll turn down the trade and save the draft pick for a dynamic, but troubled playmaker, and wait for Brett Favre to be released and sign him.”
    “Our goal is is to have three potential Hall of Famers on offense — Favre at the tail end of his career, Steve Hutchinson in the prime of his career, and Adrian Peterson in the early stages of his career — and combine them with one of the speediest deep threats at WR (Bernard Berrian) and a rookie whose a threat to score any time he touches the ball (Percey Harvin) and two 6-8, 350-pound offensive tackles, then have the best run stopping defense in the NFL, one of the most feared pass rushers (Jared Allen) and fast and hard hitting linebackers and defensive backs, not to mention one of the most consistent kickers in NFL history.”
    But instead of saying that and getting in trouble, Wilf wisely played coy and prentended there’s no interest in Favre.

  5. Florio is just like a gossipy old woman. Maybe he should join the Women’s Red Hat Society.

  6. For a team that can’t get funding for a new stadium, and for a team that may have to move to LA, and for a team that had major issues trying to sell tickets for a PLAYOFF game, you would think this is a no-brainer. Bring Favre in and give your city and franchise a shot in the arm.

  7. i wouldnt sign favre to the vikings in a madden video game franchise, let alone in real life. favre is done. he has nothing left in the tank and i saw that in person several times last season.
    please stop the favre talk before somebody falls seriously ill

  8. Florio was going to keep going with this but after the CanadianVikingFan’s amazing smack down, how could he? – shut up, don’t post any more Favre talk – I’m tired of it – yet they can’t wait to get their comments in there…lol
    Imagine a world where only football transactions were posted. BORING. Keep it up! I love the speculation.

  9. Crazy as it seems,the Vikes with him,are better for now then without him
    He wouldnt have to be a great QB for them to win alotta games
    Just his skill in reading a Defense would make the Vikes a fav in most games
    If he’s got half an arm left,I would go with him
    Even though Im a lifelong Packer fan I would love to see it
    Of course I would want the Packers to break his back when they played him,,,lol

  10. “Hey its not really Farve that Wilf objects to, its paying for the 60 piece Marine marching band Farve requires in his contract to play Pomp & Circumstances every time Farve enters or exits the locker room. ”
    Give hime a copy of QBF

  11. Ziggy has yet to see a real qB on his team, so recognition of QB talent is not his strong suit. Neither is recognition of what it takes to be a good head coach, just look at the bald headed stooge he hired.
    What Ziggy can lay claim to is complaining about lack of public funding for a stadium and recognition that the climate is better in Southern California than Minneapolis.

  12. Friggin’ Idiots! I’m as tired of them as they say they are of Favre and this story.
    The fact that 100% of those who post a negative comment about Florio’s Favre blogs… have done so after reading the entire story and likely several if not all of the comments… is strong evidence that they are in denial. They love this subject. Unfortunately for them, they haven’t realized it and will probably miss out on the enjoyment the rest of us are experiencing.
    I’m with you TNCM333!
    You don’t have to be an attorney to figure that one out. Keep it up Florio!

  13. It wouldn’t be a Vikings item if JimmySmith weren’t here, would it? And conjuring up any excuse possible to tie his hatred of Brad Childress into it.
    It’s amazing how often this whiz head shows up here to bash Chilly. Don’t the Fackers have anything fun going on? I hear they had a pretty good defensive draft, and everybody in Green Bay washed their bowling shirts in celebration.
    Green Bay must be a sort of beer-bellied Leinenkugel’s Camelot. No bitching about coaching, general managers, no stadium issues. No longer a demanding, pouting primadonna to cry about. Must be pucking great. So Jimmy has to come to MY yard and pee on MY shrubs, ugly as they may be. And bark at my head gardener.
    I’ll have to knock the ice off my pressure washer and be on the lookout for mangy strays. I would use my Winchester, but I hate wasting ammo. It’s pretty spendy these days to take down dumb animals just because they’re stupid.

  14. If Vikes sign Favre there’d be no problems selling playoff tickets this year!

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