Braylon Still Possibly Going To The Big Apple?

In the days and weeks preceding the 2009 draft, there were many rumors and reports linking Browns receiver Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants.
In the end, the Giants opted to address the void created by the release of receiver Plaxico Burress by drafting wideout Hakeem Nicks.
But Edwards still might end up in New York.  Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently floated the possibility of the Browns sending Braylon to the Jets in a trade that would reunite running back Thomas Jones with Browns coach Eric Mangini.
The disclosure came in response to a reader question regarding the possibility of the Jets cutting Jones, who is skipping offseason workouts apparently due to displeasure with his contract.
“Rex Ryan knows that Mangini would scoop up Jones in a New York second if Jones were released,” Grossi writes.  “More likely is a future trade involving Jones and, yes, Edwards.  You heard it here first.”
The move would make plenty of sense, for both teams.  The Jets haven’t replaced receiver Laveranues Coles, and they traded up to the top of round three to get running back Shonn Greene, who could be paired with tailback Leon Washington.
And since the Browns could use help in the backfield and have been beefing up their passing game with second-rounders like Brian Robiskie and Mohamed Massaquoi, an Edwards-for-Jones swap would improve the Browns right away — if either of the rookie receivers can fill the void created by Edwards’ departure.
The challenge, in our view, will be for the Browns to get something more from the Jets in addition to Jones.  And that’s where the action would be on any such transaction, regardless of whether the Browns want yet another of Mangini’s former pupils or whether they want one or more 2010 draft picks.

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  1. If they trade Braylon, who does that give them at WR besides the draft picks? They cut Jurevicious, Stallworth isn’t going to play this year, and they traded Winslow. I’m not really sure why they’re setting up their qb’s for failure…

  2. Jones is 30 years old! Why would the the browns trade for him…they have Lewis and gain nothing but a RB that it pretty much done.

  3. Makes sense. I wanted Edwards to the Giants, but the Jets seriously need him more.

  4. How does this trade make sense Florio? Jones is old for a RB. Straight up for Braylon Edwards? Really? I don’t think so. You heard it here first. (Tell Grossi I said that).
    Jones will be 31 at the start of the season. Good lord.. if the Browns did this, any self respecting Cleveland fan should burn their season tickets.

  5. So tired of these trade rumors created by sportswriters. This makes no sense for Cleveland.

  6. This looks more like the jets are taking advantage of the browns obvious situation…
    Mangini is so hated by the rest of the league for being a nark that the only team that will have any contact with him is the team that FIRED him.
    Think about it. It makes perfect sense.
    This is embarrassing.

  7. Why would the Browns trade for Jones when they can sign Edgerin James or maybe Larry Johnson? If Cleveland is going to trade for a running back, doesn’t Ronnie Brown make more sense?

  8. Tony Grossi knows less than the average English soccer fan when it comes to real football. This is just death spasms from the print media trying to get people to buy papers, not actual reporting.

  9. They better get more than jones. What is it with the browns an old running backs? I don’t get it. They should throw in revis.

  10. Make it so. As a jet fan I do that trade in a heartbeat. What I dont get is that Eric mangini coached the Jets who weree starving for playmakers for three years …he goes to a team with 2 playmakers..and hes going to end up trading them for marginal players…players like he had on the jets…where he was starved for playmakers…I dont get it.
    I’m just glad he has full control over personnel…we still have drew coleman..and….brad smith he can have

  11. Tony Grossi may be the DUMBEST reporter of all time. He also had the Browns trading Quinn for a first round pick. Braylon will be a Brown this year end of story.

  12. “if either of the rookie receivers can fill the void created by Edwards’ departure.”
    I’m pretty sure it’s easy to teach a rookie to drop the ball. Whether they can lead the league in drops, well, that might be hard to replicate.

  13. Sounds like a great trade for both the teams, this way we can continue to talk about how much of a genious Rex Ryan is and how much of a jack off Mangini is. Maybe the Manginious can talk the Jets into throwing in a 2nd for 2010 and the Browns could draft a punter to go along with that stellar center they picked up in the 1st this year.

  14. This move makes NO SENSE.
    You mean to tell me they would rather have Jones over Lewis? If this Trade were to happen, I would absolutely turn against Mangini and Co.
    Unless the Browns could get more to help NOW then an Aged Jones, I don’t see this happening.

  15. I could see that trade working…if the Browns got a 2nd and a 6th in next years draft….HONESTLY they should of gotten Jones in the swapping 1st round picks trade….Browns got nailed in the you know where for letting a team jump 12 spots, Jones should have been included..hes had ONE great year…

  16. The Jets have a conditional pick (swap?) in 2010 with the Eagles if Sheppard meets certain statistical categories.
    Expect something similar from the Jets—maybe conditional 3rd rounder?
    We all know Mangini loves his draft picks, so he can belligerently squander them on draft day.

  17. “Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer recently floated the possibility”……..Just another moron stirring the pot. Its just a newspaper writer starting a rumor. Anything is a possibility. Edwards was all but traded to the Giants. Never happened. This stuff is getting ridiculous.

  18. Jones is too old for a straight up trade for Edwards. I agree with the others. Who will the QB be throwing to? Cribbs can’t do it all and the rookies are too inexperienced for a #1 role. If the Jets threw in a first rounder next year, then pull the trigger, otherwise, no way!

  19. As a Steelers fan I am starting to fall in love with the Brownies. I mean, it’s so easy to sit back and watch them continue with their self destructive ways. Maybe it’s just the state of Ohio. The line is starting to become blurred with them and the Bungles.
    Now if only the Ravens would follow suit of their predecessor.

  20. More than Jones?? Braylon’s in his contract year. The Jets should want more than just one year of a guy who cannot catch the f-king ball in exchange for their best running back.

  21. Nobody is saying it has to be straight up. If the Jets throw in a couple of 2010 picks it could work for the Browns.

  22. Why post anything that Grossi says? Has he ever been right?
    So the team would have two old RB’s? The staff likes Jerome Harrison, who Mangini plans to use similar to Leon Washington. They also drafted James Davis, who they felt was an absolute steal in the 6th. Not to mention they signed Noah Herron for depth. No chance at Jones. If he’s traded, it will be for draft picks next year.

  23. “More likely is a future trade involving Jones and, yes, Edwards. You heard it here first.”
    Still with the “you heard it here first”. I am nearly desensitized to reading it in the comments on various blogs/boards, but now the journalists think it’s okay?
    You simpletons don’t know where I heard anything nor in what order.
    Mr. Grossi is no less than the 4th to provide this speculation (which is worthless – anyone can draw the player-to-coach connection, and it does NOT mean a trade is imminent).
    Both posted on April 26th, yet Grossi didn’t say squat about it until May 2nd, I think he might’ve been a bit behind. Upon further inspection, this rumor was posted and discussed on the Plain Dealer’s message boards on the 26th before homeslice regurgitated it as an answer to a reader question on the 2nd.
    And he’s not just some internet hack, he actually works for a publication. Things like that make me very thankful for unprofessional overachievers like Florio.

  24. Seriously? 2 backs 30 or over? Ridiculous. They should have drafted LeShon McCoy when they had the chance!

  25. You idiots, Cleveland’s not going to trade Edwards this season.
    1. it’s a contract year so it’s a reasonable assumption that he’ll play up to his potential. Transalation 80c 12td’s
    2. Edwards will be a restricted free agent after next season so Cleveland can either match any offer or get a 1st & 3rd rd pick for him.
    Some of you ppl, including the author are just dumb

  26. You guys are Guppies. Grossi is only a little smarter than Florio. Remember Quinn being traded to every team in the NFL? Enough said.

  27. Vernon Gholston is the only player I can see making any sense. If Mangini still likes him anyway as he is the only one that did. Bust as a rookie, big contract for Braylon in a walk year and will need to be signed to a big contract.

  28. If the Browns trade Braylon Edwards to the Jets for Thomas Jones straight up, the league needs to investigate Eric Mangini and his relationship to the Jets. The only way I can see that this trade goes down is if Mangini was only fake fired from the Jets knowing that the Browns were going to hire him which would allow him to make trades that would destroy the Browns while helping the Jets rebuild.
    Jones is at the age where RBs start to break down and some RBs hit the age wall harder and faster than Wile E Coyote strapped to an ACME rocket smacking into a canyon wall. Edwards is reaching his prime. Now that sounds like a fair trade.

  29. hitdog042 says:
    May 4th, 2009 at 1:16 pm
    Jones will be 31 at the start of the season. Good lord.. if the Browns did this, any self respecting Cleveland fan should burn their season tickets.
    There are self respecting Cleveland fans? THAT, my friends, is newsworthy material.

  30. Only the Browns would trade a former first round pick for a guy a year older than Jamal Lewis who the Jets are probably going to cut sometime down the road. Then again, if it were the Redskins, Dan Snyder would throw in a first rounder in 2010 so don’t feel bad Browns fans.

  31. My God. It’s jerk-store owners like Grossi that give the Browns such a bad rap among NFL fans.
    There is no freaking way on earth the Browns would ever do this, yet because some buffoon and so-called beat writer like Grossi reports it, people are dumb enough to believe that it’s actually something the Browns are considering.
    If you believe this moronic rumor, you are as dumb as Grossi.
    The Cleveland Plain Dealer should trade Grossi straight up for a couple of ink cartridges.

  32. The problem with trading for Braylon… as the Giants found out… was not so much that Cleveland wanted a 1 and a 3 for him… but that they wouldn’t let them talk contract to his agent so no deal could be roughed out. You had to hand over heavy compensation in picks or players… then hope you could make a deal with a guy who now has about 10 months before he’s a free agent and holds all the cards. No team is going to do that.

  33. Clowney and Tjones and a 3rd rounder makes sense for Braylon. Win win for both teams IMO

  34. Yeah right !
    Like the JETS are gonna trade the AFC rushing champ for the like 50th ranked receiver in the league!
    Whatta bunch of numbskulls on this site.
    ” The challenge, in our view, will be for the Browns to get something more from the Jets in addition to Jones”
    Florio = thats the about the stupidist analysis I’ve ever heard.
    Like your trying to provide some type of demented insight!

  35. Since the Jets raped the Browns by moving up in the draft, I’d rape the Jets for a 1 and 3 next year plus Thomas Jones for Edwards.
    If that sounds like a lot, look what Jerry Jones gave DET for that POS Roy Williams!

  36. Tony Grossi is a sorry ass hack who has nothing better to do than make up crazy bullshit scenarios to fill his day since his sources in the front office got whacked.
    All his “writings”, and I use that term loosely, about the former regime were all hearts and bunnies and rainbows. Now that the well has dried up, most of the sorry ass Cleveland sports people have resorted to this sort of crap.
    Hell, they’re more of a rumor mill than you are Florio.
    Except you have a better track record.

  37. Braylon is gone after this year..He does not want to be in Cleveland, if we can get something for him this year as apposed to losing him next year for nothing, I think would be a great steal..I like the running back out of Clemson, he is very similar to Jones. I think Jones would be more productive than Lewis this year and our rookie can learn from 2 productive NFL backs

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