Demetrius Byrd Talks About Car Accident

Chargers receiver Demetrius Byrd, who fell to round seven in the draft due to a serious car accident that left him hospitalized, has issued a statement regarding his recovery.
“Now that I have survived an accident and was drafted by the Chargers, I have so much motivation to play with this team,” Byrd said via his agent, David Dunn.  “I appreciate the Chargers for recognizing my hard work and helping me live out this dream.  I promise you that I will work hard every day on and off the field.
“I’m beyond excited to be a Charger,” Byrd said.  “Words can’t express how grateful I am to be part of such a great team.”
If Byrd makes a full recovery, the Chargers will have gotten a steal; Byrd widely was expected to be drafted in round three.  His accident occurred only days before the draft.

12 responses to “Demetrius Byrd Talks About Car Accident

  1. I hope he doesnt make the team just so I dont have to hear about his “feel good” story of 2009 everytime he catches a pass.

  2. ari888, you are a twit. The kid had a horrific accident and nearly lost his life and this is your comment ridiculous.

  3. don’t worry ar1 , probably a practice squad guy for 09, at best
    we’ll see though
    if i had to bet, it’s PS at best for 09
    so his story probably won’t make you sick till 2010…but more reasonably 2011 or 12, you know how wrs take a while to develop in the nfl normally, and factor in a car accident…..

  4. ar1888 says: “I hope he doesnt make the team just so I dont have to hear about his “feel good” story of 2009 everytime he catches a pass. ”
    Soooo . . . you’d rather have dog-fighting, steroid-shooting, drunk-driving stories? Perhaps you would rather hear about teams firing people or raising ticket prices and blaming the sinking economy.
    What, exactly, is wrong with a “feel good” story coming out of the NFL?

  5. If he contributes in the NFL, THEN the chargers will have gotten a steal. He needs to be healthy to do this, but he could commute from the hospital for all the team cares if he produces.

  6. Glad to hear he’s getting better. Did anyone ever figure out the “ear lobe” injury report? I never heard anything more about that one.

  7. ari…are you heartless or something? the nfl needs good people like byrd! his wreck was a total accident…not like he was drunk or on drugs or anything like that. and him saying that he is grateful to the chargers just shows how good of a person he is! how is it a wasted pick? he was a huge player for LSU!!!!

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