Ealy, Kapanui Out Of Jail But Still On Saints Roster

Saints receiver Biren Ealy and tight end Kolo Kapanui have been released from jail, according to the Associated Press.
Both men presumably have posted their $4,250 bail.
They face multiple charges arising from allegations that, after being asked to stop urinating in public by a nearby female, they exposed themselves and engaged in lewd comments/behavior.
Amazingly, the Saints have not yet cut either player.
Then again, the Saints now have their long-term deal in place with the State of Louisiana.  If this had happened a week ago, Ealy and Koponui might have been expelled from the franchise faster than a thin continuous stream of 98.6-degree liquid.

16 responses to “Ealy, Kapanui Out Of Jail But Still On Saints Roster

  1. Come on Florio! If you had been keeping up on your Mythbusters instead of tired, old, boring Seinfeld re-runs, you’d know that it’s not a continuous stream.
    “Although it is possible to electrocute yourself by urinating on a third rail, you would have to stand unrealistically close to the rail to do it. In most instances, a urine stream would break into droplets before making contact with the rail.”

  2. Two men urinate in public and expose themselves….in New Orleans. So what’s the problem? I don’t think that’s really even against the law there. Ever been to Mardi Gras, Florio?

  3. I like in the article I read that the woman stopped her car and told him to stop.
    You can’t stop once you start. It stings.

  4. If I was there and that woman saw me doin’ my thang at the apartments she would’ve invited me over to her place!
    Visanthe Shiancoe

  5. You’re reaching…neither of these guys are going to make the roster, it’s not like it’s their starting WR and LB ala the Bengals.

  6. “…And the way the NFL is now, that’s a big deal, being a good all-around guy, not just a great player. If you’re a good player and a crazy dude off the field you might not make it.” Kolo Kapanui 4/08

  7. At least they hung onto the ball.
    They will get more than 5 yards for illegal contact.
    Unlike Percy Harvin they were well hydrated.
    I hope they give their correct names when registering as sex offenders and not Dick Waver and Peter Playdough.
    Why hasn’t Turd Watch been updated to give the Saints the division lead?

  8. Why do we still keep writing these articles…….what role models. Why are we not writing on the good the other athletes have done…..the real role models for the young kids. I just wonder what the NFL has come to….drugs, battery, urinating in public etc. Quick putting these guys in the limelight….

  9. Please explain your logic as to how things would be different if the Saints hadn’t signed their long term lease with the the state yet. (Oh, and fyi, the state legislature can still very much turn down the deal…)

  10. If your kid has to have a sports star as a role model, then YOU have problems.Why the hell would you want kids to see them as role models anyway? ” Well Junior, thats who you need to emulate.Adults playing a game for a living and acting like kids when they are not playing” What a crock!!!(BTW, urination is a natural bodily function and should not be regulated by ANY state. Seems to me that the woman is the one with problems. Like sticking her nose where it don’t belong.)

  11. Its really too bad. They should have had 200 grams if codeine on them. They could have then gotten off scott free with a little advice from Johnny Jolly.

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