Haynesworth Sued Following Car Accident

Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is the subject of a $7.5 million lawsuit following a December car accident in Tennessee that caused the other driver to undergo hip replacement surgery.
According to the Associated Press, the plaintiff is also seeking punitive damages amounting to at least 25 percent of the $41 million in guaranteed money included in Haynesworth’s blockbuster contract.
Per the report, Corey Edmondson alleged that Haynesworth was driving dangerously when Haynesworth’s Ferrari collided with Edmondson’s car.  In March, a grand jury returned an indictment against Haynesworth on reckless driving and expired registration charges.
The lawsuit states that:  “In short, Haynesworth was intentionally and selfishly driving like a maniac and has wreaked havoc on the life of a 25 year old man and his family.”
Edmondson has incurred medical bills of $230,000 and is disabled and unable to work, according to his lawyer.
Edmondson is reportedly disappointed that Haynesworth hasn’t gotten in touch with him since the accident with his lawyer, Jon Perry, saying: “I’m not sure if it’s a level of apathy or if he’s focused on other things or if he doesn’t care or if he thinks maybe it’ll just go away.”
Of course, it’s plausible that Haynesworth may also have been advised by his legal counsel to not speak with Edmondson since there’s potential litigation between the two parties.

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  1. Right is right And Wrong is Wrong you were Wrong so MAKE IT RIGHT WITH THIS MAN ALBERT

  2. What a bunch of assholes.
    Haynesworth is in the top tier of NFL scumbags. If he (or any other athlete) doesn’t have an insurance policy with suitable bodily injury limits then maybe he deserves to have his money flushed down the toilet.
    That said, this plaintiff’s lawyer is the reason why lawyers are despised in this country. The plaintiff deserves to be compensated, but a $7.5 million demand is just completely over the top. .

  3. I dont understand with all the media surrounding this incident, especially with the website that the victim launched, that Haynesworth hasnt even contacted him. It seems to me that Albert has been given every opportunity to talk to the young man, and work things out without bringing in lawyers. I guess we all know now just how much of a man Albert is. Anyone with any sort of decency would of contacted him and apologized or at least try to help out in any way possible. Why wouldnt he even send him a signed jersey or something?

  4. if this guy is truly disabled then i feel badly for him but all i see is hip replacement surgery. My grandfather had that and no one offered him $18+ million. damn friggin lawyers. if he just got hit by some poor idiot he’d just be screwed.

  5. Nice to know you signed a player for 100 million that has no sympathy for his actions. (See face stomp)

  6. Defensive lineman driving a freakin’ Ferrari? HA! That’s a laugh. No way this 300+ lb tub of goo even comes close to fitting in that thing. Probably spent $50k on some kind of custom driver seat or something. C’mon Albert, get a clue.. drive an Escalade like the rest of your compadres.

  7. Is a simple “Sorry I broke your hip and ruined your life” too much to ask? How many NFL players really are men these days?

  8. I’m not a fan of law suits, especially with all the frivolous crap these days, but this guy really will have to deal with it for the rest of his life. Haynesworth should’ve been suspended

  9. You stole from this man his quality of life. I’d ******* butcher someone for that.

  10. Yes, “just pay him” because he’s a “rich bastard.”
    Hell, if you think it’s that simple, then I too should go sue Albert. And he should just pay me whatever amount I want, no questions asked. After all, he is “rich.” After I’m done, everyone else on this board should sue him too — he’s got enough money for all of us.
    In case you missed the sarcasm above, let me be clear: I hate people with such a stupid mentality about “rich” people.

  11. Way to go Fat Albert, your a jerk. He will fit right in with them Bums from D.C.

  12. Sorry…I have to kinda take Haynesworth’s back on this with the “no contact” thing.
    The publicity that Edmunson and his lawyer are trying to conjure up (website…trying to get on Oprah…etc)…I wouldn’t speak to him either.
    Edmunson deserves the money that’s coming to him…I’m not saying that he’s wrong. But, he decided to play the “Legal Game” (probably at the advice of his lawyer…who is probably a sleeze).
    Haynesworth should pay up. And that’s all. No need for the shenanigans from either side.

  13. and $230k in medical bills? doesn’t he have insurance? also if its a car accident anybody know if it was in a no fault state? seems to me they’re trying to build this up to something that he’s not. Also what was his job? that could and should affect if he’s actually disabled. There’s a lot more questions to be answered here and I’d be surprised if at the end there isn’t a sleazy lawyer story in there.

  14. @dbn32
    “Just pay them! You rich bastard!”
    You’re a weak-minded coward.
    To the rest of you guys, Haynesworth can NOT talk to the plaintiff because the conversation could be used against him even if he calls, as a courtesy, to see whether the injured guy is doing well under the circumstances. Open your eyes to the society we live in nowadays with scum lawyers running around looking for their payday. You’ve all seen the ambulance-chasing commercials. Haynesworth has to protect his interests, and that’s what his lawyer will do. They’ll eventually settle on a number, but do any of you guys even realize how long of a process it is to replace a used car that’s been totaled in an accident that was NOT even your fault?
    To my new, clueless friend, dbn32: It doesn’t matter whether a guy with a $100 million contract with $40 million guaranteed hit the guy or whether I hit the guy. The plaintiff would be going after either one of us for as much as he can get. That’s reality, you dumbass.

  15. This is disgusting. Haynesworth certainly exibited “douchey” behaviour by driving like a dick with expired tabs on his car, and it is unfortunate that this young man had to have a hip replacement as a result, but this ambulance chasing lawyer raises the bar of douche-baggery to a whole new level by trying to line his own pockets as a result of the tragedy.
    Even from this short article it is clear that the lawsuit is just a grab for cash with absolutely no basis in truth. A 25 year old man that has a hip replacement isn’t going to compete in the 100m dash in the next Olympics, but baring the possibility that Edmonson is an olympic caliur sprinter he is absolutely not permanently and totally disabled. This is a fabrication by his lawyer intended to maximize the amount of money he can get. If I was Haynesworth, then I would hire the best damn civil attorney team ever assembled and tie up this ass hat in court for 15 years since he is certain to be working on a contingent fee. Meanwhile I would hire private detectives to follow the lawyer and Edmonson around. I’d document that A) the kid isn’t really disabled and B) I’d find some way to destroy this lawyer’s life because he had the balls to even try this.

  16. Al,
    You’re just supposed to nudge people with your car, not hit them hard.
    Randy Moss

  17. “My grandfather had that and no one offered him $18+ million.”
    Unless your grandfather was 25 when it happened, you have no point.
    “and $230k in medical bills? doesn’t he have insurance?”
    Probably. Why should his insurance company have to pay for Haynesworth’s stupidity? Why should that insurance company’s policy holders have to potentially pay higher premiums because of Haynesworth’s stupidity?
    “The plaintiff deserves to be compensated, but a $7.5 million demand is just completely over the top. . ”
    Hypothetical: I’m going to smash your hip with a sledgehammer and pay you for the privilege. What’s it worth to you?
    “If I was Haynesworth, then I would hire the best damn civil attorney team ever assembled and tie up this ass hat in court for 15 years since he is certain to be working on a contingent fee. Meanwhile I would hire private detectives to follow the lawyer and Edmonson around.”
    So you’d possibly spend more money than the settlement might eventually cost, and you’d have the guy and his lawyer stalked. Yep. You’re the same brand of scum as Albert Haynesworth.

  18. I agree Haynesworth should pay the guy, but $10M is a bit much. Yeah, $10M is approximately 25% of the $40.1M guaranteed, not $17M or $7M for you math majors here.
    Depending on his profession, the guy likely never would have made that much in his lifetime. If it’s a case where the guy can no longer work for the rest of his life, the payout should reflect his lost compensation including future earnings. If it’s a case where the guy can work, the payout should cover lost wages until he can resume work again. The payout shouldn’t be a lottery win though. It’s that mentality causing the problem with our legal system and why we’ve become a litigious society.

  19. For all of you who think 10 million is too much… let me ask you this.
    If I offered you 10 million dollars to allow me to pulverize your hip with a sledgehammer, would you take it? Oh, and not only is the injury itself going to be extremely painful, it’s going to make it so that you could never participate in any sport activities again. No running, riding or having a roll in the hay with the wife without pain. You would become effectively handicapped, forever. The most activity your body can take will be hobbling, slowly like an old hunch backed woman. And that’s how it will be for the rest of your now to be miserable life.
    Would you really take it? I doubt it.
    If you said you no, wisely, now ask yourself this. A man who is in possession of hundreds of millions of dollars does that to you without your permission. The man is infamous for being a careless and heartless thug. He has shown absolutely no remorse for your suffering, leaving you on the road for dead after he did it to you.
    Would 10 million be enough???
    I don’t think so. 10 million sounds like a lot, but it’s not if you have to sacrifice your health, and ultimately your happiness to get it. Haynesworth should be in jail.

  20. @ZN0rseman
    People with your logic are the reason why we’re now a nation of handouts rather than a nation with integrity. Someone makes a mistake and suddenly they’re expected to provide a kings ransom to the person, rather than simply pay for the mistake.
    I agree Haynesworth should pay something, and I feel for the victim involved in this tragic accident. However, it was just that- an accident. Haynesworth didn’t target this guy specifically, and I’m fairly certain he didn’t set out with the intent to hurt anybody.
    We need to stop treating accidents as potential lottery wins. Haynesworth should be responsible for picking up any and all current and future medical costs not covered by insurance. He should also compensate the guy for his lost wages, both current and future. Perhaps a bit for pain and suffering, but that should be it. Seeking 25% of someone’s income over an accident is stupid.

  21. @ schweinehund
    Although I love this site, it is clear that at least 1/2 of its readers are complete idiots. First, a 25 year old kid with hip replacement… $10 million is a bargain. Secondly, whoever said Haynesworth cannot contact him to discuss because it jeopardizes his case is 100% wrong. No doubt a vast majority of lawyers are going for a quick buck, but it is funny to me how every law suit, regardless if a guy might have to walk with a rod in his leg or an artoficial hip for the rest of his life or not, is ambulance chasing.

  22. “Accident” my ass, this guy was weaving in and out of traffic at an extremely high rate of speed and through his reckless driving, he hits this guy and then runs.
    Did some of you miss the fact that this guy is seeking punitive damages? For a guy that just got a contract like he did, you’d need a number like $10mil for it to truly be punitive.
    Haynesworth is a piece of crap that deserves everything bad that ever happens to him, he’s repeatedly shown complete and total disregard for anyone around him, and his days of getting off with a slap on the wrist are hopefully over.

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