Mike Williams Works His Way Down From 400-Plus Pounds

Former NFL receiver Mike Williams, a top-ten pick in the draft, had a problem with his weight.
But nothing like former NFL offensive lineman Mike Williams, another top-ten draft pick.
Williams, who recently signed with the Redskins, reportedly tipped the scales at more than 400 pounds before launching his NFL comeback.
He’s trying to lose 40 to 50 more pounds, in an effort to get down to a svelte 350.  (The team’s official web site already lists him at 360.)
It was a decision by Williams to start shedding weight for health reasons that sparked his attempt to return to the league after last playing in 2005.
“My goal was to originally get down to 280,” Williams said, according to the Washington Post.  “That was already in the process of going on. During the process, I said, ‘Hey, I might as well go play football,’ because I felt really good.”
Meanwhile, coach Jim Zorn claims that Williams is not a “fat guy.”  The only way that’s true, in our view, is if Williams is secretly female.