Mike Williams Works His Way Down From 400-Plus Pounds

Former NFL receiver Mike Williams, a top-ten pick in the draft, had a problem with his weight.
But nothing like former NFL offensive lineman Mike Williams, another top-ten draft pick.
Williams, who recently signed with the Redskins, reportedly tipped the scales at more than 400 pounds before launching his NFL comeback.
He’s trying to lose 40 to 50 more pounds, in an effort to get down to a svelte 350.  (The team’s official web site already lists him at 360.)
It was a decision by Williams to start shedding weight for health reasons that sparked his attempt to return to the league after last playing in 2005.
“My goal was to originally get down to 280,” Williams said, according to the Washington Post.  “That was already in the process of going on. During the process, I said, ‘Hey, I might as well go play football,’ because I felt really good.”
Meanwhile, coach Jim Zorn claims that Williams is not a “fat guy.”  The only way that’s true, in our view, is if Williams is secretly female.

24 responses to “Mike Williams Works His Way Down From 400-Plus Pounds

  1. At 400 just put him at DT right next to Haynesworth. Good luck trying to move those guys.

  2. From just reading the headline, I thought you meant the former WR was at 400 pounds.
    Kinda hard to get separation at that weight.

  3. “Meanwhile, coach Jim Zorn claims that Williams is not a “fat guy.” The only way that’s true, in our view, is if Williams is secretly female.”
    Classy as ever, Florio. On the other hand, now we have a better idea what Mrs. Florio looks like.

  4. Of course by american standard 400 pounds is light !! what the hell Zorn is thinking not calling him fat , 400 pounds is fat Jim more like obsese if u ask your doctor .

  5. Florio just hates fat people because he is a little twerp. For sure he got picked on by all the athletes when he went to HS. Some big fat ball player probably stuck him in a locker overnight.

  6. i guess his buisness ventures in texas r failing,so he is tryin 2 get some easy cash 4 a couple years.hope u get cut b4 camp mike. u quit on us bills as soon as tom donahoe picked you in the draft and it cost him his job. please go away and save a roster spot 4 someone who really wants to play the game.

  7. Good luck to the dude, seriously. He’s lost over 10% of his body weight, so he’s off to a good start. If he can come anywhere close to his goal, it will be quite the inspiring story.

  8. “Why did you start it out with a comment about the WR Mike Williams? ”
    Just another jab at the Lions.

  9. Yes, it will be a very inspiring story and Mike Williams should be held up as a role model for the youth of America. Of course, we need to tell the whole story. Big Mike Williams was perhaps the best OT in his draft class, so the Buffalo Bills took him with the #4 overall selection. The Bills then signed him to a very generous contract that paid him many millions of dollars. At that point, Mike Williams demonstrated his true character and that is that he is a theif. He lost interest in football, refused to work at honing his skills or staying in shape and ended up being cut by the Bills before the end of his rookie contract. After one wasted year with Jacksonville, he was out of the NFL. One of the top busts in the history of the NFL, primarily as a result of being a lazy bum. Now that he apparently realizes that the money he stole from Buffalo will not last forever, he seems willing to work to get back to the NFL, at least until he can sign another generous contract. I hope he fails miserably in his comeback attempt, because he has already received far more from the NFL than he deserves.

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