49ers Rolling The Dice

The San Francisco 49ers have proven that they aren’t averse to risk.
According to John Crumpacker of the San Francisco Chronicle, the 49ers have acquired four rookies with a history of various character issues.
That includes: undrafted Ohio State offensive tackle Alex Boone, who went on a drunken rampage in February, third-round running back Glen Coffee, who was suspended for four games at Alabama for a textbook scandal, seventh-round defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois, who was suspended for a year for allegations of academic cheating at LSU, and undrafted Purdue running back Kory Sheets.
Sheets was prohibited from conducting interviews by Purdue coach Joe Tiller after criticizing the game plan and quarterback Curtis Painter.
The 49ers say they have done their homework and aren’t worried about further trouble.
“None of these guys caught us by surprise,” 49ers coach Mike Singletary said. “Some of them have their issues. They’re good kids. They want to make better decisions. They want to make the right decisions. …
“We want to help them but at the same time, we want them to make sure they’re making some very difficult and tough decisions, in terms of do you really want to stay on track? If that’s the case, we’ll get there.”
Following an incident where he was Tasered by Orange County, Calif., police officers, Boone said he has been attending Alcholics Anonymous meetings.
“You know what you did, there’s consequences,” Boone said. “I’m back in AA. I talk to my parents a lot. My family is behind me.”
Jean-Francois, who also drew criticism for saying he wanted to “take him out of the game” in reference to Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said he’s not a cheater.
As for Sheets, he believes that his critical comments caused the coaching staff to not go to bat for him with NFL scouts and prevented him from being drafted.
“I did something wrong and I had to be punished,” Sheets said. “I already knew I was going to get in trouble.”

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  1. Outside of Coffee, they are 7th round/undrafted guys so I don’t see the risk. Low investment, possible high reward and any slip up and these guys are gone. The chances of them making the team anyway is pretty slim to begin with.

  2. Wow, he needed to cheat to get through LSU?!?! Mother of god. That would be a red flag, cheating aside.

  3. “Drunken rampage” is one of those terms that always sounds worse than it really is. Just like “manslaughter.” Oh wait…

  4. these guys aren’t really high risk, they are legit ballers, if they can contribute
    on special teams, then its a bonus.

  5. Sheets can make the team if RB Thomas Clayton doesn’t show much improvement over last year, the kid’s a burner. I think Boone will be on the squad just because we’re so thin at OT. Francois, we’ll see about, but with Ray McDonald hurt for a while he’s another one that has a shot. Low risk/(possible)high reward.

  6. Are these the same 49ers that downgraded Stafford on their draft board due to his discomfort in answering personal questions about his parents’ divorce?
    Yeah… Clearly, they’ve found players of superior moral rectitude to fill the holes on their roster.

  7. Man, if I were Kory Sheets, I’d hate to be lumped in with an alcoholic, cheater, and thief just for speaking out against my coaches’ game plan….
    Then again, Aaron Wilson will do anything to an article to hide his mediocre writing skills.

  8. “The 49ers say they have done their homework and aren’t worried about further trouble.”
    Deja vu.
    “Is this a desperate move? Hardly. It’s a business move, one we’ve thoroughly researched.” – Bill Walsh, on the 49ers signing Lawrence Phillips.

  9. Hmm let’s see, one guy get’s in trouble for a textbook scandal. Another guy got caught cheating in school. How do these translate into the NFL?
    The others were FA signings who could be released at the drop of a hat. This is hardly worthy of news.

  10. Don’t nobody care. Everyone took risks throughout the draft. Unless your the Cincinnati Bengals, the media will pretty much ignore it. For the Vike’s on Percy. “Harvin, excellent acquisition worth the risk has the potential to be great once he matures”… The Bengals…… On Rey. Rey “Why did he fall? Character risk/Off field issues…. When will they learn. Perfect fit for Cincinnati”
    Florio your no different……

  11. Sorry, Aaron Wilson. I see you are the one who posted it. Shoulda known it wasn’t Florio…..

  12. What’s wrong with Jean-Francois hating on Tebow? I wish more DT’s were like him, F Tebow

  13. Risk? A risk is drafting Maurice Clarett in the third round…..ehhh Mike Tan-a-han?

  14. “Pilkington says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 1:06 pm
    Are these the same 49ers that downgraded Stafford on their draft board due to his discomfort in answering personal questions about his parents’ divorce?
    Yeah… Clearly, they’ve found players of superior moral rectitude to fill the holes on their roster.”
    Whoa, talk about a misguided argument.
    A) The Niners never “downgraded” Stafford over that issue. That is complete fiction. If you’re referring to Singletary’s comment that “if he can’t handle that, maybe he doesn’t belong here”, you’re taking it out of context. He was making a point, not being specific.
    B) Even if that WERE true (which it isn’t), there’s a HUGE difference of screening a #1 overall pick who is going to command millions and millions of dollars at a position that requires the most mental toughness vs. say, 5th-7th round, UFDA players at other positions.
    Not even in the same category, so let’s not compare apples to oranges, k?

  15. Hey, if these guys can atone for their sins, so to speak, and become legitimate human beings, then whats the problem? If they can’t, then they get booted. Big deal.

  16. I believe Singletary knows what he is doing. If any type of guy could tame a young kid it would be Mike. You seen last year the fire he brings, he will be keeping these kids in line unless they want the full moon.

  17. Ok so we have one guy who got into a drunken incident. But other than that what are we looking at aside from Florio trying to be negative about the 49ers yet again.
    Sheets critiqued his offensive coaches. But Frank Gore did the same thing with Hostler and it didn’t make him any less a good team player.
    As for the textbook and cheating scandals if we are going to hold those against Sheets and Jean-Francois then what about Deion Sanders skipping finals when he was in college? Let’s not forget that there are players with legit learning disorders who play well with no problem in this league.
    But no Florio go ahead and make it look like we will be the 2006 Bengals where there is a player getting arrested every other week…..or is this wishful thinking so you can just keep putting 0 on the days without an arrest meter?

  18. Okay, Alex Boon and Ricky Jean were projected top ten picks about a year ago. Things happen, but the Niners are going to get a steal if either one of them pans out.

  19. WOW!! I guess since this isn’t the Bengals, it is no big deal if other teams take chances on “Character” players.

  20. yeah y dont we look at every teams questionable drafts picks. Everyone says the Pats had a great draft. Why cause they traded down for a bunch of career back ups?

  21. Hmm let’s see, one guy get’s in trouble for a textbook scandal. Another guy got caught cheating in school. How do these translate into the NFL?
    A guaranteed spot on the Patriot’s roster? What do I win for the correct answer?

  22. Wait, this isn’t a Bengals story?!?
    Florio, I’m so proud of you. You’re grows up and you’re grows up and you’re grows up!

  23. The 49ers haven’t stopped rolling the dice!
    Mike Singletary.
    Jimmy Raye at offensive coordinator.
    Now this.

  24. Wow, PFT has been pissing on the Niner’s parade since the offseason began. I’m a little curious as to why there’s so much negative press about the Niners these days.
    Then we come to this article…what a joke. Aaron Wilson, do you know anything about football? All but one of the four players you listed are tiny risk/great reward players. If they blow it, they’re gone, no harm done. Glenn Coffee was suspended for a textbook scandal…how exactly does that translate to the NFL? Sure, it’s not the greatest thing on his record…but it’s not like it’s a terrible thing either. Thousands of college students cheat every year, players included…they just don’t all get caught.
    I look forward to your next Niner bashing article…what, in like a few days, or are you going to make me wait for OTA’s?

  25. Rolling the dice now!? The 49ers rolled it with their tenth pick in the draft, with the undersized Crabtree. Anything they’ve done after that, should be less of a gamble
    Bust! Bigtime!

  26. gotta love bitter raider fans… still trying to convince themselves that troy williamson part 2 was a good pick at #7

  27. Another silly Raiders fan trying to stomach taking Heyward-Bey at #7. And since when is 6’1.5″ 215lbs small for a WR. Sure Crabs could be a bust but it won’t be for his size. Isn’t that bigger than the joke of a WR they took. Maybe he will be running in the Olympics when he is out of the NFL in 2-3 years.
    Anywho, not much of a story behind this “article”.

  28. Apparently, a massive receiver is need in Oakland. Oh, wait, they tried that with Randy Moss, we all know how he did. Whats that? He broke records in New England? Well, guess we know what he can do with a quality QB. Whats that? The Faiders haven’t had one since… Gannon? And that was like 2 years of quality… enjoy your quick bugger, he can run like crazy. Its a shame he hasn’t anyone that can throw it to him, except on his knees…

  29. Rolling the dice would be using an early draft pick, undrafted free agency is the way you are suppose to sign questionable players. With the exception of Boone these guys are hardly harden criminals.
    Crabtree undersized? Whatever helps Raider fans sleep at night with that Troy Williamson-Bey Pick.

  30. I really dislike the GENERAL media writting articles to sensationalized topics to create a stir/ story! These guys are little risk not some high priced high risk players. Just like it’s not criticial to name Alex Smith or Shaun Hill as the starter NOW. As they should be given a chance to learn the play book, evaluate their play in practice (which we the public and you the writers aren’t aware of) and then see how they play in a real game (like pre-season).

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