Browns Sign Furrey

As rumors of a potential trade of receiver Braylon Edwards continue to circulate, the Browns have added another pass catcher to the roster for 2009.
The team has announced that veteran wideout Mike Furrey has agreed to terms.
The six-year NFL veteran has spent the past three years with the Lions.  He played for the Rams the three seasons before that.
His best season came in 2006, during which he caught 98 passes for 1,086 yards and six touchdowns.
Furrey’s pro career started in 2000, when he signed with the Colts as an undrafted free agent.  He’s a veteran of the XFL’s only season, where he played for the Las Vegas Outlaws.  It was then onto the Arena League, taking the same path to the NFL that another Northern Iowa graduate took to NFL stardom.
In Cleveland, Furrey joins a depth chart that includes Edwards, Donte’ Stallworth, Josh Cribbs, Syndric Steptoe, David Patten, Jordan Norwood, Lance Leggett, Paul Hubbard, Devale Ellis, Brian Robiskie, and Mohamed Massaquoi.
Stallworth’s availability is up in the air based on pending manslaughter charges.

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  1. Furrey was cut from Detroit because of his loyalty to Jon Kitna, his anger about the Lions losing season, and the perception that he was a Martz guy. On the first glance no one sees him as a starting receiver; however, he will out work everyone on the Browns.
    The Bears should have signed him as a possession receiver for Cutler. He would have been a great fit in Chicago.

  2. Alright!! What a signing lol.. As a Browns fan I’m scratching my head thinking B Easy is going to be traded..

  3. What the F’ are the Browns doing? They realize there’s only one football on the field at any given time right? Even with the eventual departure (seriously, the guy won’t play a down this year) of Stallworth they have WAY too many WR’s on the roster.
    Sad thing is that i was hoping the Bears would have picked this guyup. Obviously he’s not a number one WR but he can catch and is likely a better and more polished WR than what they have. Cutler wouldn’t have hurt his stats any – that’s all I’m saying.

  4. Furrey will make an excellent token white receiver replacement for Joe Jurevicious

  5. I always thought of Furrey as a guy who could be another Wes Welker in the right situation (aka a royal-pain-in-the-ass-for-the-opposition slot receiver)… good signing if he stays healthy.

  6. Looks like Drew Bennett wont happen now – cant have 2 white receivers on the same team – the broadcasters will be overwhelmed to use the term “deceptively fast” every other time the camera pans to either of them.

  7. Half of those wideouts will be cut/traded/gone by the start of the season. No reason not to stock up right now, considering how badly the Browns offense was for the last two months of last season.

  8. Cribs will spend more time on the defensive side of the ball this year, so you can scratch him as a legitimate WR option. Cyndric Steptoe, Jordan Norwood, Lance Leggett, Paul Hubbard, Devale Ellis won’t sniff the field this year, so realistically the depth chart for the Brownies will be Edwards, Robiskie, MoMass, Furrey and Patton. No complaints here..

  9. Mike Furrey is actually a lot like Troy Brown and Rashied Davis: he’s a slot receiver, a kick and punt returner, and a guy who has a little experience playing defense and could serve as a an emergency DB. These are the kind of guys that Belicheck-style teams like to have to round out the bottom of the 53-man roster and the 45 players active on game day.

  10. Safe to say Michael Vick won’t be joining the Browns. He has a bad history with all things furrey.

  11. Wow a guy who played for the Lions last year ,lol. A team that won 0 games. Mankok seems to want to make this team as average as posssible to give themselves an excuse for not sniffing the playoffs this year. Braylon probably can wait to get out of there. I would give Mankok a grade of I for incompetent.

  12. This dude is a gamer. I like the pickup. Great 3rd option if the rooks are not ready to go.

  13. I love how people say that its a bad signing because he played for a 0-16 team last year. You mean to tell me if the Browns signed Calvin Johnson it would be a bad signing?

  14. I was hoping he’d go to the Jets. I’d like to see people discussing a Furrey-Cotchery combo.

  15. Good news Clowns fans. This’ll up your win total next year from 3 to 4. Congratulations.

  16. Its a really decent pick up for the browns. Playing the slot token white receiver will do the browns excellent unless DA is at the controls because he cant throw a ball accurate under 15 yards. I dont mean to rip on DA but he had a lucky season IMO. But the real story is having these good receivers doesnt make a difference if they cant pick a QB. On that note Go Browns this season but pick a QB already.

  17. Brentonmcclellan says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 8:01 pm
    Half of those wideouts will be cut/traded/gone by the start of the season. No reason not to stock up right now, considering how badly the Browns offense was for the last two months of last season.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Competition makes everyone better. The Browns have signed sure-handed receivers who double as classy veterans. They can teach Edwards Scissorhands how to catch and how to be humble.

  18. I love all the guys on here screaming about “the Browns have so many receivers … why the hell are they adding another receiver, blah, blah, blah.”
    There hasn’t even been a training camp yet, people. Relax. It’s in their best interest to get as many guys as possible, see who the best are and then cut/release/trade the rest. It’s not like all these receivers are going to be on the 53 man roster. More options, more competition mean a better selection to choose from come the start of the season.
    It’s May people … relax.

  19. ppdoc writes: “Good news Clowns fans. This’ll up your win total next year from 3 to 4. Congratulations.”
    pp, is that referring to “PittsPuke” or the “Pansies in Purple”?
    I suppose the other team “Prison is Pending” is a possibility.

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