Saints Cut Ealy, Kapanui

As expected, the New Orleans Saints have parted ways with receiver Biren Ealy and tight end Kolo Kapanui.
The team announced the move on Tuesday.
The release made no reference to the likely catalyst for the move — the recent arrests of Ealy and Kapanui for various charges arising from their allegedly lewd words and conduct after a woman told them to stop urinating in public at 1:00 a.m. local time on Sunday.
The Saints replaced Ealy and Kapanui by signing three undrafted free agents:  running back Herb Donaldson, offensive tackle Augustus Parrish, and receiver Chris Vaughn.
Donaldson rushed for 1,784 yards last season at Western Illinois of the NCAA’s FCS. Parrish played at Kent State of the MAC, and Vaughn started his career at Notre Dame and later transferred to Louisville.

26 responses to “Saints Cut Ealy, Kapanui

  1. What does this have to do with Brett Favre? If nothing, why was it even posted?

  2. The day you can’t expose yourself to a woman who attempted to get you to stop urinating in public is the day the terrorists have won.

  3. The american double standard. If they were starters they would not have been cut.

  4. That’ll make for an interesting story when the kids ask why daddy didn’t last in the NFL.

  5. Ok call me primitive but what’s the big deal? It’s the middle of the night, you’re at a buddy’s party, you’ve probably had a couple of drinks and you have to go. Yadda yadda. Some attitude-laden finger pointer calls you some names and you gesture an appropriate response. Uh oh, call the police! Come on. What these guys allegedly did isn’t exactly a class move, but it’s not a hate crime either. It’s just youthful indiscretion. Is it worth the punishment of losing their jobs? Please. I’m sure the holier-than-thous who went to the trouble of reporting this to the police (!!) are happy that they’ve gotten their claws into such collegiate vermin, but what does that get us? It gets you an environment where professional athletes would have to be idiotic to associate with “regular people”. What a tolerant society where we don’t allow human beings to be human beings.

  6. The Saints must have a zero tolerance rule. They have zero tolerance for players who get in any type of trouble…unless they are really good players. Then, they’d be categorized as boys being boys, they made a youthful mistake and we (insert any professional team’s name here) believe this was just a one time incident.

  7. “EaglesRule says:
    May 5th, 2009 at 4:15 pm
    The american double standard. If they were starters they would not have been cut. ”
    Its not a double standard at all. The more you do well, the more tolerable your screw ups are. At any job a senior employee or highly productive member gets more benefit of the doubt than either a newbie or someone walking the wire already.
    The employer cares about their image and how much the member of their organization benefits them. Simple principles. If they’ve done nothing well, and piss in public, they are gone. If they’ve done a lot for the company, and piss in public, its worth working through.
    These guys were barely on the roster to begin with. They screwed up and put themselves over the edge. If it were Drew Brees, he’d have a little more wiggle room because he meant more to the company than them. Seems like a normal reaction.

  8. It was the stroking and displaying their genitals on a public street and the urination that will have them registered as sex offenders.
    These criminal types don’t belong in the NFL.

  9. I found a quote by Ealy after learning of his release:
    “Was that wrong? Should I have not done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignnorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon, you know, cause I’ve been on a lot of teams and I tell you people do that all the time.”

  10. um…. these guys got cut because they were TERRIBLE FOOTBALL PLAYERS in addition to being drunk assholes. what’s the criticism here exactly?

  11. “It’s just youthful indiscretion”
    Youthful? These guys are grown men. Men younger then them are serving in Iraq right now. They are plenty old enough to be fathers. Where does this “youthful” come from? When do you think you actually grow up – when you start to loose your hair?
    And no, there’s nothing in the Second Amendment about the Right to Piss.

  12. Florio must be at Florio Jrs little league game-there’s breaking Favre News!

  13. yea what the hell pft, a breaking favre story and no post after an hour, what gives?

  14. These guys were camp bodies anyway. Football is supposed to be played by role models, these guys aren’t that by any means. They’re obviously dumb enough to think they can get away with being DRUNK in public, peeing in public, and showin their JUNK in public. Honestly what is there to debate? These are 2 idiots who never grew up, and this is a mans sport. These 2 long shots got replace by 3 guys with a decent chance, so it’s a win-win situation in reality.

  15. Not to excuse these d-bags or anything….because it is quite inappropriate on all levels (especially the intentional exposure and taunting)…..
    But maybe if you don’t want to see some guys’ junk…..don’t start talking to them when you know they have it out, and they have their back to you. If someone walked up behind while I was at a urinal and yelled “BOOO!” they would probably end up seeing my tallywhacker (yeah, I’m trying to bring that one back. Is it working?)

  16. I don’t have much problem with the woman complaining about the lewd comments and/or gestures made, but I have a problem with this:
    “after a woman told them to stop urinating in public at 1:00 a.m. local time on Sunday.”
    She told them to stop? 1. It’s not like you can just cut and run once you get it going. 2. What happened to asking someone (rather than telling them) to not do something?
    I mean without knowing where these guys were going, I can’t side with this woman on the complaining about public urination part.

  17. Pair of losers wagging it at women in public. Screw these little dirtbags. Have some sense of honor you pigs. Good for the Saints.

  18. They were cut because they don’t have a chance in making an already deep WR and DE Saints roster. End of story.

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