Darren Sharper on Favre and Vikes: "It Is The Right Fit"

Saints safety Darren Sharper spent eight years in Green Bay, all with quarterback Brett Favre.  And Sharper has spent the last four in Minnesota.
So Sharper provides a unique perspective on whether a Favre-Vikings pairing will work.
Sharper says it will.
“It is the right fit,” Sharper told Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots of The Sirius Blitz on Sirius NFL Radio.  “I’m not a prognosticator. I’m not into making predictions but I will predict that if everything goes well with, I think he has a meeting with Coach Childress, I can see Brett playing for Minnesota this year.  There’s always a lot of things on the business side that have to be taken care of but it is a perfect fit because of the style of offense they run.  Brett is familiar with that, the West Coast style.  He’s familiar with [offensive coordinator Darrell] Bevell, who coached him at Green Bay.  And everything was kind of in line for that to happen last year but it did not happen because of the fact that Green Bay put the block on him coming to Minnesota.
So now there is no block.  There is nothing in the way of him coming to Minnesota so you might see him wearing that number 4 in purple and that’s going to be a sight to see.”
Sharper thinks it might be too much for Packers fans.
“He’s not going to want to answer any fan mail,” Sharper said. “He’s not going to want to look at any websites or blogs because the way I took a beating when I left Green Bay and headed to Minnesota, to think of Brett Favre, a legend for the Packers, going to Minnesota?  He won’t be able to go back to, I think, Wisconsin to get inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame because they’re going to be a little bit upset.”
Favre definitely won’t be able to go back if he leads the Vikings to a division title, as the non-prognosticating Sharper thinks he will.
“If he’s able to stay healthy for the whole season, which is going to be a big factor because he is going to be 40 years of age, I don’t think he’s going to be asked to do as much as he did in New York,” Sharper said.  “He might not be asked to throw the ball but maybe 20 to 25 times because it is such a strong running attack Minnesota has.   They will win 12 games.  With the defense that they have, the returning players, they have a lot of returning starters, a lot of veterans there, good offense.  They’ll win 12 games and [I] can see them repeating winning the NFC North.”

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  1. Darlene Sharpier was ripped because he’s one of the most overrated, soft, stat-whoring clowns in the history of the GBP. He wasn’t ripped because he was some sort of traitor – most folks couldn’t have cared less that he went where he did. He’s just as bitter as Favre about getting the boot, and is just trying to stoke the fires now. Same asswipe he’s always been.
    However, the greatest football player of all time on any level when it comes to running over four teammates on his way to an INT of a meaningless Hail Mary at the end of a half or game.

  2. “Darren Sharper on Favre and Vikes: “It Is The Right Fit”
    …That’s what she said.

  3. I’m just glad Sharper is missing tackles and taking wrong angles somewhere else now.

  4. I am so tired of old man Farve. It really is a disgrace to Green Bay if he ends up playing for the Vikes and he is only ruining his legacy by retiring and unretiring ever damn year.

  5. The Vikings have not won two divisional championships in a row since the 70s.

  6. Florio:
    You said in a previous article that there was only one loose end to tie up – the NO to Dilfer.
    But what about the USA Today article that has Cook talking to Favre today and has Brett saying he doesn’t know where all this talk of unretiring with Childress coming to talk to him is coming from?
    Are Bus and Favre just FN with media. Bus out of the loop?

  7. Its safe to say that Darren Sharper is garbage. Whether your a Viking, or a Packer. Only ones who won’t agree are the Saints, they think that with him their Defence will become top-notch. But like previously stated, hes a stat whore and hes greedy. Why even bother asking questions or opinion directed to this rejected bobo the clown goof.

  8. @TNMC
    The reason Florio didn;t report on that article is because that story is inconsistent with his whole conspiracy theory/anti-Favre agenda and too much like portraying both sides of the story, which this site normally does, but not in the case of “Lord” Favre.

  9. If Favre shows his face in Green Bay wearing a purple #4 jersey, I hope NFL films is there to film what will come to be known as “The Revenge of the Curds.” The booing is going to be absolutely brutal.
    Guys, I’m old and don’t know dick about HTML, but here’s an interesting link I stumbled across this morning that I thought was damn funny.

  10. Favre to Harvin – deep –
    a wonderful sight to see!
    another touchdown!

  11. Jesse Ventura, Al Franken and now…Brett Farve.
    Any chance we can ship that whole state full of ‘tards off to Canada?

  12. Favre looked very old and slow by the end of last year….Jets wr’s made fun of how weak his arm was ….so do not know why Chili is all over this guy….it will proably make the team worse and Childo better hope he has better pass protection than what he had last year from that o line as the qb’s were getting hammered and running for their life….as Chili also let Birk go ….. and he was the “MIND” of the o line …so it could be a big mess for little old Childo

  13. Didn’t Sharper rip the Vikings when he went to the Saints? Sharper is a hypocrite. Does anyone believe Bus Cook? It is more likely the that it isn’t guaranteed that Favre will be will end up being a Viking. If they feel his arm isn’t healed up. Favre still wants to be able to go back to the Packers if he doesn’t end up going to the Vikings. So of course Bus Cook will lie until Favre does sign with the Vikings.

  14. dickipedia… heh heh heh
    lorenzo. his mama must have picked THAT name.
    i think if he goes back to green bay as a vike, the fans ought to shout “lo-ren-zo”…

  15. Anyone who is wondering what is going on. Go to NFL.com and listen to what Steve Mariucci has to say. He is a friend of Favre and gives you a glimpse of what he is thinking. Favre has not thrown a ball. He does not know if he wants to come back.. Sure he is feeling the itch.. He is going to talk to his Wife, Brother, Family, Friends. Do some soul searching.. Childress is probably going to ask him what he is thinking. Tell him what to expect if he comes to Minnesota.. Ask Favre what he wants.. Favre will tell him he has to think about it… He will start working out.. Throwing some balls.. Talk to friends… After stringing this out for another month or so.. He will then either file the paper work to come back..Or he wont. I give him a month. But if he does not file the paper work in a month I would say he will stay retired. Childress will not start him if he misses working out with the team.. Favre will not come back if he cant start.. After all if he comes back it will only be for a year..Possibly two.. He wont waste his time unless the situation is right. Unless he can win.

  16. Sharper is a show boat, he always thinks he knows what’s up, just like whenever the Pack played the vikes announcers always said “he can read, Favre, he knows his angles” next play Sharper gets burned, yeah he’s so knowledgeable, what a knob, go hide sharper!

  17. sharper was always a whinner when he was in green bay, this hurt that hurt, that was sharper as well as being the greatest to play his position and a expert on everything…….just ask him

  18. Hey, Does anyone buy this theory?? Farve wanted to play with the Vikes last year. Remember the cell phone talks he had with the Vikes last summer. He didn’t get what he wanted from Teddy Boy. He continues talking to Vikes and says hey I got the perfect solution!! He goes to NY to show people he can still play ( but does not make too many close friends there) he doesn’t want to Packers to get any good draft picks if the Jets do any better, SOOOOO….. then fakes an injury in the middle of the season and blows the rest of the Jets season so they don’t want him anymore. Brett says he is gettting tired and is going to retire again. They release him because he is washed up and they don’t have to pay any draft choices. Brett and Mr. Cook have devised the perfect plan. Cook calls the Vikes and says Brett will play with you in 2009, but you all have to keep a lid on this until the smoke clears.
    Brett and Cook the perfect sting!!!!

  19. Would be kind of funny seeing Favro running for his sorry life and having viqueen fans booing him. You know for 16 years classless viqueen fans have teased this guy, called him Maddens b!tch, called him in-bread etc, and now he wants to play for these clowns! I think he’s lost it man; he needs a good bang to the head and maybe a couple broken bones to wake his jiggly old arss up! Hey #4 good luck shmoozing with classless haters and say hello to my little friend (Kampman, Barnett, Matthews, Raji, Hawk, Collins, Harris, Woodson) Ha!

  20. Favre just looks at Testaverde and knows if that guy can play into his 40’s…he can.

  21. “Any chance we can ship that whole state full of ‘tards off to Canada?”
    only if we can ship your whole state off to mexico…

  22. The Packer fans ripped Sharper when he left Green Bay because he sucked. Frankly, we didn’t care where he went and were pleasantly surprised that he went to the Vikings as it helped our cause two games per year and it further proved that the Vikings were still not up to speed on evaluating talent. With Col Klink on his way to Brett’s house, I guess some things have yet to change.

  23. Ya the right fit would be a foot in Sharpers backside. Go to the Saints and miss some tackles you clown.

  24. effs420 says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 8:09 pm
    only if we can ship your whole state off to mexico…
    Too late…;0)

  25. Packer fans are unbelievable. We’ve heard for years that Farve is the greatest guy, loves the game, loves GB. Now we see that he is no different then any other player. He wants his money and to feed his ego. He never cared about GB or packer fans. When he comes to MN, we will all know he is playing for himself. He will be just a player to us. Packer fans come to the dome every year and act like classless jerks. They deserve their heart ache now. This is the biggest slap in the face they could suffer! They now have to realize they are just another team. No different then any other and not “special” as they like to think. Love it!

  26. @smokesum
    I hope Chilly is rubbing a whole lot more than the great one’s shoulder. I am a Favre fan. I would literally watch him take snaps while on a wheelchair when he’s 60. He is the reason I even became a football fan 15 years ago.
    But I also think Jordans comeback with the Wizards was actually a great thing. I love how he adapted his game when the physical gifts wore off. So what the hell do I know?

  27. My how the cheese curds crumble! Its a sad sad day for the walmart packer clan,

  28. Lito says:
    “Bret Favre will lead the Vikings to its first Super Bowl win.”
    I think that is a possibility and it might finally impress upon the Wilf/Childress regime that it starts with a good QB.

  29. Darren Sharper’s comments:
    “I’m not a prognosticator.”
    “…you might see him wearing that number 4 in purple and that’s going to be a sight to see.”
    “He’s not going to want to answer any fan mail.”
    “He’s not going to want to look at any websites or blogs…
    “…I don’t think he’s going to be asked to do as much as he did in New York.”
    “He might not be asked to throw the ball but maybe 20 to 25 times because it is such a strong running attack Minnesota has.”
    “They will win 12 games.”
    “They’ll win 12 games and [I] can see them repeating winning the NFC North.”
    He says he’s not a prognosticator and then he puts Miss Cleo to shame with a string of prognostications big enough to choke a horse.

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