Ravens To Try Out Four Receivers

After not selecting a wide receiver during the NFL Draft and being linked to trade rumors surrounding Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin, the Baltimore Ravens are holding an audition for four unrestricted free agent wide receivers at their mandatory three-day minicamp that starts Friday.
According to Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens are working out D.J. Hackett, Jerry Porter, Kelley Washington and Tab Perry.
We’ve separately confirmed that the Ravens are trying out those four receivers, and a decision on whether to sign any of the players is likely to be made by Monday.
The Ravens have two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Derrick Mason under contract as well as Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams, but have been looking to bolster the position and add more size.
Of those four candidates, Porter and Hackett have been the most productive as receivers while Washington and Perry have done well on special teams.
Hackett caught 13 passes for 181 yards for the Carolina Panthers last season, and has registered 118 career receptions in five seasons for 1,575 yards and nine touchdowns.
Porter was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars after catching 11 passes for 181 yards and one touchdown last season.
The 6’2,” 220-pound former West Virginia standout’s best season over the past three years was a 44-catch, 705-yard, six-touchdown season with the Oakland Raiders in 2007. Entering his 10th NFL season, Porter has caught 295 career passes for 4,120 yards and 31 touchdowns.
A former Cincinnati Bengals third-round draft pick, Washington caught one pass for three yards last season for the New England Patriots and blocked a punt.
Perry was out for the entire season last year with the Miami Dolphins due to a torn Achilles’ tendon. With the Bengals for the previous three seasons, he caught 10 passes for 109 yards and one touchdown.
Following the draft, the Ravens agreed to a free agent deal with undrafted Duke wide receiver Eron Riley, a second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference selection.

38 responses to “Ravens To Try Out Four Receivers

  1. I would love to see what jerry porter could do with an elite level qb throwing him the ball for one season.

  2. What about Jerry Porter? Oh, and where did Porter go to school?….Clayton……evil shenanigans!

  3. notkrisroe
    did you really just consider Flacco an “elite level qb”…? Does elite mean in the top 50 percentile now…?

  4. as long as they dont think any of those guys will be the answer to the lack of recieving talent im cool with it. any of them would be solid number 2 recievers, but none of them could be a standout number one

  5. What about Favre? It has been five articles since you mentioned his name. I’m going through withdrawals! Surely he can play receiver?

  6. Haha, good one ‘Latinplaya9’. I hope ‘notkrisroe’ was implying that the Ravens could hypothetically get an elite QB to pass to Porter. Not Flacco.
    Anyway, of the four guys, Kelley Washington has the greatest potential; he hasn’t gotten to show his stuff since his U of Tennessee days. Porter and Hackett have slipped due to injuries, but had great potential a couple years ago. Perry is a question mark — his body of work has not been noteworthy both at UCLA and the NFL.

  7. notkrisroe says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    I would love to see what jerry porter could do with an elite level qb throwing him the ball for one season.
    …better not sign with the Ravens then.


  9. Florio’s not going to give you astute readers a job for catching his mistakes. Life doesn’t work like that. Get over it.

  10. In other news, the Baltimore Claytons are trying out four wide receivers at this weekend’s mini-camp. Those receivers are Mark Clayton, Mark Clayton, Mark Clayton, and Mark Clayton. All four Claytons graduated from the University of Clayton and majored in Claytonism. This is their 4th year in the National Football Clayton.

  11. notkrisroe says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 1:43 pm
    I would love to see what jerry porter could do with an elite level qb throwing him the ball for one season.
    You mean other than continue to suck?

  12. @notkrisroe
    Falco is not an elite level QB. He was manageable last year (which is better than the Ravens ever had), but elite? I’d call him average or slightly better. I wouldn’t even say Matt Ryan is elite.
    Elite QB’s are: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning . . . and I wouldn’t really call anyone elite after them.

  13. I wonder if the other ‘Mark Clayton’ has a small goatee and if he is considered the ‘Evil Mark Clayton’.

  14. Demetrius Williams and Derrick Mason are just Mark Clayton in disguise…. I can’t believe you let him fool you like that…

  15. Kelley Washington and Tab Perry? Did the Ravens also look at ex-Bengal WRs Darnay Scott, Peter Warrick, Danny Farmer and Ron Dugans?

  16. the ravens just signed mark clayton….or was it mark clayton. hmm well either way…

  17. The plague of the internet – profoundly unfunny people who are convinced they’re funny.

  18. “Galardi says:
    May 6th, 2009 at 4:07 pm
    The plague of the internet – profoundly unfunny people who are convinced they’re funny. ”
    Most undoubtably are not what would be considered “elite level” humor-wise, but are definetely “solid number two’s” in many respects.

  19. The four of them suck and can’t hold a candle to Matt Jones and his up side not to mention you can get a former first round pick who haven’t been in the league but for 5 years. I am sure is has be humbled and the leadership the ravens have can get him in the right direction.

  20. If they sign Hackett, they will have to sign one of the others too. Hacket is out atleast half the time injured.

  21. I really wish Florio would do something to speed up the rate at which comments are posted….seriously. I mean the first couple of Clayton comments were funny, but 9 of the first 10, and 14 total on the first page alone, well, it just becomes tedious after a while.
    /ends pet peeve

  22. Oh man, I hope they sign Porter. I’d love to see that underachieving skirt steal some money from Baltimore while making their mediocre quarterback look mediocre. On those rare days when Jerry actually suits up, of course.

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