Rod Hood To Visit The Bengals

Veteran cornerback Rod Hood, cut recently by the Cardinals, has commenced the process of looking for a new team.
Per a league source, Hood will soon be visiting the Bengals.
Hood also is drawing interest from a couple of other teams.
Hood, 27, has spent the last two seasons with the Cardinals after playing four years in Philly.  He started 16 regular-season games in 2007 and 14 in 2008.

17 responses to “Rod Hood To Visit The Bengals

  1. Rod’s a nice player. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet and help a team out in some capacity.

  2. Who knows? He might even end up back with the Eagles. Give them the liberty to trade Sheldon Brown.

  3. He would be a perfect nickel corner for the Bengals. We have too much youth and not enough experience behind the starters and he is a proven player.

  4. Add “lum” to his last name and he’ll fit right in with the Bengals.

  5. Good luck to Rod he is a solid player and a quality person , he should be a good addition to anybodys roster.


  7. The Bengals just want a player named “Hood.” They would’ve drafted Ziggy had Andre Smith not impressed them so much in the months leading up to the draft.

  8. When the Cardinals cut Rod Hood did they have a Moyl perform the procedure or was it done by the team doctor? Either way, it sounds painful.

  9. I don’t think too much of him…, but I would have thought that Chris McAllister would have found a job by now. Rod Hood? seriously…., that’s reaching to the bottom of the barrel.

  10. He would be a nice addition to the Bengals’ roster as a nickel corner. That would be a solid trio of CBs. I know that they’ll also be looking at Roy Williams.

  11. Roy Williiams will not be in Cincy. He can’t cover and he doesn’t play special teams. Marvin White, Corey Lynch and Kyres Hebert are all younger and can help the team out more than Roy Williams can at this point. I would be interested to see Roy move to linebacker.

  12. Okay, imbeciles. Of the last 141 arrests of NFL players, 3 have been Bengals. Please point your uninformed ridicule toward the teams that represent the other 138 arrests. Thank you.

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