"Land Shark" Will Swim With The Fishes For The Super Bowl

It recently was announced that Dolphin Stadium will be named during the 2009 season for an animal that eats dolphins.
The venue once named for a defunct companty (Pro Player) will be called “Land Shark Stadium,” thanks to the makers of a beer of the same name.
But, according to Terry Lefton of SportsBusiness Daily, the Land Shark name has a shelf life — the NFL won’t allow it to appear on the stadium for the 2010 Pro Bowl or the 2010 Super Bowl.
 “[The Dolphins] are still looking for a naming-rights sponsor interested in the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl rights, and possibly a longer term beyond that,” a source told Lefton.
The naming-rights deal has a one-year duration, and it’s part of a broader effort to incorporate musician Jimmy Buffett into the Dolphins organization as a minority owner, and to transform the overall experience at the stadium.

40 responses to “"Land Shark" Will Swim With The Fishes For The Super Bowl

  1. Isn’t Landshark owned by bud or something? Either way it tastes like goat semen…..not that I know what that tastes like or anything….

  2. Cheeseburger in paradise my a$$
    Jimmy Buffet is a D-Bag so this is great for me, yet one more reason to hate the Fins.

  3. I’m not going to register for Sports Business Daily, and the answers probably in there, but why can’t they keep the Land Shark name for the Super Bowl? It can’t possibly be because it promotes alcohol, can it? That’d sure be hypocritical.

  4. But it’s an Anheuser Busch product. Jimmy Buffet has almost nothing to do with it.. I don’t understand the point.

  5. Is this the beginning of teams selling naming rights on a per game basis? Could revengeunlimited.com by the rights to the Vikes/Packers game in Minny if/when Favre comes back??

  6. Anheuser Busch (knocking at Roger Goodell’s door): ‘Land Shark’
    Goodell: ‘What? We don’t allow beer companies to name our stadiums!’
    (2nd knock at door)
    ‘Candy gram…’

  7. i believe it’s brewed by margaritaville bewing co. – jimmy buffett’s crappy attempt at stealing the corona market.

  8. thats messed up. Why would a company pay to be the stadium sponsor and not be allowed to have their name on the stadium on two of the biggest games of the year. I hope the beer company signed a deal that compensates that.

  9. Jimmy Buffet is an A-hole. He shoved me once when I was 14. I’ve never gotten over it….
    ps. why can’t it just be called Dolphin Stadium…you can put your stupid beer banners everywhere but why do we have to name the stadium after a company? What’s the company-named rights behind the Meadowlands or Texas Stadium or Lambeau Field or the Superdome or Jacksonville Municipal Stadium or Soldier Field or Arrowhead Stadium or the Oakland Coliseum, etc etc.?

  10. How about a name that incorporates both Buffet and Phins history?

  11. Why not just name it Margaritaville and go for the total douchebag experience.

  12. “Vots says:
    May 7th, 2009 at 3:05 pm
    Florio, how did you miss on the Land Shark video opportunity? ”
    That vid was posted in the original post by Florio announcing the new name days ago. Opportunity seized.
    Anyways I am perplexed due to my ignorance of how stadium sponsorship works. From what I just read it sounds like the sponsorship deals are separate for regular season games than Super Bowl/Pro Bowl. Hopefully someone more knowledge about the topic than I can clarify, because if the situation is as I interpret it is accurate, the stadium will be Land Shark stadium until the Pro Bowl/Super Bowls are played there, in which case it will be called something else for a sponsor-yet-to-be-named?
    That’s freaking ridiculous if it’s correct – if it’s on the league, why in the world would you want a stadium to be known by a different name for 2 weeks out of the year (unless there is some pre-existing contract that deems it thus), and if it’s on Land Shark, why the hell would you pay to slap your name on a stadium for all but the biggest game of the year?

  13. Why not just call it….”Shitty Corona Imitation” stadium…….Cause, that’s exactly what it is…….ParrottHeads will be tailgaiting in the lot now……Yeah, total douchebag experience about sums it up…..

  14. Tinshaker – For Lambeau Field, the entrances are sold off to corporate entities.
    Thus there are the Miller Lite Gate (they also have naming rights to the atrium), Miller Fleet Farm Gate, Oneida Nation Casino Gate and maybe 1 other I can’t think of.
    As far as the rest of the stadiums you named, I don’t know.
    And as far as Jerry Jone’s monstrosity of a stadium, I’m sure once he finds a suitable suitor for the rights to his stadium’s name, he’ll have one. The whole economic downturn has likely found him coming short of corporate sponsors willing to poney up the amount he probably desires. I think they should just call it “Jonestown” and give all their ticketholders some free Kool-Aid whenever the Cowboys miss out on the playoffs (or lose a playoff game).

  15. Hell, I’m a parrothead and even I am getting tired of seeing Jimmy associated with just about everything. He’s starting to approach the George Lucas status of “shameless merchandising”. I also think his wannabee Corona beer tastes like crap.

  16. off-topic, but wouldn’t ‘Candy Graham’ make a great name for a porn star?

  17. “Land Shark” Will Swim With The Fishes For The Super Bowl
    Pardon my ignorance, but isn’t the expression “Sleep with the fishes”?

  18. “increase the stadium experience”, With Landshark Beer? What
    happans when a stadium patron drives drunk and kills someone.

  19. I’m pretty sure that the Meadowlands can’t have a naming sponsor since it’s run by the state of New Jersey – same as the Vet used to be run by the city here.

  20. Buffet sucks, he has no talent and has money because his fans get so ripped that they cant tell how much he sucks. They are dolphins and they play in landshark stadium, that just sounds wrong but so does Teal football uniforms.

  21. MkePackFan,
    Thanks for the heads up on Lambeau Field. That sounds completely ridiculous, btw.
    But I think that is exactly what Jerry Jones will do in Dallas. I think I already heard reports that he will sell off pieces rather than the whole stadium.

  22. EverybodyGOTaids: You probably are someone who does know what goat semen taste like, don’ lie.
    Landshark is great beer but I am confused why the NFL would not want it to be on the stadium all the time. Jimmy Buffett brings a festive attitude to whatever he does, the Marlins could use him to help their attendance, I know that for sure.

  23. Florio,
    You probably won’t approve my post, as you never do, but sharks do not eat the bottle-nosed dolphins that the Miami Dolphins are named and modeled after.
    Bottle-nosed dolphins have actually been known to spook the living daylights out of sharks, even to the point of rescuing humans from shark attacks.
    But, a noble attempt at “humor,” Florio.

  24. IMM,
    I don’t know which skeeves me out more, that you actually LIKE that swill beer or that you like Buffett.

  25. Let’s see.. you can’t play a football game in a stadium sponsored by a Beer Company, but you allow teams to play criminals millions of dollars to play a game.
    Sounds about right to me.

  26. “I think they should just call it “Jonestown” and give all their ticketholders some free Kool-Aid whenever the Cowboys miss out on the playoffs (or lose a playoff game). ”
    Maybe youse guys should rename your stadium to “Cowboys’ Bitches Field”. Or “6-10 Stadium”.

  27. “But I think that is exactly what Jerry Jones will do in Dallas. I think I already heard reports that he will sell off pieces rather than the whole stadium. ”
    Already did that with Texas Stadium.

  28. No story about the Dolphin Cheerleaders being renamed the “Land Snappers?”

  29. What’s with my favorite teams always bringing in these turds to “add” to the experience. From Shaq, to Norv Turner, Harrington and C-Pep over Drew Brees, sending Welker to a division rival, and now I have to deal with Jimmy Buffet and his everglade water beer??? This isn’t the Dolphins, it’s not even the Redskins. More D-Wades and Bill Parcells’

  30. “Why not just call it….”Shitty Corona Imitation” stadium”
    Really??? To tell you the truth I’m not that big a fan of either Corona or Land Shark but if I had to choose, it would be Land Shark hands down

  31. most of the dolfans are embarassed. i’ve yet to see a fellow fin fan that is embracing this. i have NO problem with Buffet eventually becoming part-owner, but this is just stupid.
    the shark is a predator. just stupid.
    i’m waiting for these new names:
    Chicago: Bear Trap Stadium
    Bills: Fur-Trapper Stadium
    Jets: Al-Qaeda Stadium (too soon?)
    Chargers: Brownout Stadium
    Cowboys: Indian Stadium
    Buccaneers: Scurvy Stadium

  32. Vox Veritas – as a cowboys fan you can’t talk crap; sure the dolphins have lost to the cowboys before; but we’ve also toasted you, too. i personally love the 2003 thanksgiving day game, when your defense was “ranked #1” and was destroyed by jay fiedler. JAY FIEDLER.
    not to mention the Dolphins were AFC East champions, and the Cowboys didn’t even make the playoffs last year.
    learn to talk isht when you can, not all the time. it just makes you look st00pid. 😉

  33. While this is old news, it came to mind that Jimmy Buffett can’t be a minority owner or really associated business wise with the Dolphins because of his minority ownership in a casino.

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