Gary Russell Resurfaces With Raiders

Apparently, two teams in the the AFC West believe that the division will be decided this year by the number of running backs that a given team has under contract.
At a time when the Broncos are hoarding tailbacks, the Raiders keep adding more to the roster as well.
The latest addition is Gary Russell, according to Jerry McDonald of
Actually, Russell is only the fifth tailback on the roster.  It only seems like they have more than that, given the top-heavy depth chart featuring Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, and Justin Fargas.  (Fargas!)
They also have four fullbacks, given the arrival of Lorenzo Neal.
Russell was recently cut by the Steelers and then claimed off waivers by the Bengals.  Shortly thereafter, the Bengals released him, too.
John Herrera reportedly announced the move to reporters assembled at a team minicamp. 
Presumably, no one put their f–king hands on him.

16 responses to “Gary Russell Resurfaces With Raiders

  1. “Presumably, no one put their f–king hands on him.”
    Ha! I guess you’ll be receiving a copy of your own book?

  2. Next thing you know the Raiders will fire Tom Cable and hire an incompetent smartass coach as well.

  3. Get into legal trouble, you have two places to go. He already got cut by Cincinnati, so…
    Actually I really liked Russell as a player. I would’ve liked to have seen him get more carries with the Steelers, but the backfield was a bit crowded. He may catch on with Oakland once McFadbust fades.

  4. It’s the obligitory “Sign a guy from the Superbowl Champs” thing that the Raiders seem to do each year.
    Hopefully this means that Huggy Bear Jr. is on his way out…

  5. Ouch…from winning a superbowl (and scoring in it) with the Steelers, then being signed to the Bengals…then signed by the Raiders…his life keeps going down by big notches.

  6. Hes got 1 thing that no one else on the Raiders has…
    A touchdown in the Super Bowl

  7. Hate hate hate…Whaaaa.
    The first and only REAL Nation…..RAIDER NATION…
    Anything else is just a copy.

  8. It also seems that he just may have one thing that Steelers fans don’t have.
    Oh, wait, two…
    …and a better state to live in.

  9. footballcorner says:
    May 8th, 2009 at 6:09 pm
    Which is worse, being signed by the Raiders or released from the Bengals?
    Now that’s very funny.

  10. invaiduh & raiders757, um……i don’t think you guys know this pft fact, but you’re not allowed to talk shit unless your team has won more than two games in the last decade. sorry, you’re both excluded…
    …… and probably will be for the forseeable future.

  11. I didn’t know that Oakland still had a team….let alone fans. Is there anything more patheic than being a Raiders fan, except of course a Redskin fan?

  12. I don’t know, wunderman…Lions fan, Rams fan, and Browns fan might feel excluded.

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