Lorenzo Neal Joins The Raiders

Several outlets, including RaiderBeat.com, report that veteran fullback Lorenzo Neal has agreed to terms with the Raiders.
There is no mention yet of the transaction on the team’s official web site.  Typically, the Raiders announce such moves merely by updating the “Transactions” page. 
Neal, 38, played most recently for the Ravens, appearing in all 19 regular-season and playoff games and starting seven times.
Before that, he spent five years with the Chargers, two with the Bengals, two with the Titans, one with the Buccaneers, one with the Jets, and four with the Saints.

20 responses to “Lorenzo Neal Joins The Raiders

  1. Typically Al Davis announces these moves by raising his army of the undead to drag the player to McAfee Coliseum.

  2. This guy is a crushing blocker. The RB’s he’s plowed the way for all had career years when he was on their team.

  3. …things are looking up. They’ve got a 38 year old fullback to compliment the 3 fullbacks they already have.

  4. Except Lawton might not make the team and Oren O’Neal is still recovering from his season ending injury from last year. Neal is consistent and can be placed in a platoon with O’Neal so he’s not taking on the full load.
    It’s a smart move by the Raiders. Their run game is their strongest asset and it will benefit more with Neal.
    I don’t see how anybody can hate on this move other than the fact they they’ll hate anything Raiders or are just bitter people in general, but it’s the internet so it’s easy to hide behind a computer screen.

  5. Does anyone else think when you hear a player is “joining the raiders”, that it’s about on the same level as “going to see Dr. James Andrews” for phrases meaning that player’s career is probably nearing its end?

  6. i love lo neal. LT had the best years of his career when lo blocked for him, and the same goes for eddie george of the titans. i doubt he’ll turn the raiders into winners but i still think he’s the best pure blocking full back in the game and will improve oakland’s already solid three headed rushing attack.

  7. AlexBStevinson says:
    “Typically Al Davis announces these moves by raising his army of the undead to drag the player to McAfee Coliseum.”
    Florio- when does his free signed copy of your book arrive?

  8. Woo-Hoo. Some of my fondest memories of football from my youth was watching this guy at Fresno St. Dude was a sick RB until he tore up his knee about his third year in the league, then transitioned to be one of the best FB’s of our time.
    Also he broke the jaw of rookie teammate Mario Bates for not paying for his drink…so he’s got that going for him.

  9. 2 year deal I hope. He’s solid. Age doesn’t matter he takes care of his body. And I cant wait for him to smack Merriman!

  10. I have to admit, I laughed pretty hard at AlexBStevinson’s comment.
    Get him that book Florio, or at least start procrastinating on getting him that book.

  11. Silver and Whack…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…
    Great name, your hate must run deep…Don’t go postal.
    R. Nation.

  12. 37 some years young?
    Oakland is the first stop after oblivion for neal, unfortunately.

  13. damn,
    i was crushed to hear this,
    but nevertheless i with neal the best of luck.(except against the chargers)
    he was one of my favorite players

  14. Someone with the handle “KOTITE” is talking SMACK????? Tell your mom you want those crusts removed from your PB&J, M’kay Kotex!!!

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