No Sign Of A Cassel Deal, Yet

On draft weekend, the guys at NFP dropped a bombshell that, given the other stuff that was happening, got less notice than it otherwise would have.
Per the on-air report from Michael Lombardi and online blurb from Joe Fortenbaugh, the Chiefs and quarterback Matt Cassel had agreed to terms on a six-year deal, with $36 million in guaranteed money.
Peter King of quickly disputed the information.
Nearly two weeks later, there’s no sign of a deal. 
So what gives?  I asked Fortenbaugh about it via e-mail, and he seemed to suggest that a deal is still coming.  “[W]hen the announcement is made,” he wrote, “the matching numbers should clear things up.”
I asked him whether this means that he believes the Chiefs and Cassel have a deal done, and that the two sides are merely holding it for now. 
Here’s what Joe said:  “[I’m] simply saying that when the deal is announced, any questions that are out there will be answered.”
The problem with that approach is that, for the same reasons that our “report” regarding the demise of a certain Hall of Famer eventually will be accurate, there’s a good chance that, at some point, Cassel and the Chiefs will work out a long-term deal, which will replace his one-year, $14.65 million contract and significantly reduce his cap number. 
The real question is whether, as of right now, such an agreement has been reached.
Based on our own homework regarding the issue, we can find no proof of any agreement, formal or otherwise.  Multiple sources have corroborated King’s initial report that there was and is no deal. 
One source close to the situation had this to say: “[T]here have been no Cassel discussions at all — the Chiefs were focused on the draft. . . .  I have no idea where that came from.”
So, in the end, Cassel and the Chiefs still might do a deal.  As far as we can tell, it hasn’t happened yet.

23 responses to “No Sign Of A Cassel Deal, Yet

  1. Joe Fortenbaugh: “Dont you know who the Hell I am? I will say it and it will be! Though shalt not have any gods before me.”

  2. I think the Cheifs will cut Cassell this month and trade for Culpepper and build for the future.

  3. It would be smart for the Chiefs to wait until the middle of the season if not longer to make the decision to give him “Tony Romo” type money.
    I have a feeling Matt Cassel is going to be the next Scott Mitchell or Rob Johnson.
    By taking away NE’s defense, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, the rest of that offense and giving him the KC offense and team should really give Pioli a chance to see if Cassel has the goods.

  4. While doing the Jumble in the daily paper, I noticed Matt Cassel can be rearranged into Scatt Masel.
    This is dangerously close to Scott Mitchell, which is probably the best the Chiefs can hope for with the team they are assembling.

  5. the best part about this story is the backtracking of the Bradshaw story. If you follow it back through several links it takes you to January 2007 (two years ago) when in one note it mentions:
    It’s still not clear whether Packers quarterback Brett Favre a/k/a Lord Favre will finally retire after four years of talking about it.
    Well we’re now up to 6 years and the idiot still hasn’t made up his mind.
    I’m betting he’s going to be 50 and he still would try to convince the Lions he can finally get them to the playoffs.

  6. Chiefs are smart to NOT lock him in long-term.
    He had one good year, no doubt about it, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  7. They are hoping he tears his ACL and than Tyler Thigpen steps up and leads them to the glory land. Hey it could happen.

  8. Sounds like a deal for the Chiefs if they just keep the one-year deal. They get him for a whole year for just $14.65! Who pitched that deal, Billy Mays?

  9. Cassel’s agent probably isn’t going to want any deal less than what Matt Stafford got, which makes sense since he has actually done something in the NFL, and the Chiefs aren’t going to want to pay him that kind of money since he has only done it for one year.

  10. The Cassell deal HAS to already be inked because the Chiefs website is already selling his jersey…. #7 to be exact! WORD! AWWW, SNAP!

  11. When the trade between the Pats and Chiefs was announced (actually about 24 hours after the announcement), when everyone was wondering why the Pats traded two players for a mere 2nd round pick, I heard a radio report (yet never heard it repeated) that suggested that there was a ‘conditional’ pick also involved in the deal in the form of a 2010 pick. At the time I figured that the ‘condition’ had to do with whether or not the Chiefs were able to sign him long-term. Might it be that a deal has been agreed upon in principal between Cassel and KC, but the Chiefs want to get into the season, and see a little more from Cassell BEFORE they are committed long-term AND give up a future pick to the Pats?

  12. KCwolfer,
    What does sales of his jersey have to do with whether he is signed long-term or not?
    You do realize that he is under contract to the Chiefs for the 2009 season, right? And that as such, he will be required to wear a team shirt while competing?????

  13. Cassell plays out the year in KC, Orton plays out the year in Denver. After the season, Cassell (I think) becomes an UFA, and he and McDaniels get to have their reunification in Denver….

  14. Definitely wait until he plays some during the season before you do a contract.

  15. Florio, make sure if it happens that you kiss his ..I mean shine his shoes with an article saying he was right.

  16. Vegas42…that’s an issue. Cassel will NOT be a UFA in 2010 if they don’t redo the CBA. As it stands now, players with 5 years of accrued service ARE UFAs. In 2010, only players with SIX years of accrued service are UFAs.

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