Report: If "Major Surgery" Isn't Needed, Favre Will Play For Vikings

What a difference one freakin’ day makes.
Last night at this time, we all had assumed that Rick Schwartz of Yahoo! Sports had fashioned for himself a Jay Glazer moment, popping out of a Punxsutawney pantry and putting to rest the lingering question of whether it would be six more weeks — and longer — of the winter of Brett Favre’s career.
Now, Jeremy Schaap of ESPN reports that, if Favre doesn’t need “major surgery” on that arm injury that some think was merely an excuse for Favre’s diminished play down the stretch last season, Favre will unretire and play for the Vikings.
We’re not quite sure how Schaap got this scoop, given the small army of NFL reporters and bloggers residing on the Bristol payroll.  But we’ll give Schaap the benefit of the doubt over Schwartz, given that we have heard of Schaap.

46 responses to “Report: If "Major Surgery" Isn't Needed, Favre Will Play For Vikings

  1. Why would Brett Favre want to return and back up Sage Rosenfels? ❓ 😀

  2. Hattiesburg will burn tonite. Have you ever tried to put a tralier fire, folks it ain’t easy. When the fire hits the wood paneling woosh it’s all over and no amount of mountain dew will put it out.

  3. All the Brett,
    The whole Brett,
    and nothing but the Brett!
    Every web site with a Brett story gets increased traffic and ad revenues. Brett makes everyone money even when he isn’t talking to anyone.
    85% of the stories are made up out of thin air but the media knows where the revenue comes from.
    Every body loves Brett Favre!!

  4. Thank you, thank you Mike. I knew I’d get mentioned by my old buddy. I thought for sure I’d be forgotten after that 24 hour news cycle thing. I’m alive again!

  5. If you ever watch E60 you will lose whatever respect you have for that hack Jeremy Schaap. He’s like Tom Rinaldi but with more hair gel and less soft piano music.
    War Dick Schaap.

  6. Who else is hoping a giant sinkhole opens in Hattiesburg and sucks Lord Favre down to Hell to join me and my merry band of minions.

  7. Well then I guess it’s settled. Schaap must be right because we’ve heard of him. And reporters we’ve heard of have never been wrong.

  8. Florio, I am with the other guy who said earlier today that there just needs to be an end of the day Favre wrap up. No need to post umpteen stories a day that essentially say one of two things: he is unretiring, again or he is staying retired. Just a summary that discusses all the stories with a comparison/contrast would be great.

  9. Hey SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK, I will never be anyone’s backup. Period. Don’t forget that I’m “Lord Favre”. I will let poor Sage carry my clipboard if it will make him feel better.
    Brett 4

  10. With all of this waffling, Favre may have a future in politics. The funny thing is that I hated Favre his whole career. Now I am completely entertained by this numbskull.

  11. Is Brett going to get the same surgery as Jevon Walker? Maybe they can get a two-for-one deal to change them both into something that resembles a man rather than a washed up diva.

  12. I remember Rick Schwartz, he used to do a radio show in LA with Steve Mason………I’m pretty sure Favres coming back though sorry Schwartzie, he needs the attention too much

  13. I’m willing to bet that Schwartz, and Schapp all both right. On Thursday, Favre got up in the morning and didn’t want to play and canceled Chilly’s visit. Schwartz caught wind of this and posted his story.
    By late afternoon he had changed his mind again and had the X-rays sent to the Vikings med staff, generating Schapp’s piece.

  14. dec 6…nfc championship preview….two future hall of fame qb’s….warner vs favre

  15. Like I said before, I was getting sick of this crap…
    But who doesn’t wanna watch Favre go into Lambeau and
    A) Get owned by the Packers
    B) Own the Packers
    That’s must see TV, my friends!

  16. John Madden: Boom! He’s coming back. Boom! Will you father my children? Boom! He’s not. Boom! He’s back. I tell you this Favre guy can do it all. I mean is there anything he can’t do?

  17. Go away Brett…not only have you tarnished your legacy…you are now the punchline to a running joke….just go away.

  18. 90% of the drama and waffling is generated by the media. Why don’t we all stop paying attention? If a Favre story hits the net and no one reads it, did it really happen? Stop the madness now! Just say no!

  19. YahooSports issued that bunk report because they new every single damn sports media outlet in the nation would run it, and BOOM instant free publicity for YahooSports. Does is this Mr. Schwartz who broke this story even a real person?

  20. nosferatu,
    You already have Tom Brady under center. What do you need Favre for?

  21. I know a lot of you guys hate this, but I’m somehow completely entertained by this! I’m even a Packer fan, and I’m looking forward to Favre coming to Green Bay! This is what you call entertainment at it’s best! Kind of reminds me of the drama they try to build for Pro wrestling.
    and the evil Brett Favre walks out from the darkness on to Lambeau field to seek revenge… Ha ha ha!!!
    This is good Sh*t!

  22. yet again Florio sweetly whispers into his bobbleheads ear………I can’t quit you Brett.

  23. Remeber kid’s Brett says wear Wrangler, and anyone can throw a Touchdown.

  24. I hope Minnesota doesn’t have any Monday night games, I cannnot stomach listening to kornholeheiser wanting to make out with Favre.

  25. I think I’m ready for it now.
    I feel bad for Packer and Viking fans, but I’m ready. I can’t wait to see the reception when Favre goes to Lambeau in purple the first time.
    I guess that’s giving in to “the hype”, but I can’t help it. Yes I am very tired of reading about it, but damn I can’t wait to see it.

  26. Farve is a sniveling son of a bitch.
    Be a man and speak the effing truth.
    Why don’t you decide BEFORE you make any comments to anyone.
    Can you tell that I’m tired of this B.S?
    Peace out the rest of you

  27. Florio, may the Schwartz be with you. Seriously, you know how you can tell if Brett Favre is lying…………his lips move.

  28. I think surgery is needed….to sew on a pair.
    I have never ……………EVER ………………..seen ANYONE……………….. so effed up that they can’t make a decision on whether to play ball………………..OR NOT.
    Please go away unless you want to lead the league in INTs……AGAIN!!!!

  29. I’ll believe it when I hear it from Rachel Nichols, she’s way hotter than Jeremy Schapp.

  30. Dunno if it’s the same type of injury, but recall that John Elway had a ruptured biceps tendon on his throwing arm that happened in a 1997 preseason game. He’d definitely lost a great deal of zip on his throws, was in constant pain, and feared that he’d have to call it a career BEFORE Week 1.
    The Broncos entered the playoffs as a wildcard team that season, got revenge on the Jags from the previous year, beat Elvis’ Chiefs, Kordell’s Steelers, and FAVRE’S PACKERS in arguably the best Super Bowl until XLIII.
    If Favre dons the ugly-ass, purple unis, the Vikes have a legitimate chance at the Super Bowl with a QB that has a similar, if not identical, injury as Elway’s.

  31. They’re going to find Brett needs three “major surgeries”:
    – One to remove the sand from his vagina.
    – One to remove the stick from his ass.
    – One to remove his head from his ass.
    Other than that, he’s good to go.

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