Yahoo! Sports Editor: No X-rays Were Sent To Minnesota

After posting our item from last night regarding the e-mail I received from Mark Pesavento of Yahoo! Sports regarding the twisting-in-the-wind report from Rick Schwartz of that same publication, I received a couple of additional e-mails from him.
The final e-mail expressed dismay over my assumption that any of the e-mails he sent to me were “on the record.”
And my final e-mail to Pesavento expressed dismay over his assumption that, when someone sends me an e-mail, it’s off the record even if the sender of the e-mail doesn’t utter the magic words.
It’s really not that hard, and most of my sources who prefer to remain nameless know how to invoke the protection that any journalist (real or pretend) worth his or her salt is willing to provide in exchange for information.
It comes in different forms (“off the record” . . . “don’t quote me on this” . . . “on background” . . . “if you tell anyone I told you this I’ll kick you in the nuts with a steel-toed sneaker”).  But Pesavento, as the Assistant (to the) Managing Editor of Yahoo! Sports, presumably knows that there’s never a presumption that anything is “off the record.”
So, anyway, here’s what Pesavento had to say in his follow-up e-mail, before realizing that anything he was saying was fair game for publication.
He said that Yahoo! Sports knows that, contrary to multiple reports, no X-rays were sent by Brett Favre to the Vikings.
“I don’t want to come off as defensive, but since we’re talking about the reporting of this story, please hear me out: Despite what  [ESPN’s Jeremy] Schaap reported (something other media outlets have latched onto), we know there were no X-rays sent to Minnesota.  Our (highly-placed and very reliable) Vikings source told us so and Bus Cook has since confirmed that.
“So, my question to you, because I know you’re interested in media is:   Is it really our duty to write the ‘ESPN is full of shit’ story just because everyone now assumes — despite evidence to the contrary — that the Vikings are holding X-rays up to the light to see what that weird crook in Favre’s bicep is?  Because as of [Saturday], what we wrote is still accurate:  Childress and Favre talked on the phone, and that was it.  There are no X-rays.  Both sides are worried about Favre’s health, and for many reasons, both sides have decided to move on.  There is no deal and, according to our source, there will be no deal.  And there’s absolutely nothing from Favre’s side to refute that.
“We’re not writing anything more because, as of now, there’s nothing more to say.”
Apparently, there is.  And now it’s been said.  And written.

54 responses to “Yahoo! Sports Editor: No X-rays Were Sent To Minnesota

  1. So why is his editor saying all this to you, and not the reporter himself?
    Anyways, Idk what to believe anymore. ESPN has been full of horseshit before on their “breaking” stories. But Yahoo! isn’t exactly the who’s-who in the sport analyzing world. I can’t imagine they’d have a source that ESPN doesn’t.

  2. Off the record – after the fact. Sounds like he wanted to convince you his guy was right, without doing so publicly – just in case his guy is wr-r-r-r- not right.

  3. Are they talking Xrays or MRI? BIG difference because Xrays won’t tell you jackshit about tendons. Just wondering how much “parsing” going on here. Life long Packer fan and huge BF fan. My gut tells me he’s playing for the Queens and now I hate his guts.

  4. Favre really sent a colonoscopy video in an attempt to dispel rumors he had a bug up his ass.

  5. how does this sound: how about every media outlet in the world stops reporting on favre forever? favre is sitting back and loving all the attention. let’s stop reporting on this until he is under center taking a snap from the center (and i don’t mean from his wrangler commercials). stop the attention and favre becomes irrelevant. let’s move on.

  6. It seems like Childress or Favre could answer these various reports pretty easily but then I remembered they were both douchebags.

  7. Florio. Stop being a bitch. No one gives a shit about the squabble between you and the editor.
    Talk about football, not some little internet fight that you’re having with someone.

  8. “We’re not writing anything more because, as of now, there’s nothing more to say.”
    Somehow, I doubt that.

  9. Maybe Favre didn’t send the X-rays to the Vikings. Maybe it was Favre’s doctor or Bus Cook. Or maybe it was an MRI. Or maybe Favre sent it to Brad Childress’ home and not to the Vikings.
    All of these would technically make Yahoo and ESPN correct.
    But something is going on — the Vikings are looking into Favre’s injury and what is needed for him to continue playing football, and Favre is still interested to see if he can play for the vikings.
    If there was nothing to it, there would be a definative statment from one or both sides as to what’s really going on and not a bunch of speculation and trying to pry information from “sources” who may not be completely in the loop as to what’s really going on.
    Right now both sides are being quiet while the injury is being looked into, and neither the Vikings nor Favre know if he will return. Thus no reporter knows, yet they all feel compelled to report on any speculation or any partial information they find out.

  10. Florio, I think you want just want Yahoo to be wrong because if they’re not , you’ve lost half of your stories for the next 3 months!!!

  11. Every sports reporter is full of crap most of the time. They make their money spreading “news” that may or may not be accurate. Players, GM’s, Agents, Teams, Coaches all ‘use’ reporters for their own ends.
    Seldom do we have a true investigative reporter ask the tough questions and then pursue the answers.
    Because the reporter knows who butters their bread. It’s not you and I. If the reporter ticks off a player, team, coach, GM, agent…that reporter is going to NEVER get a scoop or any one on one time in the future. His fellow reporter is going to get that information instead.
    Does Yahoo have an inside source that ESPN does not have? Sure!
    Is the inside source telling the truth? Only the inside source knows that for certain.
    When will we know the truth? When Sage is behind center in the first game of the season or when Favre signs a contract with the Vikings.
    Until then we are only going to hear what Favre, Cook, Childress or Wilf want us to hear. Or even worse. We will only hear the theories of sports reporters who simply want their own face continually in front of the camera or the keyboard telling us what an attention hog Favre is.
    Truth….is a hard thing to get a grasp on. And as fans we have very little chance of getting our hands on it.

  12. Seems in recent years, inside and outside of sports, there has been an epidemic of rumor-mongering-as-journalism. Everyone wants to scoop the competition and get face-time; “Hey, mine are bigger and brassier than yours!”
    If they can’t get the facts, then they’ll make stuff up or pull it out of their rectal orifice. Journalistic integrity and competence is passe.

  13. If “both sides have decided to move on” then why hasn’t an official announcement been released by either party? If the Vikings have truly moved on then why did Brad Childress still issue a “no comment” a few days ago?
    Seems to me that YahooSports is sweating a little bit over their “big story”. If they honestly believed it 100%, why would they feel the need to justify it in some rambling emails? If it was true, then let the reporting speak for itself. This guy from YahooSports is either an idiot or was told to send out these emails in an attempt to keep this YahooSports thing afloat as a way of getting free advertising. Either way, YahooSports is looking piss-poor right now

  14. I tell you what though, it’d be some pretty strong stuff if Yahoo is right. Say what you want about (b)spn but they are stillt he giant elephant in the room. If you come out head on against them and say hey you’re full of shit, our story is correct, and prove it, that would be bad ass. Schaap and the entire network would lose a lot of credibility. And maybe Florio, you might want to rely on Schwartz’s reporting (even if you never heard of him) moving forward as opposed to the douchers at espn..
    And Joe 6-pack. Schwartz’s boss is having his back. I like it. It is not the reporters job to get into a pissing match. All he needs to do is stick to his report and let it all play out. Once Football season starts and Favre is making Wrangler commercials as opposed to playing I am sure Schwartz will be doing his fair share of middle finger salutes. To everybody.

  15. So far, the only legit thing that has been reported in the alleged Favre comeback is that Childress spoke to him by phone about playing and Favre said no. How did this dominate the media for the last two weeks? It’s amazing how things can take off in the media. Kinda scary…….I bet Favre is laughing his ass off over the media coverage. All this and the guy never said a word.

  16. You would think that any “jounalist” or “editor” or even the “assistant (to the) managing editor” would know to say things like “off the record”.
    You would also think that if this is all to do about nothing that one of the parties involved would say so. There is no reason to have a no comment stance when there is nothing going on, there is however a reason for a no comment stance when there IS something going on.
    I guess not everyone learns that in school nowadays.

  17. What source is throwing the lies out??? Why would Schaap go out with this story if not confident his source is telling the truth???? ESPN (Clayton ) said the Vikes are looking at x-ray and MRI (wish you didn’t delete your post on MRI!)………..What happened to real journalism??? Is it all about breaking the story and not worry what might happen next? I would have to believe Schaap, Werder (spelling?), Mort and Peter King on all the “FAVOR” talk/reports…………not Yahoo……………….BUT WHO KNOWS ANYMORE!!! Did Yahoo come out with a follow-up story on this???????? They should if they feel that confident…….

  18. Where is Jay Glazier when you need him. The self-perported (sp?) number 1 NFL insider shoud have the “real” scoop on this…guess he is too busy making Subway commercials. I want Jared back, at least w/ his commercials I didn’t get that god awful “five dollar footlong” chant stuck in my head for days.

  19. The simple fact is that ESPN doesn’t have a source who isn’t firmly entrenched in Favre’s rearend, and who’s motives aren’t highly questionable.

  20. Has Jeff George sent X-Rays of his perfectly healthy shoulder to Childress yet??
    Come on?! Where’s the Jeff George love??
    They’re both almost 40, both have/had a cannon arm, both love attention, both can be A-Hole’s, and for some reason both want to play for Brad Childress!
    To hell with #4, we want #3 back!!

  21. Why hasn’t anyone asked this question? If none of these rumors are true, why hasn’t Favre had a press conference saying so. When the Steroid rumors came out before the draft the rookie’s agents asked for an immediate retraction. Favre or his agent haven’t done that. That leads me to believe there is some truth that Favre is thinking about coming back to the Vikings (if his health allows).
    It’s also possible that Yahoo was feed false information. If the Vikings or Favre wanted the hype to calm down if a deal didn’t get done. For example, a lot of Vikings fans and probably the head of ESPN are excited that Favre could play for the Vikings. Say Favre’s torn bicep is too hurt too badly for him to come back and play after all. Then the Viking fan base is restless after being excited and let down. The governor of MI was even weighing on the subject. The Vikings almost had their play off game blacked out. Favre will help ticket sales for the Vikings, but just imagine if everyone gets excited and he doesn’t end up playing for MI.

  22. HaHaHa…what a joke! Yahoo trying to call out ESPN, NFL Network, and PFT is like Tavaris Jackson calling out Brett Favre…everyone would laugh their @ss off as milk shoots out their nose! It’s apparent that yahoo is making a rookie mistake on this one. They should stick to the email thing and leave the sports reporting the real experts! Or they can keep running at the mouth and making themselves look stupid…the sports world always needs someone to laugh at!

  23. sunflower100
    I honestly think that Favre doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what the media is saying. I’m not expecting a statement from him…….unless he is holding a purple #4 jersey.

  24. “The governor of MI was even weighing on the subject”
    MI is Mis(ery)souri if I’m not mistaken. Minnesota is MN. Just sayin’.
    But I think the editor needs to shut up, personally. Just let it ride. We’ll see who’s right when the season starts up and Favre is either with the Vikes or not. Right now, if Favre does sign, the guy’s going to look like a bigger asshat/idiot than if he had just shut up.
    I got your back Florio.

  25. To those of you complaining abut rumor-mongering in sports “journalism”, let’s remember we are all reading the “rumormill”. Hell, I’m as sick of Favre’s BS as anyone, but until a bigger story comes along in the “big empty” portion of the offseason, then this is what we get. Florio is right to talk about it. I’d rather read this than come to PFT and see updates every few days. You don’t have to read any of it. Hit “next” or “previous” or “close” or go spend some quality time with the family without looking online, reading the paper, or watching TV. Keep rumor sharing Florio!

  26. it’s not rumor-mongering… it’s called “up to the minute by minute” reporting on our beloved Brett Favre – the QB from Hell

  27. The reason why he didn’t say everything is off the record is because he expected you to give him some professional courtesy.
    Now that you are pimping yourself on Sporting News and name dropping about your “good friend” this-media-person and your “good friend” that- media-person, he thinks you’re a real journalist.
    Enough with the navel gazing. We’re all impressed that you know Dan Patrick.
    What you’re real at Florio is being a jerk. Which is OK. But lately you’ve been pretentious too. Stick to just being a jerk.
    Drop the name dropping.
    And get back to just rumor mongering.

  28. Ok, Mike, I may have defended your opponent in this battle earlier, but if he thought those emails are off the record, maybe it’s him, and not the writer, who lacks experience.
    Then again, Yahoo simply publishing everything that’s transpired on PFT would have gotten me, as a reader, to their site. Instead, I’m planted here.
    So that’s sort of a win/lose for you.

  29. Favre might not care what the media is saying about him at the moment but it can affect his long term legacy. You know things like having his number retired or ever possibly getting a marketing deal from the Packers.

  30. Media catfight…
    I am not pulling for yahoo/schwartz but schaap is crap.
    MI means michigan. M-N means minnesota.

  31. ESPNmobile reports the xrays came back and no serious damage has been found. He will only need a small procedure done. But he will have some pain for a little bit after the procedure. And that is a problem because im sure everyone knows about his painkiller problem 10 years ago. So if he is willing tough out untill the pain is gone we should see Favre holdin a prurple jersey within the next couple weeks. HAHA PACKERS FANS ITS ON NOW!WE WILL SEE JUST HOW OVERRATED FAVRE IS NOW LOL!! GO VIKINGS

  32. Florio: i think rew14478 above should get a copy of your book. Apparently, he was able to type the following sentence….
    “I honestly think that Favre doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what the media is saying.”
    without laughing, deleting it, or otherwise indicating it was written in sarcasm.
    As such, i’m sure he would be the perfect reader for your book.
    When you design your marketing strategy for QBF, keep in mind what H.L. Mencken said…. “no one ever went broke underestimating the American public.”

  33. Hey Florio,
    Just read this story and and see what Favre’s family and friends in Mississippi are saying about this. The HC of the local HS Football team near Favre’s house says right here that Favre worked out with the team on Monday and showed no signs of a arm injury. He even quotes Favre himself saying that it only hurts in certain positions. He will only require a minor cleanup surgery, or no surgery at all.
    Who would you honestly believe, his family and close friends, or some nobody from He will be a Viking this year.

  34. I hope Yahoo is right for a number of reasons.
    First, ESPN is a joke with their “reporting”.
    Second, they actually wrote a story and are sticking to it and not writing 25 stories about how their story is correct and keep trying to prove it. They are saying go ahead and prove us wrong (and no one has yet).
    The rest of the reasons are that if they are right, we will not have to hear about Brett anymore. Well at least until a starting QB goes down and the media start clamoring for Brett.

  35. ok, look at the facts here everyone………..
    1) everyone seems to report their “speculation” or what they “hear”… But basically what they are hearing is rumors, and word of mouth. From one reporter, or “insider” to another. It’s nothing to get excited about for people who are Vikes fans, or haters, or Packers fans or haters, or Favre fans or haters…
    2) Brad Childeress hasn’t addressed the media concerning the issue.. All you hear from him is “no comment”. And since Brett hasn’t outright came out and said “hey… i’m staying retired” I would start to believe there is some truth to the rumor that he and childeress are exploring options… Because there’s one main thing here…. The Vikings aren’t doing damage control at all!!!!!! There’s only the “no comment” coming from Brad Childeress… There’s no such words being mumbled out of his mouth full of X’s and O’s where he says “there’s no way we are looking into it… ” And with just making a trade for Sage, and having Tarvaris whos psyche is as fragile as glass, you would think that the Vikings organization would comment and say.. “We are extremely pleased with our current QB situation, and believe we have the pieces in place to take us further in the playoffs, and possibly to a conference championship, and superbowl..”… But you aren’t hearing any sort of comment relative to that… All you hear is no comment… So don’t you think that they should be doing some sort of damage control to help ease things in the minds of the QB’s they currently have on the roster? The simple fact that they aren’t saying anything, and are mum about the situation implies me to believe that there’s more to the whole situation here than meets the eye. There’s way more going on than just Brett and Brad having nice phone conversations, and text msgs… Either they are in a full on love fest, or they are investigating his health, or in contract negotiations.. Especially since Bus keeps saying at this point Brett is still retired…
    Take my 2 cents for what it’s worth… But my opinion is that the Vikings should be saying something to keep their QB’s mindset healthy and not having to worry about big bad Brett coming to town…

  36. Why do I get the feeling that both Yahoo! and ESPN are gleefully putting out disinformation to further the needs of their precious sources, rather than making an effort to, you know, accurately report news. One thing’s for certain, it’s amateur hour at Yahoo! Sports, given that they think that they can just give newsworthy information to a blogger and expect that the information would not be blogged over.
    As for those who think that Diva Favre — after the stunt he pulled off last year with Green Bay — isn’t manipulating some of this behind the scenes: it must be nice to still view the world through the eyes of a newborn child. Your world must be all innocence and wonder!
    @sportsfan1234 —
    If you had only included a reference to Ball State in your comment, I’d swear you were Big Sexxxy himself.

  37. NFLmobile reports Favre has no serious damage and will only need a small procedure. Only problem is he will have pain for sometime after the procedure and he has had problems with pain killers in the past. So if he is willing to tough the pain out he should sign sometime this week…….hopefully who knows. GO VIKES

  38. Can’t remember who but someone chimed in on the last post regarding the new-found Yahoo!/PFT feud that it is very unprofessional and petty, vindictive, and classless to post a “story” based off a personal e-mail you received from another journalist/reporter, etc.
    But that’s why I like you and your site, Florio. I don’t have to read PC bullcrap and ass-kissing, pandering “I might be wrong” journalism. I get to read a guy saying whatever the hell he wants, and dealing with the repercussions. This appeals to me.
    But I think you’re taking it a bit far this time. Although this little pissing match will probably bring more traffic to both sites until the “actual” Favre story comes out, someone is ultimately going to eat a shitload of crow.
    Maybe Yahoo!’s story gets blown out of the water – what then? “Boo hoo, our no-name journalists first article got harsly criticitzed! Oh well”. But if they’re right, damn nearly every other NFL media outlet (you guys certainly aren’t the only ones) is gonna get the proverbial mushroom print on the forehead from Schwartz/Pesavante.
    Even though I am inclined to agree with you thus far, Florio, I’d leave them alone until you at least figure out who Rick Schwartz is.

  39. Florio, why do you even read emails from “Yahoo”, thats an all time low for you.

  40. PFT… please do us all a GIGANTIC favor… keep a Brett Favre “story accuracy” scorecard similar to your “days since last arrest” counter. When this is all said and done, and all of the facts have been identified, these “sources” and story tellers, can be ID’d, shown to be right or wrong, and called out on the carpet for all of this bulls__t!
    Only in this media world today can this crap go on and these “reporters” get away with it and never be called out.
    Do it for the fans, Florio.

  41. XRays don’t tell you anything about tendons. MRI’s do. this pos story was suspect from the start.

  42. I’m 41. I have a torn tendon in my knee. You can’t see the torn tendon on x-rays – in fact, I don’t believe you can see tendons on x-rays. It took an MRI to diagnose the tendon, and even the MRI is somewhat unclear. That’s my concern with the x-ray story – I don’t think the Vikes would be able to tell how bad The Overhyped One’s injury is with just x-rays. Perhaps the source(s?) were generalizing, and TOO sent his MRI. Otherwise it is just a rumor, and a medically suspect one at that.

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