DeMaurice Smith Says He Has A Contract

One of the more embarrassing episodes in the history of the NFL Players Association has been resolved.
Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, elected without contractual terms in place, finally has a deal, according to the Associated Press.
Smith said Tuesday that a contract has been reached during a discussion with Minneapolis-area reporters.
What isn’t known (and won’t be until the relevant federal forms are filed) is the compensation Smith will receive.  He and the union reportedly were up to $5.6 million apart less than a month ago.

3 responses to “DeMaurice Smith Says He Has A Contract

  1. Like totally embarrassing dude. Totally. Dying of shame. Groaning in agony. Monumental screw up. Wow. They’ll never be able to work in this town again. Like forever.
    For hiring a guy based on the skills & experience he brings to the table and not his price tag.
    Humiliating. Who would do such a thing?

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