Agent: Two Teams Interested In Signing Burress

Although Plaxico Burress’ pending gun charge hasn’t been settled yet as his lawyer continues to try to resolve the case with New York law enforcement authorities, the former New York Giants wide receiver is already making plans.
According to Burress’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, via his Twitter account, Burress has garnered interest from at least two teams, “that are very serious about signing him, so he has stayed in great shape.”
Rosenhaus goes on to say that Burress got a call from an NFL head coach Thursday and has upcoming meetings scheduled with senior NFL executives.
New York Jets team owner Woody Johnson recently told Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News that he wouldn’t stand in Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum’s way if he wants to sign Burress. The Jets also made an exploratory call to Rosenhaus prior to the NFL Draft.
Of course, future NFL opportunities for Burress will hinge on a favorable outcome of his case as well as the severity of any potential league discipline from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

36 responses to “Agent: Two Teams Interested In Signing Burress

  1. who wouldn’t sign him? he’s one of the premier recievers in the game and he made one mistake, he deserves a second chance, just like vick

  2. OK, I’m joining the “no more repeating everything Rosenhaus posts on Twitter” chorus.
    It’s great that you learned how to use Twitter. We use it too. And we can follow Rosenhaus just fine ourselves.
    You just keep posting the stories we *can’t* follow by ourselves on Twitter.

  3. How about you let us know when Rosenhaus Twitters that NO teams are interested in a client, or that they’re experiencing major setbacks, or AREN’T expected to contribute much in the coming season?

  4. Woody Johnson’s statement says it all. Looks like he’ll still be playing in NY if he’s not in jail.

  5. Agreed Legion: I follow PFT and Rosenhaus on Twitter, so I get double the updates, not double the fun.

  6. I think the only one willing to take a shot at Plaxico Burress is Plaxico Burress.

  7. Hey Florio, I always believe everything agents say in public, too.
    And by always, I mean never. Come on, what else is Rosenhaus going to say? If Jim Schwartz says his team is going to be “very good” and a “playoff contender’ are you going to believe him too? Did you believe Nick Saban wasn’t going to leave Miami?

  8. “He’s keeping himself in great shape. He recently lost about 4 ounces of flesh and about 2 pounds of blood in a handgun-related exercise incident. Maybe you heard about it?”

  9. TWITTER is gay, why would you tell people everything you do? Its basically snitching on yourself for cryin out loud

  10. I already have a gd facebook and myspace acct, and i literally loathe people who put the most inane status updates every 2 hours hours like people really give a shit that they are currently wacking off or washing their dog. I see their status updates and get annoyed by it so much that i literally delete them. So why on gods green earth would i join something called twitter (even sounds gay) that specifically dedicated to lame-o jagoffs posting insignificant and pointless thoughts..

  11. saints51:
    Who would sign him? He’s recovering from a gunshot wound, has a pending legal case against him which despite best efforts is probably still going to land him in jail for a year, and the commish is probably going to hit him with a 4-game suspension. Compound that with his unwillingness to show up for practices or team meetings, his repeated run-ins with more mundane laws and his age, and it seems more likely to me that teams are looking into him only in the event that his legal case is resolved without jail time. I’d be pretty surprised if anybody signed him before a plea bargain is officially reached.

  12. It’s a no brainer both Plaxico Burress and Mike Vick will be wearing Silver and Black this fall. Burress will give Russell a great weapon and Vick and McFadden will run the best “wild cat” in the NFL. Al Davis is sick of losing and so are us Raider fans.

    ALSO, BRETT FAVRE TOOK A DUMP. (but he didn’t twitter that)

  14. He deserves a second chance once he pays his debt to society…there is a minimum jail sentance waiting for him. Let’s talk about this in 3 years.

  15. LOL…this sport has no respect, MV is a criminal not one mistake, unless you are from the ghetto, his brother is a rapist, Plax is going to jail and you can bank on that.
    REALLY is everyone a moron, he deserves nothing he threw it away and if anyone signs them I hope you get shot and your dog is killed!!!

  16. Mean Machine is right, but name me one rapsheeter or turd, signed by the Raiders in the past 10 years. Drop your lame stereotyping.

  17. Florio if you don’t quit constantly quoting Rosenhaus’ twitterings I swear I’m going to come down there and let the air out of the tires of your bus.

  18. “whacking off or washing their dog”
    Classic mike hunt….absolutely CLASSIC!

  19. What Rosenhaus doesn’t say is that if his client took the sweetheart deal the NYC DA offered, this whole legal issue would be behind him and a) he would still have a job with the Giants or b) the Giants would have cut him and he would have had DOZENS of teams bidding on his services and would be starting somewhere by the first preseason game. Sometimes it’s more important what they don’t say, than what they do.

  20. Wow… only two scumbag teams. I would have expected at least a few more. Wonder who they are.

  21. please for the sake of all things comical, let the first issue of Hard Knocks include the Bengals signing this guy. A room with Cedric Benson, Tank Johnson, Plax, etc. is just too good of a possibility to not root for

  22. “Mean Machine is right, but name me one rapsheeter or turd, signed by the Raiders in the past 10 years.”
    Randy Moss. Want another? Sebastian Janikowski. Another? Javon Walker.

  23. I can’t believe I just saw “exploratory” and “twitter” in a post about football

  24. Plax still has talent (and a shitty attitude)
    Rosenhaus is still a douche bag.
    profootballtalk still posts mundane twitter posts.
    This is news? WTF? Who cares?

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