Colts Replace Mudd, Moore

In the wake of the retirement of offensive line coach Howard Mudd and offensive coordinator Tom Moore, the Colts have moved quickly to replace them.
According to the Indianapolis Star, receivers coach Clyde Christensen will become the offensive coordinator, and assistant offensive line coach Pete Metzelaars will become the new offensive line coach.
“The main cogs in terms of operating the program are in place, have been in place and were prepared to do this,” G.M. Bill Polian said.  “It’s just a transition that we would rather not have made, but we knew full well that it’s likely we were going to have to.”
It’s the right thing for Polian to say.  But, as we’ve recently said, if the Colts wanted to find a way to keep Mudd and Moore from retiring, the Colts would have done it.
Whether they’ll be missed remains to be seen.  Some think that Peyton Manning was/is essentially the offensive coordinator.  But one league source with extensive experience in the game thinks that Mudd and Moore are “two of the best offensive coaches in league history.”
Bottom line?  We doubt that Peyton Manning will be trying to qualify for any PGA tournaments this summer.

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  1. Another jab at Romo, but Peyton was golfing 2 weeks ago with tiger. How come he wasnt practicing? He doesnt want to waste al his competitve juices. Also you dont see Romo out there flying around on a street bike with no helmet, do you steelers boy? Id rather have my star QB playing golf then almost killing himself, but hey I’m not from West Virginia.

  2. Nice little run the Colts had.
    Too bad the Patriots were the dominant team this decade, or Peyton coulda finished with more than one ring.
    Now back to mediocrity..

  3. It seems a fairly slippery slope to start criticizing players like Romo who actually do indulge in an offseason. Especially since most players do take a pretty big chunk of time off from football. At least Romo is outside sort of exercising. Sort of. What are the odds that at this exact moment Manning is sitting in a studio being a dufus while filming some dorky commercial. Don’t forget all the flak Manning took for never being able to win the “big one.” Until he went out and won the “big one.” And he was a number one overall pick 11 years ago. Romo is a 28 year old undrafted dude quarterbacking for the NFC version of the Raiders. Him doing some golfing is just not a big deal.

  4. Bad news for the Colts on the OC front. Many Buc fans will remember Clyde’s weak performance in Tampa.

  5. No, instead he will be playing golf with Tiger.

    I guess no one told Florio that Romo was just playing to try and qualify, but that we wasn’t planning on going to the Open.
    Don’t you have any sources in Dallas? lol.
    Romo is a world class competitor so it would reason that he would sign up for a golf tourney in his neck of the woods on his time off.
    But it’s not a problem that Peyton flies to Carolina to play golf, lol.
    Keep loving that Redskin azz Florio.

  6. Interesteing that they didnt really waste anytime replacing them. This is more about business and trying to force these coaches from saddling up and unionizing.
    BUT….in the end the owners are going to end up with egg on their faces(again,) and the coaches are going to be a full force, downhill barrelling, unionized killing machine….or theyll probably just have better dental care.

  7. How hard can it be to be the offensive line coach for the Colts?
    “Everybody hold perfectly still for 25-30 seconds while Peyton audibles out of 3 different plays on every snap. Don’t move until the ball is snapped or the playclock shows double-balls.”

  8. The fact that it may look as if Peyton Manning doesn’t need an O.C. is probably reliable evidence of the fact that he’s had great O.C.’s so far.

  9. It sounds like Moore and Mudd are staying on as paid consultants. So they really are not going anywhere.

  10. Peyton Manning is the Indianapolis Colts. He’ll make Clyde Christensen look like a genius. Christensen will be a head coach somewhere else in 3 years. That’s the way it works in the NFL. Mark it down. To the Patriots peckerwood that posted earlier, how is Brady’s knee? LOL

  11. Golfing with Tiger in April = trying to qualify for a tournament in june/july during camp?
    Congrats, Florio, you’re no longer the biggest dumbass on the site..

  12. I remember Clyde as an OC as well. He only lasted one year as the OC in TB after Dungy got rightfully fired. Not the most inventive guy in the world.

  13. Wow I didn’t know playing a round with Tiger was the same as practicing and preparing to qualify for the US Open. Thanks for the enlightenment Romo fans. Here I am an idiot thinking playing a round with Tiger would be a casual fun thing, only to find out it’s more involved than trying to qualify for a major that conflicts with the teams offseason.

  14. Wow, you seriously didn’t allow my comment calling you out to be posted? Because you’re still refusing to post the whole story? Lame, Florio. Didn’t know PFT started selectively discriminating comments on the basis of whether or not they threatened the credence of this site or not.

  15. no harrison and no mudd and moore
    how long until manning starts ranting and raving like marino

  16. What did you Buc fans expect from Christensen?? Hes not God, no one will ever have success turning the Bucs dogs**t offense into something special. The Colts have all the pieces in place, he will look like a genius this year no matter how inept he is
    Hey Patriot fags, u guys talk a lot of junk for being fans of a bunch of cheaters and washed up stars. Hows carson palmer, i mean tom brady, gonna look gimpin around 1 year removed from surgery?? There will be a mass suicide in Foxboro when all u scumbags jump off the bandwagon!! I cant wait to see it happen…

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