Garcia Lobbying For Starting Job

Brought to Oakland to back up former top overall pick JaMarcus Russell, veteran quarterback Jeff Garcia isn’t hiding his ambition to ultimately claim the starting job.
Garcia outlined that stance during an interview today with KLAC-Radio in Los Angeles, per David White of the San Francisco Chronicle.
“Well, I’m not going to say that things can’t change and I understand that the role I have basically assumed going into Oakland knowing that JaMarcus was drafted to be the starting quarterback there,” Garcia said. “But I think there has to be some realization at some point as to putting the best players on the field that are going to give you the best chance to win. Now, if JaMarcus is that guy, then he definitely deserves to be on the field and should be on the field.
“But, if for some reason with what I bring as a player, from a competitive nature and just the intensity and emotion that I bring to the field and the knowledge of the game that I have, if that gives us a better chance to win football games, then that decision is going to have to be left up to the coach and, hopefully, he can make the right decision for the team.”
In other words, Garcia thinks he’s the best guy for the job and definitely isn’t shy about stating that opinion.
Could Garcia’s approach wind up pushing Russell to work harder? Perhaps so.
Without naming names, Garcia referenced other NFL teams’ recent quarterback situations such as Kurt Warner supplanting Matt Leinart with the Arizona Cardinals and Kerry Collins taking Vince Young’s job with the Tennessee Titans.
Nonetheless, the Raiders’ hefty investment in Russell would seem to preclude them from making any kind of hasty switch at this point.
“It’s about the team,” Garcia said. “It’s not about protecting egos, or protecting investment dollars. It’s about what’s going to give this team a chance to win football games.
“And honestly, if JaMarcus can be that guy, then more power to him, because that’s what he was drafted to do for the team. But it doesn’t always seem to work out that way.”

20 responses to “Garcia Lobbying For Starting Job

  1. ‘In other words, Garcia thinks he’s the best guy for the job and definitely isn’t shy about stating that opinion.’
    IF, he said IF. As in IF he gives them the best chance to win, he should play. How is that saying he’s the best guy for the job? And IF he is the best guy for the job, he SHOULD play. He even says that decision is left up to the coach. Classic Florio. I don’t know if your reading comprehension really sucks that bad, or if you do this to create controversy in your own mind.

  2. Smells like a rat, looks like a rat, then it must be a…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  3. Does he understand that he is playing for Oakland and they don’t do things that make football sense, like playing the player that gives them the best chance to win.

  4. His contract and the fact that he has done above average for a 23 year old rook.
    Toolish mediots

  5. Jeff Garcia sure seems to want his chance to throw the passes for Darrius Heyward-Bey to drop.

  6. Now why everyone assumes that the money invested in JR is going to protect him? The Raiders have shown in the past that they are not scared of benching, cutting or simply fading even well paid players. Just ask Deangelo Hall…

  7. For all those that want to replace Russell with Garcia for the chance to win now, I have one thing to say. YOU ARE FOOLS!!!!! The goal is not to win now, then replace a beaten and battered Garcia with our under-played franchise QB in Russell. The goal is to build a team with longevity. The only way to do that is let Russell get better by playing on the field and taking his lumps. In his only season starting he showed improvement during the last six weeks of the season when the team as a whole bought into what Cable was selling. As long as the team continues to believe in the team first concept, Russell will be fine. I don’t want another two seasons of winning then a drop off, then win one more season and another drop off. We need to continue to build this team on a ten year plan. For those that don’t understand, that’s continuous winning for ten years plus. No young QB has gotten better by sitting on the bench watching. Russell will be much further along in his development oppose to Young and Lienart that is having to sit and learn from a veteran whose past their prime. And I have an answer to anyone that wants to bring up Warner and Collin’s 08 success. The geat Ricky Bobby said it best, ” If you ain’t first, you’re LAST.” The playoffs don’t mean sh^t, if you don’t win the whole thing. That especially includes the SB! I argue with my friends all the time about our teams success earlier this decade, and they all say the same thing. DID WE WIN THE SUPER BOWL IN THOSE YEARS!!!! Have to respond with a big fat NO! This team has to build for the future, and GARCIA is not the future.

  8. I hope JRuss rises to occasion, but if he looks, sounds or acts like someone that expects the starting job just because of a contract, I hope Garcia smokes his ass and takes it. Maybe, in the long run (as Garcia has maybe 2-3 years left max) it will be the best thing that ever happened to JRuss.
    However, I remember the reports of Jruss saying in the huddle during the Tampa game last year (when the Raiders were down late) “Relax guys, we got this”. If he, in fact, said that and has that brand of swagger, it shows that he is willing to put his ass on the line in the huddle and inspire teammates to make it happen. That is leadership… gambling on yourself and your teammates and then coming through gives the team massive confidence, and lets face it, a little confidence goes along way in making a “decent” team into a contender. I hope its true, because if it is, Garcia will not be able to beat him out and all this rhetoric by Garcia will just be personal bulletin board material for JRuss. And if THAT is true then, Garcia has done his job.
    I am cautiously optimistic that this odd couple could work the Raiders into a lather that results in playoff birth. God, I hope that happens 🙂

  9. The DHB moves is a clear signal that they expect JR to start and throw plenty of deep, vertical passes his way. Everybody knows that’s what Al Davis likes to do most, and frankly when it works its a thing of beauty.
    Garcia doesn’t have the arm for that style of play, though I personally love his on-field rough-n-tumble game. The Raiders don’t have an open QB competition, the money is all tied into Russel-to-DHB….

  10. Garcia has never been shy about wanting to play. I don’t know if he had any other offers, but he may see Oakland as a place where he has a good chance to win a job.

  11. had the Raiders signed a younger QB like Leftwich, I could follow that line of thinking, but Garcia is an old back up at this point in his career.
    If Garcia is starting for your team, you’re not going anywhere, as he might pull out a few extra games, but as stated above, you’re not developing a long term solution at QB. Then, you’re in Tampa’s fix, coming off of several mediocre seasons with no real future in sight.
    Had he signed with the Raiders during Russell’s rookie season, you might have a much different outcome, but he’s wishful thinking at this point. There’s a reason that no one else was clamoring to sign him up as a starter in a league that’s short 15 or so quality starters.

  12. Rich Gannon reloaded?
    I think
    a) Garcia is an above average QB who can still get a team in the playoffs (not the Raiders, but he did so with the Bucs)
    b) Russell looked much better to me than the average No. 1 bust. Just give him time, some good mentorship and a stable environment (well … it’s the Raiders) and he could clearly develop into a good QB
    How did Peyton look in his rookie season?

  13. DET fan is criticizing the way the RAIDERS run their football team??? DETROIT??? Weren’t you guys 0-16 ????????????? Worry about your own team, big guy!!!

  14. The best thing that Russell has going for him is the running game. If the running game gets off to a good start that can open up the passing game and who knows what could happen…

  15. This ‘I’m the MAN’ crap is exactly why the Eagles and Gruden couldn’t stand the guy. Garcia reminds me of DeBerg. Big stats and no titles. (In fact he even jump passes like DeBerg did.) Now Garcia’s brought on to ensure 1) Russell has veteran support; and, 2) if called on – to perform. He doesn’t want either. He just wants to advance his own ego. I think Davis made a commendable try – Garcia certainly fills a need – its that he’s just not mentally able to understand the team comes first – no matter what. Garcia can start by NOT challenging the coaching staff.

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