Steelers Heading To The White House

Three years ago, linebacker Joey Porter made a stir in advance of the Steelers’ visit to the White House after winning Super Bowl XL.  Porter promised to enter the team’s audience with George W. Bush displaying a “swagger.”
I have something to tell him, too,” Porter said at the time.  “I don’t like the way things are running right now.  I feel like he has to give me some of my money back, so I got something to tell Bush.”
Porter thereafter backed off, presumably after realizing that a certain governmental agency consisting of dudes who wear sunglasses and earpieces but who aren’t trying to look cool and listen to music, respectively, might not take kindly to such intentions.
So, although Porter was on his best behavior, he opted to wear his own sunglasses of his own to the White House.  Indoors.
This year, there’s a different President.  And Porter plays for a different team.  So the team’s upcoming return trip to the White House won’t be nearly as interesting.

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  1. Perhaps some charlatan like Porter will come into the white house and try to start some change.
    Oh yeah, that already happened in January.

  2. Damn, I would have thought Obama would want a team there that didn’t get help from the officiating…guess not.
    And JSpicoli: You are a right wing nut job

  3. Is he going to ask Barrack for some of his money back? Or does he only talk trash when republicans are president?

  4. Wonder if Porter wants a check back for all the auto maker bailout billions that went down the toilet.

  5. “So the team’s upcoming return trip to the White House won’t be nearly as interesting. Unfortunately.”
    I say “Fortunately.”

  6. Check the comments in the Andrews depression article.
    No wonder people hate Steeler fans.

  7. Baltimore Sports, we can smell your jealousy from miles away. You reek of it.
    Do you really want to bring up officiating? Hell, your team wouldn’t have even had the opportunity to lose a third time to the Steelers if they hadn’t been given a ful second after the play clock expired vs the Titans.
    By the way, thanks for that. The Titans would have been a much tougher out in the AFCCG.
    Get used to your bridesmaid’s dress.

  8. shuxion, people don’t hate Steelers fans. People hate people like you who make up or repeat stoopid stuff like that.
    People are jealous of Steelers fans because we win a lot, we compete for the title annually, and we have the best organization in all of sports.
    And oh BTW, if you do happen to hate Steelers fans, be sure to tell that to our faces next chance you get.

  9. shuxion says: “No wonder people hate Steeler fans.”
    I actually did go back and read through (quickly). The only one that stood out to me that I know is a Steelers fan is Pea Tear Griffin. But I actually have no way of knowing who offended you so badly that you’re bringing them up on another thread. It might have been better if you directly called out the people who offended you by name instead of making a sweeping generalization. Just like you don’t appreciate Steelers fans who say insensitive things, I don’t like people who call out a whole body of people just because a few people said something they didn’t like.

  10. Vandilay…wow, I did not see the jealously comment coming….UR A genius! You left out the murderer part though…… are slipping…
    You better get ready for 6-10 after your superbowl win last year…..after your last superbowl “win” you werent even a bridesmaid!!!

  11. florio4prez says:
    “People are jealous of Steelers fans because we win a lot…”
    OK, douche bag…tell us exactly what Stealer fans have won.
    And I suggest that the Secret Service agents check their pockets on the way out of the White House. And hide the good silverware.

  12. He opted to wear his own sunglasses of his own, eh? Generally, I prefer to wear my own sunglasses of somebody else’s.

  13. Ravenmaniac,
    “Get ready for our 6-10 year?”
    Am I really supposed to take seriously some weak smack talk from a fan of a team that lost three times to the Steelers last year? From a fan of a team that has only won the division twice…TWICE in their twelve seasons?

  14. Ahhh Vandilay…you got me!! Like I said you are a genius!!! How can I top that…..
    And that closing statement……”really?”……genius…..pure genius…..
    Glad your memory is short or else you would have remembered when the Ravens smoked the steelers (sorry for the pot reference SanDubio Holmes) 2 times. At least the 3 games this past season were close one of which was handed to your beloved, unlike the 2 games in 2006 something like 27-0 and 31-7…wow! Now those are 2 scores to talk about!!
    Lets see….2006…the year after the steelers “won” (wink) the Superbowl…..what was their record that year?????? Yes really!!!

  15. No motorcycles or appendectomys to worry about this year, Ravenclown, so I’m not worried about a SB hangover this time around.
    I’m starting to wonder if you’re really Bart Scott since you like to preen away about some remote games three years ago. Also, like Scott did when Hines handed him his ass, you whine when you get smoked in this thread.
    Using your own poor logic from 3 years ago, did you forget the 38-7 beat down from just 2 years ago?
    Also using your poor reasoning, you might want to check what happens to your own Ravens the few times in their history that they actually made the playoffs — they almost always miss them the next year.
    Later, punk. Get ready to battle out the Bengals for third place.

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