T.O. On His Way To Buffalo

Wide receiver Terrell Owens plans to attend the Buffalo Bills’ round of voluntary Organized Team Activity sessions that starts Monday, according to Owens via his Twitter account.
In Owens’ enthusiastic Tweet shorthand, the star wideout writes: “will b n buff next week 4 OTAs!!”
Besides making a few restaurant recommendations from his trip to Los Angeles, which included shooting video and being photographed for billboards to promote his upcoming VH-1 reality show, Owens said he has been working out regularly.
Owens is going to Dallas for a few days, then heading out, “2 good ol’ Buffalo.”

11 responses to “T.O. On His Way To Buffalo

  1. unrelated, but that ‘days without an arrest’ meter needs to change. apparently a Bills player was arrested for….ummm, well, walking the dog in public.

  2. Where I’m sure he’ll become a big time distraction in the “good ol’ Buffalo” locker room!

  3. There’s a “good ol’ Buffalo” too? I guess I’ve only been to the frozen hell-hole part of town.

  4. The fans will welcome him because there desperate, deep down they know he will F’ this up just like he F’s up everything. How long will it take for him to explode in grandiose diva-ness on some poor coach. My guess is weeks 8-10 when buffalo falls from relevance, its cold, and he doesn’t get every single pass thrown to him from one of the sketchy Qb’s on that roster.
    He has ton of talent still, but he is just a big freaking weirdo with a deranged ego, who cant help but screw up.

  5. T.O. will do one of two things for the Bills. Help put points on the board and win games(something we’ve been unable to do the last decade), or help get Dick “JV” Jauron out of Buffalo for good. In this fan’s opinion, it’s a win-win.

  6. I just don’t think I have sufficient vocabulary skills to express just how HAPPY I am that this idiot is off our team. I don’t care how the season turns out, I’m willing to heap and accept criticisms on them for playing badly (if unfortunately that were to happen). It just feels good to be thinking/talking about a team.
    Buffalo fans, I know you are excited (the way I guess somebody in Kansas is excited about a tornado–at least there’s some activity), but, trust–you will regret this.

  7. And how many times did TO help a team win the SB answer 0
    Maybe he and brett can team up the has been and the never was

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