Duane Starks Is Retiring

Former Baltimore Ravens starting cornerback Duane Starks, who last played for the Oakland Raiders prior to being cut last year, is officially retiring from the NFL.
According to the Miami Herald and Warren Sapp’s Twitter account, Starks is holding a retirement roast and charity event tonight in Miami. Besides Sapp, Edgerrin James and Daunte Culpepper, actors Jamie Foxx and Morris Chestnut are scheduled to attend.
Starks, 34, started for the Ravens during their Super Bowl XXXV victory over the New York Giants, returning an interception for a touchdown in that game.
Drafted with the 10th overall pick out of the University of Miami by Baltimore in 1998, Starks later played for the New England Patriots, Arizona Cardinals and the Raiders.
Starks intercepted 25 career passes and recorded 206 career tackles and 33 pass deflections in 10 NFL seasons.

16 responses to “Duane Starks Is Retiring

  1. Duane Starks should be used to getting roasted, because he was toasted by receivers all the time. He made Jake Plummer look like Joe Montana when he played for the Patriots. He was brutal.

  2. .starks retired long ago….after the one game that he cashed in on the bucs win over the raiders in the super bowl…thanks to gannon….because when he got out here in the desert he did nothing…

  3. I am confused. Why is he having a roast to commemorate his retirement? He was roasted every time he took the field for the Patriots, about 100 times. Starks getting roasted is NOT news. I was so glad when he got “hurt” in the ’05 Week 9 Colts / Pats MNF game and the rookie Hobbs was put in. That was the best thing that every happened to Patriots fans. Duane Starks SUCKED! He owes the rest of that Baltimore defense half of every dollar he ever made.

  4. Oxnard…Starks did not play in that Super Bowl with the Bucs and Raiders.
    He did play in the Super Bowl the Ravens played the Giants…I assume that is what you meant.

  5. bwell316 says: He made Jake Plummer look like Joe Montana when he played for the Patriots.
    See, this is what’s great about PFT. I never knew that Joe Montana played for the Patriots. I learned something new today!!!!

  6. Good career, up until he played for the Pats..
    As a Pats fan his play was disgusting :p

  7. I cant believe a team with Starks on it made the superbowl..The other 10 players on the defense did a great job covering his sorry ass..

  8. He did the whole NFL a favor by retiring.. too bad he didn’t retire after college…

  9. Wow, I didn’t know he was still in the league. Thanks for that great dagger of a pix-six in XXXV Duane. And thanks to New England, AZ and (what a surprise) Oakland for financially rewarding that INT so the Ravens wouldn’t have to.
    Let’s just be kind and say the undersized Mr Starks benefited greatly from playing with the folks he played with in Baltimore and leave it at that. He was a 1st round draft pick like Chris McAllister…but he was no Chris McAllister.
    Speaking of McAllister…hey Florio who’s going to offer Chris a contract? He may have lost a step but if he’s healthy he could be a steal for somebody.

  10. who? thought he has been retired… just been dressing for games anyways. Kinda like the 30yr old hanging out with the senior class…

  11. I wish him well now……but as Pats fan I screamed many foul words at the TV watching him play.

  12. The Ravens were smart when they let him walk after XXXV. They knew they got the best out of him & he was done. Just another reason why Ozzie Newsome is the best GM in the NFL.

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