James Harrison Won't Go To The White House

When the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the White House next week, they’ll do it without one of the men primarily responsible for their sixth Super Bowl title:  Linebacker James Harrison.
“This is how I feel — if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don’t win the Super Bowl,” Harrison said.  “As far as I’m concerned, [Obama] would’ve invited Arizona if they had won.”
James, are you OK?  Have you suffered any recent blunt trauma to the brain box?
It’s a ritual in this country that the major-league teams winning championships are invited to the White House for a visit.
So, yeah, the invitation applies only to the Super Bowl champs.  It’s one of the things that make the accomplishment special.
And, no, the President doesn’t have the time or the desire to invite the 31 teams that didn’t win the Super Bowl to conduct seven-on-sevens in the Rose Garden.  (After all, that might cut into the time he has allotted to work on his NCAA brackets.)
But, hey, at least we now have a better understanding of how the Steelers got Harrison to sign a long-term deal worth only $51 million.

189 responses to “James Harrison Won't Go To The White House

  1. You know, now that he mentions it, I can’t remember the last time the Lions were invited to the White House. That’s an OUTRAGE!

  2. Wtf is wrong with this guy? This is the President of the United States offering him an opportunity he may never get again.

  3. I think he is just saying that he doesn’t consider it an honor or even care because its such a routine thing for the winners of the big game to visit the white house.

  4. Actually…It kind of makes sense. It is kind of an overblown stupid tradition. A tradition that needs to stop. Hes right in the sense that if Obama actually wanted to meet the Steelers then he could make it happen.
    Put simply. Who gives a damn? Nobody. That includes the presidents both past and present. Obama isnt going to feel insulted, snubbed or lose sleep over it. He cares about this crap as much as the rest of us.
    As for that smart ass comment about inviting the other 31 teams….Grow up thats not what he was saying. He just doesnt give a crap about wasting his vacation time. I hate the Steelers and I still understood exactly what he was saying.

  5. What a dunce this Harrison guy is. Obama was supporting the Steelers during the SB week, it’s not like he switched sides.

  6. Seems Mr. Harrison is becoming a little bit full of himself. Get over yourself asswhipe, you nor the Steelers are that special to just get a pop in visit to the White House.

  7. hey, atleast he had the balls to stand up for what he believes…even if it is crazy

  8. Political ideologies aside that’s just one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard.

  9. It’s as if he thinks the President is the one being honored by his presence. Wow. Who’d thought the guy responsible for one of the greatest plays in Superbowl history could be so.. well… thick in the head.

  10. My God I love that man. He’s gonna need a wheelbarrow for those cojones 🙂

  11. WOW! I think the league may have to suspend this guy. Just because a guy this stupid is going to do something worthy of suspension sooner than later. So maybe the league should make a preemptive strike simply on the basis of stupidity.

  12. Seeing as the Bidwells probably supported the hometown candidate – McCain – during the election, the Cardinals might have been the first Super Bowl Champion to be snubbed from the White House.
    Also, Arizona Ice Tea is great and Obama has banned all tea-bagging at the White House.

  13. Roids will make a person retarded. And Id bet my first born this guy is juiced to the max.

  14. @sshole! You would think a guy comming out of no where and working his way up to be the defensive player of the year wouldn’t have such a me first attitude. Maybe it’s during his roid cycle?

  15. Now, Harrison sounds more like one of his fans!
    Obama won’t have to worry as much about getting cheap-shotted by some thug in black and yella.
    Or will he…?

  16. Wow. James Harrison shuns Obama.
    Meanwhile, LT showed respect to the first black president by attending his inauguration.

  17. There’s nothing wrong with James Harrison’s point of view. It shows he has humility. If you couple that with a strong work ethic, you have a man who over the years developed into a great player as an undrafted free agent many years ago, one who had to scratch & claw his way into a profession that chews up and spits out even the most highly regarded collegians. Give the guy some credit, slappy.

  18. When they talk about “smart” football players, they’re grading on a curve.

  19. WOW!! This guy HAS to be on HGH to talk like this….LMFAO!!!!!!!! I would jump at the opportunity to meet the Pres…unbelievable…….

  20. Hell, I wouldn’t go either. Why does Harrison have to take time out of his schedule to visit a politician? It’s a White House tradition, not a James Harrison tradition.

  21. Weird. How can steroids affect your thinking when you don’t have a brain?

  22. As a Raven fan, I am laughing my ass off. Every time I hear this guy being interviewed, I pray for mercy.

  23. Yes, it’s the President who is privileged to meet a football team, and not the other way around. And James probably thinks he was doing that woman a favor by beating her.

  24. LOL, how about we just stop inviting idiot football players anyway? Don’t forget, the second you lose a step, the Steelers won’t care about you either.

  25. this is what happens when these NFL players get babied their whole lives and they end up growing up to be complete idiots…

  26. I suppose it’s true when people say…..You can’t really make this stuff up……

  27. Ladies and Gentlemen, your NFL defensive player of the year and the pride of the Kent State Golden Flashes…

  28. what an idiot….
    yes, obama would have probably invited the cards if they would have won…however he has also gone on the record to say that he is and has always been a steelers fan. way to be a positive role model pal. you’re like school in the summer time…NO CLASS!!!!

  29. Um indeed.
    One other interesting detail in the article:
    “Harrison also skipped the Steelers’ visit to the White House in 2006 following their victory in Super Bowl XL.”

  30. I agree with him. Who cares about a photo op? Going to the White House is one of the most overrated experiences ever. It’s just a building full of douchebags.
    And since he signed a reasonable contract, maybe he won’t get cut in two years. It’s not like NFL contracts mean anything. Look at Shaun Alexander.

  31. I can see James Harrison has graduated from the steeler linebacking course “how to act like an idiot 101” and is well on his way to becoming the next Joey Porter.. You would never see a New England LB act this stupid, Jerod Mayo wouldn’t be saying this and he’s a rookie.. It is just so pathetic how the steelers are not taught to act a certain way and are allowed to say whatever they want, regardless of how stupid it sounds.. MEMO to James Harrison: Enjoy your ride on top, because the Patriots are going to knock you off your mountain this year! your team stinks and barely beat a team NE blew out.. have fun… and if not for a KR fumble in our game NE would have beat you also..

  32. I wouldn’t go to the White House even if BO wanted to give me a stimulus check.

  33. Too many helmet-to-helmet hits perhaps? What a moron….Put on a suit, show up and say ‘its a pleasure to meet you Mr. President’ and move on…

  34. Maybe he means Barry should get to work, stop partying and writing checks for money we don’t have.

  35. Yeah, the nerve of President Obama! Only inviting the champs, what a jerk! The Lions tried really hard to win one, they should get an invite.
    If that girlfriend beating (factual) HGH user (alleged) doesn’t want to go to the White House, screw him.

  36. I bet the league would have awarded the Lombardi Trophy to the Cardinals if they had won too. Does he not want that either?

  37. That last sentence could be the funniest line i’ve ever read. Well done Florio well done

  38. This may have been one of the dumbest things an athlete has said. How can you not know this has gone on for years James??

  39. What an idiot! That’s like him saying “they only gave me a 51 million dollar contract because of how well I was playing. If they really wanted to give me the money, they would’ve done it when I was terrible”. We all know Ware is the better player anyway.

  40. This may be the most refreshing point of view from a professional athlete that I have ever heard. Harrison is the first black public figure outside of the political arena that I know of not falling all over himself for our president. He’s correct about the invitation and he’s keeping it real.

  41. What lamebrain failed to post was the fact that James Harrison turned down the invitation after Superbowl XL by George Bush, also, and no big stink was made about it then.
    Maybe James just feels that lying, scumbag politicians of any party aren’t worth his time.

  42. Nonsensical doesn’t begin to describe his little bout of emotion. Maybe he feels betrayed that he was glanced over for the special convoy to the Middle East position…

  43. He’s right in that it has no meaning.
    Other than that, I don’t get his point.

  44. Yikes. That must be one serious brain fart he’s suffering from. . .

  45. Wow! Uh. Wow!
    When I read the headline I thought it would be for political reason.
    I guess he isn’t going for stupidity reasons.

  46. That really does make zero sense on his part. I don’t see the problem.

  47. Considering this dude is as blatant a roider as there is in the NFL, these comments aren’t much of a surprise…

  48. Wow. I really wanted to write a comment on this but…wow. I think I’ll just go bang my head against the wall.

  49. Besides, it’s Obama’s fault the Dan Rooney is leaving for Ireland.
    May the curse of the Terrible Towel be upon him for the next 4 years.

  50. “And, no, the President doesn’t have the time or the desire to invite the 31 teams that didn’t win the Super Bowl to conduct seven-on-sevens in the Rose Garden.”
    But he does have time to invite the Bulls & White Sox, even though they havent won anything, so the Bears might not be too far behind. Im sure when the Hawks win the Stanley Cup it will make an appearance as well. Go Chicago, all hail President Swerkski!!!

  51. “This is how I feel — if you want to award me with the Defensive Player of the year award, give it to me when I was teaching knuckleheads in school and getting cut from NFL teams every other year,” Harrison said. “As far as I’m concerned, The NFL would have given the award to Ed Reed or Demarcus Ware if I was still a Gym Teacher last year.”
    -James Harrison

  52. The words “Rose Garden photo op” and “James Harrison” don’t even belong in the same sentence.

  53. May I have your attention please…..DOUCHE-BAG alert…….
    I rest my case about this steroid-raged individual………
    I have not read all of the replies to this story but I just know that it is filled with steeler fans trying to spin this story……..IDIOTS!

  54. If the taxpayers pay for this “tradition”, then let’s end it. If the owners of the team that wins the Super Bowl pays for it, then show some respect to the guy who signs your check and put on a tie for an afternoon.

  55. I can’t blame Harrison, I don’t know alot of people who like to kiss politician’s arses at the moment regardless of their post. That’s all it it is… a photo shoot and arse kissing session. What an honor.

  56. Who cares.
    Harrison is different kind of cat. Talk about a non-story

  57. My hats off to Blitzburgh1 for being the only god forsaken steeler fan to defend this stupid moron!!
    Where in the hell is Magoo, Frank Burns, and Stiller(43)??????? Hello??? Hard to defend this huh fellas???

  58. Bwahaahahaha, what a dumbass.
    Hey James, I’ve got some prime real estate in south central Florida to sell you.

  59. I’m a Steeler fan I I don’t get this. It’s a tradition. All champions get invited to the WH to honor their accomplishment. He’s not inviting them over to get to know them better. No non-champion team has ever been invited to the WH b/c the President doesn’t have time to invite everyone over.
    Did James go last time despite Bush only inviting the Steelers b/c they won SB XL???
    I guess Harrison is only football smart.

  60. So he doesn’t want to spend time with a liberal President. Who gives a damn ..
    If anyone has pay’d attention Obama doesn’t just stick with the “Title teams”. He invited the Chicago Bulls and what did the Bulls win? Nada. So Obama is already wasting my money. Good for you Harrison.

  61. Hey Harrison – don’t feel bad. My local Pop Warner team was snubbed by Obama too. Couldn’t even spare 5 minutes to meet with the Class DD 4th place pee wee team. And he calls himself a leader.

  62. I love how all of you Obama ass kissers have nothing to say but, “moron”, “d-bag”, and whatever other character assassination stuff you can come up with.
    Nevermind the fact that Harrison worked hard to get to where he’s at. Nevermind the fact that Obama rewards people who don’t work and penalizes people, like Harrison, who have worked for their wealth only to have half of it taken by the government. Nevermind the fact that Obama should be spending his time fixing society’s problems, not taking photos with athletes, who are nothing more than that: athletes.
    We hold these people up to be gods when they’re nothing more than human beings. I think this is a credit to Harrison’s humility. All of you other dummies might as well go back to making out with your Obama campaign stickers now – James Harrison will probably be in the gym or on the track.
    And no, I live in Pittsburgh, but I’m a Chiefs fan. No Steeler is my boy, but I respect James Harrison today for having the proper perspective on life.

  63. mwooley2323 says:
    Did James go last time despite Bush only inviting the Steelers b/c they won SB XL???
    Actually, no. So that makes him no hypocrite nor a fool.
    And for those calling him stupid, think about this. Ochostinko would be knocking little old ladies out of their wheelchairs for a chance to kiss Obama’s ass.

  64. Of course some of you morons are turning this into a political piss and moan session.
    Get a grip.

  65. uhhh….matt hoover…
    every president has done this…it’s a tradition…just cuz you dont like obama doesnt mean that this is your opportunity to bring it up in some backwards way…harrison could’ve just said i dont like obama, i dont want to go, and left it at that…mark chmura didnt like bill clinton, said he didnt like clinton, and didnt go either…harrison’s explanation makes no sense and is just dumb…that’s why he is being called a dou*chebag…this was just your opportunity to make a political rant for no reason…good job, smart guy…

  66. @Hoover….What Obama ass kissers?…Did he just start this?…Hell, this is just a harmless tradition that has been going on for decades, it probably lasts a half hour, and is just a photo op for all parties involved. This isn’t anything about humility, or anyones work ethic…..I didn’t think i would read a statement as stupid as Harrison’s until i read yours…..And do you actually think James Harrison gives a rats ass about your perspective on life?………And No i didn’t vote for him…..What an ass…..

  67. Obama took the unusual step of saying he was pulling for the Steelers BEFORE the Super Bowl.
    McCain is from Arizona.
    Rooney will be ambassador to Ireland….
    Not sure how Pittsburgh is being dissed.
    The Cards have been dissed

  68. When James tries on a hat he asks himself “Does this hat make my head look fat?”

  69. He is known for is humbleness (family-rooted) and not liking the spotlight. That’s why he didn’t go last time either.

  70. I suppose the White House press corps will set it’s sights on him in three… two… one…

  71. “Going to the White House is one of the most overrated experiences ever. It’s just a building full of douchebags.”
    Could say the same about Lambeau Field.

  72. i respect the guys football skills but this confirms that this guy is a dumb-donkey. i dont like him. did people forget what he did in the playoffs last year???? he has issues that need to be dealt with.

  73. “Maybe James just feels that lying, scumbag politicians of any party aren’t worth his time. ”
    So explain why he plays for Dan Rooney.

  74. Hey Douchebag, the excitement isn’t that the president gets to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers, it is that the Steelers get to meet the President and get an inside look at the White House. Oh my god can this guy more like a 15 yr old.

  75. “Nevermind the fact that Obama should be spending his time fixing society’s problems, not taking photos with athletes”
    If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather he meet with more athletes than try to “fix” anything else.

  76. Blitzburgh1: He didn’t go last time? How do you know?
    As for Hoover and mitchrapp: Please spare us your Obama hatred. You sould like sore losers. Harrison DID NOT say he didn’t want to meet with Obama. He said he didn’t want to go just b/c they won the SB. He’s fine with it if he gets invited over any other time. That’s what makes no sense. Obama’s wasting your money? Bush more than doubled the national debt from $5T to $11T in 8 years (that’s a record). And just so you know, Obama’s income tax rates are well below Reagans. Clinton and and Obama feel the top earners should pay 40% in taxes. Reagan charged the top earners 50%. Talk about redistribution of wealth…..
    Please go back to making fun of Obama’s hamburger indgredients, your party is irrevelant.

  77. WOW..Way to go James.. Wonder what’s going on with him, He was a no show at 2 or 3 autograph shows here in Md.. Each time he was supposed to come back,He never showed..And the last 1 had Lambert..

  78. What a moron. He wasn’t even in the end zone on that play in the Super Bowl. Now he is gonna stiff the president. Its probably all the ROIDS corsing through his veins.

  79. What a moron. He wasn’t even in the end zone on that play in the Super Bowl. Now he is gonna stiff the president. Its probably all the ROIDS coursing through his veins.

  80. Even though he didn’t go in 2006 after the STeelers won the Super Bowl, he is still an idiot for saying that.

  81. He didn’t want to see Bush in 06 and doesn’t want to see Obama in 09. We should ask which person he wants to be President?

  82. Did you know that the all of the top ten states in college graduates went for Obama and all of the top ten states in adult illiteracy voted for McCain. This is a FACT. Opinions?

  83. Maybe he is just smart enough to figure out how much of that $51m Obama is gonna take in taxes. Seeing how he’s in that bracket.

  84. Can’t believe it took until the third page of comments for someone to note that Harrison did the same thing the last time the Steelers won it all. Good job, mjthomas.
    All least Harrison is consistent, crazy or not.

  85. and i’m sure harrison signed his contract in a crayon HE picked out, not one that some dumb coach handed him. what a moron…..

  86. has harrison had his “black” membership card revoked yet? or is he just joking?
    seriously, no one is this stupid…..

  87. Florio
    He gets paid to make tackles, not think. Just like Miss California. She’s paid to look beautiful, not think.

  88. Just James being James.
    Memo to idiots: James doesn’t really care much about all the hoopla that surrounds his job. He seems to care mostly about beating the living crap out of our opponents every chance he gets, especially QBs. That’s why I love him. That’s why most of you jokers would love him too if he played for your sorry team. But he won’t. He’s a Steeler for for life as he should be. You can’t stop James. You can only hope your QB doesn’t come up lame after encountering him.
    And to the brain-dead patsies fan (a few pages back here) who didn’t quite remember the beating we put on you girls this year, the final score was Steelers 33, Patsies 10. In your house. Not sure how you think that game would have been different if not for a KR TD of whatever the heck you were selling.

  89. “Did you know that the all of the top ten states in college graduates went for Obama and all of the top ten states in adult illiteracy voted for McCain. This is a FACT. Opinions? ”
    Here’s one. Higher education will never replace common sense.

  90. The main problem is that the Stealers pay the referees. This has been fairly blatant for about 5 years. Santonio Holmes was given credit for a TD on the 3 yrd line for God’s sake.

  91. 44-6-andthenRomofainted says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 7:43 pm
    The main problem is that the Stealers pay the referees. This has been fairly blatant for about 5 years. Santonio Holmes was given credit for a TD on the 3 yrd line for God’s sake.

  92. 44-6-andthenRomofainted says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 7:43 pm
    The main problem is that the Stealers pay the referees. This has been fairly blatant for about 5 years. Santonio Holmes was given credit for a TD on the 3 yrd line for God’s sake.
    And you all wonder why James Harrison hits people.

  93. the regular people in society gotta put up with THUGS AND I MEAN THUGS LIKE THIS…… what is ridiculous is guys getting 100 million to play football, baseball, basketball, or soccer….. half of them are drug addicts, crap heads or idiots…… a few of them are involved in murders…. ray lewis, donte stallworth etc……………… if the fans would stop going these 32 rich cats would go broke and so would the 1600 hundred players…………. its rigged anyhow

  94. Christ, I know the internet gives everyone on the planet a chance to voice their opinion, but anything you read on the internet can be taken out of context. If any of you idiots were a high profile athlete with the media constantly asking you questions and you answering them, they can take that and construe it into whatever they think the mass morons will believe. So he doesn’t want to go to the White House, who cares? This guy was busting his ass 2 days after winning the Super Bowl getting ready to try to do it again.
    Also, the Steelers must pay off the refs, give me a break, I love this crap it’s unbelievably sad that people actually think this even though the Steelers have gotten calls on them or interceptions taken from them because the refs don’t know the rules. Only problem is the Steelers have overcome those calls to win the game because that is what GREAT teams do. Go Steelers, win a 7th one.

  95. I’d love to be neutral…but it’s impossible. I am blown away at what an epic moron he is!

  96. I wonder if he turned down the Super Bowl winners game check bonus because Arizona would’ve gotten those as well.

  97. 44-6-andthenRomofainted says:
    May 16th, 2009 at 7:43 pm
    The main problem is that the Stealers pay the referees. This has been fairly blatant for about 5 years. Santonio Holmes was given credit for a TD on the 3 yrd line for God’s sake.
    Bitterness. A ride to Pittsburgh will show you something you can’t find in Philly. Six somethings.

  98. Ted Baxter, Michael Scott, James Harrison.
    “As far as I’m concerned, [Obama] would’ve invited Arizona if they had won.”… This is Yogi Berra worthy. One of the greatest straight lines in sports history. And given this nugget, think of all the stuff we don’t get to hear. God I can’t wait to hear him defend this statement.

  99. That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. We could very well be listening to the stupidest person on the face of the earth! Wow! I mean, just wow!

  100. I love the retards trying to defend this ridiculous statement. Uh, he can do whatever he wants. Uh, he is right. It’s not a big deal to go to the White House so why go. You can love the guy on the field and admit he is an idiot off the field. Don’t try and defend such a ridiculous position.

  101. The people who sincerely believe that James Harrison has an actual political agenda and isn’t just extremely uneducated and steroid riddled are dumber than he is. My absolute favorite are the “I just became a James Harrison fan” posts like his wife beating and drug use should just be overlooked.

  102. I’m not sure I completely understand James’ sentiment. Perhaps, he feels that President Obama is a politician and is therefore insincere in his praise and support of the Steelers? Not a true fan as such. Well the guy is from Chicago.
    Obama has to be a Bears fan. So the President will have divided loyalties when the Steelers and Bears get together this year? I don’t think so. Mr. Harrison should give the President the benefit of the doubt and at least shake his hand.
    Now if this ceremony was with the previous President, I would understand completely. I wouldn’t want to be in the same state as George Bush let alone the same room.
    I wonder if the pay offs to the officials will be part of the new CBA?
    “And their buying their way to Seven”
    Led Zeppelin

  103. And if the Steelers didnt win the Super Bowl, why would the President be interested in meeting the team? He isnt a fan. Its a tradition that the winning team gets to visit the White House. I normally like Harrison but his logic on this is pretty ridiculous

  104. I think its pretty clear that what James Harrison is saying is that he won’t be a shiny toy for any president to hold up and say “see I love the Pitt everyone vote for me who lives there”.
    This isn’t a repub/demo thing, its a he doesn’t feel the need to be a show piece thing. I actually think that is kinda cool. Maybe he would rather chill with the fam or relax that day.
    Anyone who would just auto call him an idiot is a think small sort of person…Also I have a feeling the same people who would get angry at him not seeing Obam would think he was a hero for not seeing G.W.
    Don’t be a right or left, just be you.

  105. Also are we really giving a 5 rate on people who just respond saying “wow” to stories. Is that what we have become as a profootballtalk people. Debate, information, serious thought. Lets not dumb this down folks.
    I mean come on…wow.

  106. This may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard an athlete say. He sounds like Yogi Berra with a chip on his shoulder.

  107. It seems to me that Harrison thinks that it’s more of an honor for the president to meet the Steelers, than it is for the Steelers to meet the president.
    While I’m not really an Obama supporter, he still holds the most powerful position in the world. You really need to get over yourself James. Obama is giving you an opportunity, not the other way around.

  108. I may be repeating what is already said on here, but 7 pages comments is a lot to read. He is not being racist or has (to my knowledge) anything against Obama. He did the same thing to Bush the last time they won the Super Bowl (which Florio conviently left out).

  109. Screw quantum mechanics, who killed Kennedy, and where we go when we die. The real mystery in life is why one comment gets posted on PFT and another gets moderated.

  110. Why is everyone making a big deal over the fact that he’s not going to go see Obama?
    He didn’t go to the White House in ’05 to meet Bush……and he’s staying consistent in his stance about going this year. It wasn’t a story before, but that was only George Bush. Now, he’s turning down the chance to meet the great and all powerful Barack Obama. I guess Rose Garden photo ops are not exactly his style. It’s a non issue and a contrived story by the media in an off season where the reigning Super bowl champs are not exactly known for off season drama.
    Maybe he’ll change his mind when the Steelers get their invitation next year. 🙂

  111. I don’t see what’s not to understand here. He doesn’t want to go visit the president because, to him, it’s not genuine.
    Let’s keep in mind, this was the same guy who was pissed at the other members of his team because he was the only guy in the weight room the day after the Super Bowl. He’s single-minded and as intense as it comes.
    He didn’t visit Bush after SBXL either. He’s just not into that stuff. You’re making the situation out to be more than it is; he’s kind of anti-social. He didn’t get to where he is now by doing things that he feels are a waste of his time.

  112. what a complete moron…obama was a supporter of the steelers..james harrison is an idiot

  113. Non-issue. He didn’t go after Super Bowl XL either.
    It’s not like you get to have a one-on-one with the President. 53 guys will be there. Shake hands. Maybe small talk. He’s probably just enjoying his time off.
    Although, if I were in his place I would definitely go.

  114. I reckon he’s afraid of being offered a position on the president’s cabinet… new contract, lots of taxes to pay… hmmm

  115. That was stupid…. opportunity of a life time to be with your team meeting the president of the united states. I think it’s an honor and no it’s not overblown…when you think about it…you’re playing a freak’in childs game…and you’re lucky WE the people fans love the game or you wouldn’t have a freak’in job. I’m in the military and I put my life on the line everyday for this country and I can’t even meet the president who’s my boss/Commander-in-Chief!
    Harrison can go fly a freak’in Kite for all I care…

  116. I just realized that this could be purely political. Is James Harrison a Republican mole? The Rooneys were big supporters of President Obama. And now one of them (Dan?) is the U.S. ambassador to Ireland.
    Is this a political slap in the face?! I hope Rush Limbaugh doesn’t find out about it.

  117. Love him as a player, but he’s obviously not very bright. If he doesn’t want to go that’s fine, I wouldn’t have went when Bush was in office, but my reasons would have been a little more intelligent.

  118. So did he not accept his Super Bowl ring either, seeing as how the NFL wouldn’t have just given him one if Pitt didn’t win the Super Bowl?
    “The NFL should just want to give the Steelers Super Bowl rings, not just because we won the Super Bowl, but because they just want to give them to us.”

  119. “Did you know that the all of the top ten states in college graduates went for Obama and all of the top ten states in adult illiteracy voted for McCain. This is a FACT. Opinions? ”
    So did every state that is against Jessica’s law which does mandatory sentences for child rapists.
    Hell I voted for this guy and already have buyers remorse.

  120. Yea I think the presidents has better things to do then to meet with 120+ major sports teams each year.

    I wonder if they would invite the Montreal Candiens to the white house if they win another stanley cup?

  121. This is the first for me…. I wasn’t on PFT two years ago. But if I was….. Man these people are idiots. Let me paraphrase for him….

    “This is a traditional photo-op. I don’t really care. If the President wants to meet me as an individual, he’s free to invite me at any time and I will go. But I don’t really consider this traditional invite to the winning franchise to be an honor, and I am choosing not to go, for no other reason than I really don’t want to be a part of it.”

    This is no different than the guy who turns down lunch with the boss for being named Employee of the Month. You can call him dumb if you want, but if he doesn’t want to go, then why should he?

    Of course, the people who are acting like he is some kind of hero for it are just as pathetic as the ones who are belittling him for it……

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