Where Will The Big Show Play In 2010?

To the delight of every NFL head coach who needs to win in 2009 or face termination in January, former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren had made it known that he plans to return to the league in 2010.
But where will he be working?
PFTV takes a look at the situation.


13 responses to “Where Will The Big Show Play In 2010?

  1. No offense but talk about a slooow offseason story…and you felt it was worth dragging Joe Rogaine out of the bar to make a video on it? Oy.
    We all feel bad about how Walrus got royally screwed by yinzer refs in XL but I’m not sure there’s any teams eager to lure him out of involuntary retirement. I think Ziggy would rather have BBB (Brainy Brian Billick) return home than recycle some burned out old Packer retread.
    Bret Faverer.

  2. To answer your headline I don’t think he’ll “play” anywhere. Ever. I don’t think he’s in playing shape.

  3. Mike? Are you setting up a scenario where Brett Favre and Mike Holmgren might actually reunite, wearing sissy purple? Maybe I can’t spell apocolypse but I sure feel onecoming if things shake out that way….

  4. Holmgren? Return to coaching? I’d have to say it’ll be whatever town has the most all you can eat buffet’s. Seriously, he’s about 50 pounds away from Jabba the Hutt status. And yes, I hate him.

  5. Where will Mike Holmgren be in 2010? Your answer: Depends on which teams have openings.
    Well, duh. What a waste of time this was. Can I have the last two minutes of my life back please?

  6. Would be interesting to see if Childress gets the boot and Favre and Holmgren make an entrance to Minnesota in 2010.
    Im guessing Oakland, Denver, Dallas, Minn, or maybe Cincinati could be interesting prospective candidates depending on how the coaches do this up coming season.
    Than Carolina or Jax if you really wanna stretch it depending on how these guys do. I think its going to take a decent ammount to get these guys fired. Jax and Carolina owners seem to be somewhat committed to these coaches through thick and thin.

  7. Well if he goes to the Skins, the NFC East will definitely have the most tonnage patrolling the sidelines with him, Andy the Blimp Reid and the Dork in Dallas….

  8. New England. This is Bill Belicick’s last year.
    You heard it here first.
    Don’t ask how I know – I know.

  9. Eat it Florio says:
    “This is Bill Belicick’s last year.”
    Don’t bet on it. I know you hope this is the case, but he is not going anywhere in the near future. The man eats, breathes and sleeps football. He went to college in Connecicut, is (unfairly) reviled across America and deified in New England. No way.
    “Don’t ask how I know – I know.”
    Sounds like the authorities may need to be notified as a preemptive measure.

  10. Jesus I can see it now, Favre comes out of retirement this season and plays for the Queens, then retires. Again. Holmgren is then hired after Minnesota flames out… and Favre comes out of retirement. Again.

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