Beware Phony Twitter Accounts

Last night, we posted an item regarding comments contained in what appears to be DeMarcus Ware’s Twitter feed.  In a comment on his Twitter page, Ware suggested that a new deal with the Cowboys is close.
As it turns out, the account is fake. 
We weren’t the only ones duped by the faux DeMarcus; the Dallas Morning News had a similar item based on the tweetings of the supposed Cowboys’ linebacker.
Last night, Ware sent a text message to Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News explaining that it’s not him.
(But how can we be so sure that the person who sent the text to Archer isn’t an imposter, too?)
It’s actually a pretty convincing fake account, since it looks and feels a lot like the actual Twitter feeds of many NFL players.
Of course, it’s not the only fake.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen recently pointed out in his own Twitter feed (unless it’s not really Mort . . . maybe it’s DeMarcus Ware) that neither Peyton Manning nor Eli Manning have Twitter accounts. 
That likely comes as a surprise to the 8,500-plus who follow Peyton and the 14,500-plus who follow Eli.

27 responses to “Beware Phony Twitter Accounts

  1. That’s what you geniuses get for following Twitter in the first place. I love how you threw the Dallas Morning News under the bus like that’s supposed to justify the stupidity on your behalf.
    Good one Florio.

  2. Wow….is there anything more pathetic than creating a fake “twitter” account to pretend that you’re some athlete? Oh yeah, following “twitter” at all.

  3. How about just BEWARE TWITTER!!! I don’t have a Twitter account. Never have. Never will. However, I do read PFT religiously…so I am starting to feel like I have a Twitter account since every 3rd article on here is about a twitter posting. Can you just put Twitter postings in another thread and make this what it used to be? Hopefully, this Demarcus Ware fake twitter account episode will get you off the damn thing. They have no security and no way to tell who is who with those things. And of course, there is no copyrights or anything on your own name in the twitter accounts. It is stupid and ridiculous.

  4. Hahahah Sucker!!
    Now you actually have to rely on your journalism skills instead of regurgitating someones tweets….

  5. I am going to laugh my azz off when they find out Drew Rosenwhore’s account is fake

  6. Holy crap! People on the internet are pretending to be someone else? Your secrets out Florio, it’s back to the court room for you, if you really even are a lawyer.

  7. Whew, I guess I will have to keep this in mind the next time I decide to completely ignore Twitter, any “news” coming from Twitter or anybody who is so self-important as to feel the need to “tweet”.

  8. Yet another reason that I dislike Twitter and only see it as a fad.
    Although, I’m sure the Olson Twins Twitter account is real! They are going to meet me for a romantic evening tomorrow night!! How lucky!

  9. Gee, everything posted on the internet (by someone using an alias) isn’t true? Thanks for the scoop.
    Please stick to football talk.

  10. I don’t think this is the real Mike Florio of PFT. There hasn’t been a Pat White story in hours. Make something up already.

  11. How exactly can you differentiate between the phony ones and the real ones?…..Oh, i know…. don’t follow the damn thing at all……The heading is funny though…….BEWARE, or else you’ll make an ass out of yourself like this site just did…..

  12. Man, journalism is turning into the laziest form of a job…..where is the fact checking? Does everyone just report what another reporter is reporting?
    As far as validating the text, common sense (though its often wrong when talking about lazy journalists) says that the writer probably has Ware’s cell phone number, so he knows that its coming from his phone.

  13. Don’t report tweets as news and this wouldn’t happen. But Florio would report a 2nd grader who tells him Brett Favre is going to play this season.

  14. Twitter is the coolest invention of all time…. if you are a 13 year-old girl.

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