DeAngelo Hall Makes Fun Of Al Davis

Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall probably won’t have to worry about receiving any Christmas cards from enigmatic Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.
Especially not after the former Raiders starter poked fun at Davis during a radio interview with WJFK, according to
Hall related how Davis allegedly got up to speed on Tom Cable’s background in the middle of elevating him to interim coach in the wake of firing coach Lane Kiffin.
“Probably the funniest thing, I was pretty close to Lane Kiffin and after they fired Lane and were about to announce who the next coach was, I don’t know if you guys saw this in the media world, but I was actually sitting there live, me and a couple other players there in the back,” Hall said.  “And [Davis] went through this whole spiel of what happened . . . and said our next coach is Tom Cable, he’s going to be our interim coach.  When everybody paused for Tom to come in, like a breakoff.  [Davis] goes to the media guide and not even whispering says ‘Hey, anyone got any information on this Tom Cable guy, I don’t know where he comes from.’
“That’s just vintage Al Davis.  Making a move, not really knowing why, no real justification for doing it.  But just saying, ‘Hey, I want this guy, let’s get him, I’ll figure everything else out later.’  And that’s just how Al Davis is.”
[Editor’s note:  Um, doesn’t that more accurately sum up the Redskins’ approach to pro personnel over the last decade?]
Hall made $8 million in eight games with the Raiders prior to being cut.  Despite the lofty financial windfall garnered from his brief sojourn in Oakland, Hall is extremely glad to be out of there.
“Oh, it’s a weight off my shoulders, just that whole situation out there and the way they did things,” Hall said.  “I’m not knocking it, but it wasn’t what I was accustomed to, what I was used to, and I just started just not caring like a bunch of other guys, you know.  It kind of rubs off on you.
“They say you go to Oakland as a player to die.  You can definitely go there and have fun towards the end of your career, but to go there during the prime of your career, that’s just not a place you want to be.  I felt the same when I was out of there, just a sigh of relief to get out of there.”

91 responses to “DeAngelo Hall Makes Fun Of Al Davis

  1. I will never forget 5’9 rookie Eddie (money) Royal (with cheese) eating this d-bag alive. Hall has no right to make fun of anyone, maybe he should worry a little more about staying on a roster and less about the dude that cut him.

  2. Well D-Hall is a D-Bag. Just throwin that out there. Nothing he says can be taken seriously

  3. Wow what a COMPLETE Moron. Deangelo, I am so glad you’re not on our team anymore. You got payed a ton of money to play like crap and draw personal fouls. Enjoy failing harder on the Redskins.
    Oh and its obvious Al was joking. A LOT is said about him but would he literally not know anything the next head couch of his team. I highly doubt that.

  4. Sour Grapes Hall.
    Hall couldn’t cover a bed with a blanket. Just another over rated, over paid , over the hill, bite the hand that feeds you loser. Don’t let the door hit you in your butt on the way out.
    The guy was a torch. About the only one who couldn’t light him up was probably the peanut vendor in section 215.
    Good riddance.

  5. I feel bad for the Raiders.
    That’s not the way to treat a team that paid you $8 million to appear in 8 games. If you don’t have something nice to say about the franchise, keep your mouth shut.

  6. dick move by Hall, Al Davis payed him $8 Mill to come in and stink it up so I guess he Al proved his point.

  7. Hall also whined about the way the Falcons did things. I’m sure he’ll be whining about his new team soon if he isn’t already.

  8. Hall said. “I’m not knocking it, but it wasn’t what I was accustomed to”
    like covering and not getting beat every play?
    it’s not oakland’s fault that a rookie in his first game torched you in man to man coverage. D Hall is a bum and i can’t believe washington paid him all that money… again.

  9. Could care less about Hall. I’m sure he’s going to win a lot of Super Bowls with Washington and I can here Canton calling for him now. I hope we can all wave to him on his way down. Nothing lost but a whole lot of money.

  10. hearing these stories about Davis makes me very thankful that Kraft is the owner of the Patriots. Its kinda sad that the best way the Raiders can succeed is to fire the owner. and kinda like Detroit with Millen, they’ve got no where to go but up. and that kinda reminds me again that I’m thankful that Kraft and Belichick run the Pats.

  11. C’mon Hall, you got burned in the Atlanta game in Oakland and was crying to the refs. You were getting burned before that game. You have always blamed others for your shortcomings.
    In the word’s of Arthur Blank, “Grow up.”

  12. “that’s just not a place you want to be. I felt the same when I was out of there, just a sigh of relief to get out of there.”
    I felt the same way when I got out of El Paso.

  13. “Hey, anyone got any information on this Tom Cable guy, I don’t know where he comes from.”
    One could substitute “Tom Cable” with “Deangelo Hall” and the quote would probably remain just as true…

  14. Funny how a corner who was beaten by every receiver he ever tried to cover when he was in Oakland would take a cheap shot at a hall of fame great football man like Al Davis. MeAngelo is not fit to shine Al’s silver and black shoes!

  15. About the whole world was making fun of Hall when that rookie receiver from Denver was making him his prison bitch in that opening Monday Night game. DeAngelo should just STFU already.

  16. Just another disgruntled ex-raider(real players get a capital R) who never panned out with the Silver & Black. He was relegated to the weak side and got his ass burned by a rookie in the first game of the season on prime time. Hes just bitter like Sapp, whos fat ass led the worst run defense in the league during his tenure, then he goes and blames the front office and the players around him. High profile players who get paid, don’t perform, then badmouth their former teams when they look bad. I’ll agree with both of them on this point – The Raiders front office does need an overhaul in terms of their free agent aquisitions the past few years. Exhibit A is signing Warren “run it down my throat” Sapp, Exhibit B is signing DeAngelo “burnt toast” Hall. Typical big talk, little walk players who couln’t lead a Sapp to a buffet line.

  17. “That’s just vintage Al Davis. Making a move, not really knowing why, no real justification for doing it. But just saying, ‘Hey, I want this guy, let’s get him, I’ll figure everything else out later.’ And that’s just how Al Davis is.”
    mmmm….DeAngelo, ya think maybe the same could be said about you?

  18. MeAngelo, why don’t you try to play cornerback once in awhile and be thankful Al gave you a contract. It will be a matter of time before the Skin fans get tired of your issues just like the Raiders and Falcons did.

  19. Good riddance fck-head… Maybe the fact that you suck has affected your outlook in Oakland. The the best corner in the league actually re-signed with Oakland, so screw you and your BS ego.

  20. Speaking as Broncos fan, I think Hall needs to shut his mouth.
    Al Davis, despite having his “moments,” has done more for this league than Hall, the pathetic little fraud, will ever hope to accomplish. Furthermore, the Raiders were better WITHOUT Hall in the lineup.
    Soon, Washington fans will learn to despise this guy; Snyder vastly overpaid for an overrated corner who is a legend in his own mind.

  21. Let me get this straight, Al Davis forgot what high school Tom Cable went to and now he is senile? Must be a slow news day.

  22. Funny. Probably not true. I’d rather overpay for Asomugha than for that douche.

  23. MeAngelo is still pissed he got fired. He’s a bit butt hurt that an older player like Chris Johnson outplayed him and forced his release. He can’t cover man to man and that’s what the Raiders asked him to do. He’s an inferior CB especially when you line him up opposite of Nnamdi.

  24. Yeah, he sure was relieved to get out of there last season, he would have broken the record for “most embarrasing games played by a corner in a season” by playing next to Namdi…

  25. Junkies!
    Deangelo sounds like a cool guy after hearing the interview – weird, the Raiders can’t properly utilize their personel – whats new?
    Anyone still clowning on him didn’t check the interview

  26. Look at the Al Davis Slaves.
    You think Davis really cares about you?
    Keep making him rich while you work two jobs.
    Bow down to your master.
    Raider slaves.
    Look at the little Raider Puppets defend their Tyrant

  27. You could hear that in his presser. Dump.
    No s#!t Hall…
    Al’s oldn’uts but he’s more talented with talent and knows your lack of. You’d still be on the team otherwise.
    Get bent Mr. Zone Defense.
    You couldn’t handle the island that’s why you’re gone. GFY.

  28. Davis was absolutely right to get rid of the immature Kiffin. Just look at how he runs his mouth at Tennessee, now that he has his daddy with him to do the defense for him.
    DeAngelo Hall is a bum. I have no idea how he ever convinced anyone that he was a great CB in the NFL. I think he just kept calling HIMSELF the best CB in the league and the media ate it up and started repeating that lie. The only reason Hall got away with his charade as a “great” CB for so long is that nobody saw him play in Atlanta. I saw Hines Ward (not exactly a speed merchant), beat Hall for a huge gain, and Ward’s shoe came off in the middle of the run too.

  29. @redbirds37.
    Whew you told us…
    Enjoy that SuperBowl….Lord knows that’ll happen again…
    Just like the Dolts…1 and done with a loss…..Congrats.

  30. …yawn…
    Like Hall was even playing hard in Oakland. You Silver & Black followers are brain washed.

  31. I’m pretty sure this is the same guy who was praising Davis and the way he does things. And that was AFTER he was released. I don’t really have time to hunt for an article(florio, a lil help?), but I’m probably 90% sure he was saying he enjoyed working for AL. So, the question is, who is the crazy one? No wonder Kiffin and him were close.

  32. Davis is talented with talent?
    Hall not fit to shine Davis’ shoes?
    Real players get a capital R?
    It’s not Al Davis, it’s the bad players like Sapp and Hall!
    This comment section gets an A+ in my mind! First off I’d say anyone can be talented with talent…that doesn’t take a genius. Of course, it helps when you can still recognize talent. It’s not Sapp or Hall’s fault that Davis can’t judge talent and was willing to way over pay for guys who apparently suck.
    Obviously there is something wrong in Oakland. Something very wrong. Randy Moss went from a guy who couldn’t catch a pass to catching 23TDs one year later. Now obviously Brady is way better than anyone the Raiders have had in their history, but that doesn’t change the fact that when he was with the Raiders he simply felt he didn’t have to do anything…because no one else was doing anything. You can blame the players all you want but why does every free agent acquisition fail in Oakland? And why do players like Ashumuga (or however its spelled) need to be brow beaten into a contract with the threat of the franchise tag to stay? It’s not the snow.
    Real players get a capital R – smart players get away from the Raiders clown show as fast as possible.
    PS – Is Davis planning to hire another innkeeper as a coordinator this year? If so a friend of mine works at a local hotel!

  33. Circle the date!! december 13th 2009. Washington Redskins at Oakland Raiders. I can’t wait to see DHB and whatever receiver light up Meangelo Hall. What a idiot. That little biatch will probably fake an injury so he doesn’t have to suit up. Loser!!

  34. al isnt up to his same old standards at all.
    and, in fairness, al overpaid hall. for 8 games. only 8. al got jobbed on this one, but he learned.
    cable isnt any worse or better than kiffin. they still need a lot of parts.
    i dont think hall is as bad as some say. but he quit as a raider before the first game started. he also should not have a job in the nfl.

  35. I found a quote, “But I don’t think I would trade this for the world. Just to meet Al Davis, to get to pick his brain, to know the kind of person he is and the impression he had on football is good for me to say that I know him.” This is after saying he went for the money and other stuff to shift the attention away from the fact that he can’t play man-to man coverage. But still, you don’t say that about a person you think is crazy unless you are crazy yourself.

  36. If I could locate all of the positive quotes about Al Davis, about how D Hall believed he was the perfect fit for Al’s “man on an island” CB play before last year preseason you’d all laugh your asses off at such a change in tune. He was Al Davis’s buddy last year and now he’s throwing him under the bus. Last year he talked about Al’s knowledge and how he was surprised at how much information about football Al knew.
    Hall’s attitude didn’t change because of players around him, his attitude changed because on his first game with Oakland Hall got schooled by a rookie and then proceeded to do lousy until they released him.
    Hall plays well in DC because he’s protected in their scheme. He knows he has help. Hall is getting big money from an idiot owner who could’ve used the money much wiser on a less expensive CB and got the same production.
    If Hall played in a real D he’d get his shorts handed to him on a conistent basis.

  37. “That’s just vintage Al Davis. Making a move, not really knowing why, no real justification for doing it…”.
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh. So he must not have had a “real reason” for dumping your weak ass, either? Except…
    You got totally PUNKED by a rookie on NATIONAL TV. lol! You gave up the most completions in the entire NFL. You should just stfu.

  38. So why was Hall dumb enough to sign there?
    Doesn’t he do some research before signing with a team?
    His own point about Al not doing research (especially in signing Hall) makes Hall look foolish.

  39. Great comments people.
    Among the best is the comment that reminds us that ole “Mr. 15 yard cushion” is due for an appearance at the Coliseum this year. I can’t wait for that one.

  40. And saying you were “pretty close” to Lame Kiffin is an indictment in itself.

  41. MeAngelo Hall came here and got paid big, but like the previous posters said “D Hall believed he was the perfect fit for Al’s “man on an island” CB play before last year preseason”
    I can tell you as a person who lives here (Bay Area) and goes to the games (In Oakland) There is no way a CB who plays zone should be paid like a CB who plays man to man (Nnamdi)
    Nothing is more pathetic than watching Hall play defense there is plenty of tape if you so chose.

  42. Invaidummy slave,
    I am suprised your Master Al lets you use a computer.
    Did you bow to your Davis picture.
    Redbirds is for baseball.
    Soon the Mighty Raiders will be in L.A.
    Be ready to give your paycheck to the Raiders fund.
    Bucs 48 Raiders 21
    Great job by the genius Davis of letting Gruden go.

  43. I was there when you got burnt on opening night against DENVER and I’m going to be there on December 13th 2009 1:05 pm in OAKTOWN eAngelo when your weak ass game gotta come to the BLACK HOLE…Bring a notebook and watch a true lockdown corner #21

  44. I thiink asomougha cared… He had a stellar season. d hall came in and allowed the most receiving yards in a 8 gm period in nfl history… Then when chris johnson came in the secondary locked it down the rest of the season… Except against new england…. D hall stop carring when eddie royal, a rookie seemed unstoppable in that first game… Guess what hall, u can’t play man defense… that’s what the raiders do…

  45. Wow,
    Hall now plays for a decent team with solid Ownership.
    An owner who does not sniff dementia pills like Alvin.

  46. Deangelo was a ham when he was here and My Silver n Black will be better off for it…. NOW THE RIGHT MAN HAS BEEN PAID
    Nnamdi 21, best corner alive
    since the best corner retired (prime 21)

  47. I am a Raider hater, but i like Al Davis. Deangelo Hall is the protypical arrogant, spoiled football player that thinks he is bigger than the game itself. I loved watching hall get burned in atlanta and oakland. it’s just too bad davis blew so much money on that lame punk. talk about ingratitude. i bet he starts complaining about the coaching in washington by the third game. the guy is overrated, and should pump gas for a couple of years to make him realize just how generous davis was. what a moron.

  48. A guy who got paid $8 million to play terribly for 8 games is probably not the best guy to complain about the Raiders. We all know they are one of the worst run organizations in football. But what Hall doesnt realize is that they have that label because they throw money at losers like him. The guy is a jerk and a cancer,
    Somehow this guy keeps getting a chance and big money even though he hasnt displayed any recognizable football skills since his rookie year. Al Davis has done some dumb things but one of the smart things he did do was realize he made a mistake with Hall and get rid of him

  49. You Raiders/Al Davis apologists are amazing.
    You can trash DeAngelo Hall all you want to and he deserves some if it. But listen to his words about the Raiduhs laying down and not playing. You may hate him, but his words have some merit. The players on the team do not play up to their potential, and much of it has to do with the atmosphere and the organization.
    Stop giving Davis a pass on his mistakes, like signing Hall, Javon Walker, and others to big money deals and being dead wrong. Don’t blame the players for taking the money & not performing, blame Davis for making huge mistakes. And missing badly on draft picks for most of the past 10-20 years or so. He’s sure as hell had enough top 10 draft picks, but not much to show for his decisions.
    He may have been (he actually was) a good football mind but that was years ago. He is living in the past and so are you if you actually think this team is going to be successful as long as he has control over football decisions.

  50. Should have known this cat wasnt right when he asked Eddie Royal for his autograph after that MNF beatdown.

  51. Two points here:
    Number 1: A “vintage Al Davis” would be winning superbowls, not going for eleven losses each year, but I’m sure you knew that DeAngelo.
    Number 2: DeAngelo is just mad because Al Davis came down to Redskins camp and burned him on an out route using his walker.

  52. 1st – I don’t believe for one second the account of Davis’ promotion of Cable.
    2nd – As a Raider fan, it was quite a relief when DeAngelo Hall took his $8,000,000 and left. He sucked badly.

  53. People say i feel bad for the raiders like what d hall says has credibility? I mean the guy got cut for christ sakes? So who looks worse? You will never see nnamdi get cut, you will never see adrian peterson get cut, nor fitzgerald. Why… because they’re great! Only bums get cut in the middle of the And we all know how great “deange-ho” believes he his when he’s really not so his pride is hurt. He’s delusional when it comes to how good he is. Notice all players who have something negative to say about the raiders all were cut aand wanted to speak bad about them But since he brought up his close relationship with kiffin it also proves als statement of kiffin wanting deangelo and walker correct, while kiffin tried to shift the blame of the unsuccessful signings onto al.

  54. Raiders record with DeAngelo: 2-6
    Raiders record without DeAngelo: 3-5
    Redskins record without DeAngelo: 6-3
    Redskins record with DeAngelo: 2-5
    The Raiders improved slightly, but the Redskins tanked. Coincidence?

  55. Looking at his stats in 8 games for the raiders. 49 tackles, half a sack, 3 picks and 13 PD. He was on pace for a 100 tackle season with a sack, 6 picks and over 25 PD. Those numbers are comparable to the top 5 corners in the league. Yes he got torched like most corners do from time to time. Let’s not forget, he was on pace to get those kinds of numbers playing on the 2nd worst team in football, with the WORST owner, possibly in all of sports history. Im sure it was all Randy Moss fault that he did not do well there either, could not have anything to do with the fact that the raiders front office is so bad at doing there jobs (evaluating and getting the most out of players) that they draft bums like russell, sure the guy can throw it 80 yards from his knee’s. Too bad he couldnt hit the side of a barn standing upright. At least you have Mcfadden, he is the only real talent the Oakland Al’s… errrr raiders have on offense.

  56. It’s funny how all these pussy-ass raider fans are talking so much shit. They are only pissed because their franchise will NEVER come close to a super bowl. At least not as long as that idiot ( Al Davis) is calling the shots. So Hall didn’t play that great for you, should that be the truth because the black hole idiots say so? I remember Randy Moss not doin shit for y’all, but how is he doin now? Keep pilin on Hall. Trust me, I want you to. Because when he has between 10-12 INT’s this year, all of REDSKIN nation will put their middle fingers straight up to y’alls bitch-asses

  57. Nothing is scarier than being stuck on the BART platform either before or after a Raiders game. Having said that, f Hall for picking on an old man who, whether he deserves it or not, is constantly attacked by the sports media. Way to pile on there guy. Thank god the Redskins cut Shawn Springs for this guy.

  58. “They say you go to Oakland as a player to die. You can definitely go there and have fun towards the end of your career, but to go there during the prime of your career, that’s just not a place you want to be. I felt the same when I was out of there, just a sigh of relief to get out of there.”
    What a loser. He goes to Oakland…and doesn’t do a thing! He’s one of the most overrated players in the game. I remember Atlanta toasting him all day when the Raiders played them. Get’s toasted by a rookie on opening night…Oh yeah…remember the second time we played the donks? Opposite story! spanked them 31-10!

  59. “Oh, it’s a weight off my shoulders, just that whole situation out there and the way they did things,” Hall said.
    Yup, it’s called “Man Coverage”, jackass.
    The Raiders don’t just play man though, they play Bump & Run with allot of Cover 0 and Cover 1. You have to be a complete CB to play for the Raiders.
    I don’t know how many times I yelled at the screen because this mofo was playing 15 yards off.
    This dude was anything but complete.

  60. What a doosh! I’ve NEVER seen anybody SUCK SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!! Good riddance, A-HOLE!!!!

  61. “Brewster” is right. Just because the player who criticized Davis is a hack doesn’t mean he isn’t right, at least on some points. Keep dressing up for the games like nerds and idolizing your man Al, doofuses. Meanwhile, the rest of us will enjoy yet another sub-.500 “Rai-dahs” season…

  62. Davis signed Hall thinking he could pair him with Asomugha and have a Hayes/Haynes nostalgia party. He paid Hall like a shutdown corner but, alas, poorly evaluated Hall’s actual man-cover skills. To his credit (and to avoid a big bonus payment), Al cut his losses and let Hall go after eight games. Honestly, did anyone need to see anymore of Hall in that scheme?!?!
    Hall is football’s version of Nuke LaLoosh. A million dollar mouth but a nickelback’s talent.
    PS- For everyone saying that Moss was a complete washout with the Raiders- his 1st year stats with the Raiders are almost identical to his stats last year with the Pats. So either he was OK with the Raiders for one year (but admittedly beneath his Minnesota standards) or he sucked last year with the Pats sans Brady- you can’t have it both ways.

  63. So is it safe to assume Al won’t be DeAngelo’s sponsor at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

  64. This RedBird jackass thinks Hall plays for a “decent” owner now. Who does he think he’s kidding. The Redskins haven’t done squat since Dan took over. I’ll take the three AFC West titles, losing trip to the Super Bowl and six terrible seasons over what I have seen the Redskin fans go through over the past decade. I live in Skins country, and since Dan came along, it’s been nothing but painful for the long time fans.
    MeAngelo Hall is a joke himself, and has no room to talk. If anyone truly believes anything the guy says about Al Davis, it proves they’re pretty stupid themselves. Hall knows nothing of Al Davis, you can bet on that. He probably met the man all of ten minutes during his entire stay in Oakland. He was burnt like toast in a BBQ pit every single game. He sucks! Any Redskin fans who thinks they got a good player in MeAngelo, is in for a rude awakening. He’s going to get torched when he comes back ot Oakland. That is, if he makes it on the field alive. He’s a marked man now.

  65. Idiot says: “Looking at his stats in 8 games for the raiders. 49 tackles, half a sack, 3 picks and 13 PD. He was on pace for a 100 tackle season with a sack, 6 picks and over 25 PD. Those numbers are comparable to the top 5 corners in the league.”
    Of COURSE he had 49 tackles, you moron. That’s what happens when the guy lining up in front of you always catches the ball ! You have to TACKLE him. AND the picks were pass deflections by someone else. DID YOU EVER WATCH A GAME HE PLAYED IN???

  66. so he was already not caring game 1 of the year when eddie royal made him his bitch? he needs to go sit down somewhere trying to make excuses for his bad play. Asomugha had the other side locked down so the other team would pick on Hall all game
    Chris Johnson >>> D-Fall

  67. Raiders757 slave,
    The Raiders have not won anything since Reagan.
    Players actually get better when they leave the Detriot Raiders.
    See Randy Moss.
    It’s 11am, time for Raider fans to bow to Al’s picture.

  68. Love the Junkies …. we need more Florio on there though … preferably before preseason …. give your cousin Bret some grief about getting you on there regularly!

  69. “Great job by the genius Davis of letting Gruden go.”
    Gruden won with Dungy’s team. Brilliant move to let Dungy go, by the way.

  70. “Hall now plays for a decent team with solid Ownership.”
    No he doesn’t. He plays for the Redskins.

  71. Raider slaves aka mindwashed puppets,
    Snyder does not have dementia and actually tries to improve his franchise.
    He does not sabotage it, like your Dada Al.
    The Bucs beat the Raiders because of Gruden.
    If Dungy was coaching the Bucs during the super bowl, they would have lost.
    Gruden’s knowledge of the Raiders offense exposed it.
    Go back and watch the dvd of the Bucs vs Raiders.
    You will see. The Raiders number one offense did nothing.
    Your genius owner could have kept Gruden one more season and had a Lombardi.
    I am not a Skins fan.
    Hall will have a pro bowl year.
    Also Al will be moving your Raiders back to L.A.
    The Niners will rule the Bay Area once again.

  72. Alvin’s awesome moves.
    Fires Shanahan: Shanahan wins 2 Super Bowls.
    Trades Gruden: Gruden wins 1 Super Bowl. Beats the Raiders ironically.
    Marcus Allen: another debacle.
    Moves to L.A. then moves back.: Then will eventually move back to L.A.
    Since the Raiders won a Super Bowl in 83-84, where are the brilliant moves by your DADA Alvin?

  73. hahahaha wow sounds like raiders fans are a little pissed.
    you all are the laughingstock of the NFL (besides the Lions) and you are hating on Deangelo Hall?
    maybe you should be worried about your owner not knowing anything about the head coach he is hiring and less about a CB who obviously couldn’t wait to get out of Oakland.
    he’s so bad he’s made 2 pro-bowls and had 3 picks (more than any Redskin defender last year) in like 5-6 games with the Skins last year.
    sour grapes losers.

  74. Through 8 games last year this jerk Hall was the 3rd worst DB in the league stat wise. To make things even worse, besides getting burned more times than I can remember, he would often take a swing at opposing players and add a 15 yard Personal Foul to the end of every screw up, which makes him the worst DB in the league. I often thought while watching him ‘Get a rope!’ 🙂

  75. @ empty13:
    I never understood why someone would give a ‘3’ rating, until I read your post.
    “i dont think hall is as bad as some say. but he quit as a raider before the first game started.”
    That’s acceptable?

  76. I agree with Lyle,
    I doesnt mean as much when SAP and DeAngelo bad mouth the Raiders when all they did was crap their pants on the field while cashing Al’s checks.
    DeAngelo has a point as well when he question’s Al’s methods because- after all- he signed DeAngelo to a big contract and we know how that turned out.
    Hall should be nice to Al though because Al was probably one of the few men who didn’t burn him for a touchdown or 20 yard gain last year.

  77. “If Dungy was coaching the Bucs during the super bowl, they would have lost.
    Gruden’s knowledge of the Raiders offense exposed it.”
    Wow, with insite like that, I can’t belive your not woring for ESPN, dickbag.

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