Eagles Announce Indefinite Leave Of Absence For Jim Johnson

As reported earlier today by ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, the Philadelphia Eagles officially have placed defensive coordinator Jim Johnson on an indefinite leave of absence so that he can undergo treatments for cancer.
The team also confirmed that secondary coach Sean McDermott will take over the defense in Johnson’s absence.
“Jim and I agreed that he needs to concentrate all of his efforts on his recovery,” coach Andy Reid said in a team-issued statement. “His health is number one.  He’s struggling, but he’s a tough guy and a true battler.  I hope everyone will keep him in their thoughts and prayers during this period of time.  We hope to have him back with the team as soon as possible.”

23 responses to “Eagles Announce Indefinite Leave Of Absence For Jim Johnson

  1. I was just at the Eagles Academy on Saturday at their training complex and Dave Spadero said he was doing better. Now this?!?!? Please get better soon JJ.

  2. I hope he gets well soon his health is more important than the game. He is always with the team in spirit. I hope the Eagles can use this as motiviation and try to win one for Jim

  3. Maybe this will cause the light bulb to go on inside Andy Reid’s head. Reid needs to take a leave of absence to attend to his family as well.

  4. Hope he makes a full recovery. As a Dallas fan, I sure hate facing him twice a year, but I wish not facing him were under different circumstances.

  5. Nice to see his priorities are in the right order… unlike many atheletes and coaches.
    God Speed and God Bless

  6. Good luck and hope you get better soon JJ….You have all The Eagles fans love, support and well wishes!!! You are the heart and soul of Philly defense!!!!!!!

  7. This sucks. Judging by the comments I don’t think people realize the dire situation at hand. This isn’t a matter of priorities and “hey get well soon” This a very severe type of cancer and these articles don’t sound promising. It’s very sad, I hope Jim continues to battle and is not in any discomfort. And I hope the readers keep him in their thoughts and prayers, because this is an uphill battle for his life, not a battle to get back on the sidelines

  8. Hang in there, JJ. We love ya! The NFL is a better league with you roaming the sidelines.

  9. Good Luck and fast Recovery to you JJ! Our Prayers are with you and your Family! We all know how much of a fighter you are! The Eagles need to Win it For Jim! I think the Team will still be pretty well off with Sean Mc! He has Been an understudy of JJ for a while. Oh and BTW McDermott is the secondary coach, He was moved last year. He was the LB Coach in 2007!

  10. Best of luck to the coach. It seems like guys would love to play for Jim Johnson but lately it seems like the Eagles’ top defensive players aren’t exactly happy. What’s going on there? Has Johnson’s health hurt the morale of the defense? Has his health concern (rightfully) distracted him from dealing with his players and smoothing ruffled feathers?

  11. givensr2, you sir are a scumbag.
    this blows. jim’s a first class guy, and it really sucks to see him go out like this. the “get well soon” comments are nice, and i’m sure they are appreciated, but unfortunately, and i don’t mean to sound like a pessimist here, the reality is that he has stage 4 cancer, which is almost always terminal. his skin cancer recurred and spread to his spine. he’s in a lot of pain. the best thing we can hope for is for them to win something while he’s still alive, because my guess is he hasn’t more than a year. =[
    jim, we all love you. stay strong.

  12. Good Luck get well your in my prayers
    Your the classest thing on that team

  13. Why would it “turn on a lightbulb in Andy’s head”. His kid is 25 years old. What do you want him to do. Walk him to school. The kid has been enabled long enough.

  14. Yes I must be a scumbag – how horrible is it of me to think Andy Reid, after making 8 figures and securing financial independence, should prioritize his family.
    I realize his son is now an adult, but something tells me Reid wasn’t exactly Father of the Year in his childhood.
    Anyone who doesn’t feel Reid is being selfish and a poor parent, probably isn’t a parent themself.
    Can any of you say that in the same position, you wouldn’t make every effort to help your child?

  15. This article isn’t about Andy Reid, Sean McDermott or the 2010 Eagles season. I think “mustbechris ” is trying to keep the focus on the topic and feels these other comments are minimizing the sad truth here. Jim Johnson deserves a tribute, not the non-sensical remarks being made

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