Singletary Displeased

San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary was angered by his team’s lackluster performance at an Organized Team Activity today.
So much so that Singletary halted practice to impart a few fiery words, according to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.
Afterward, Singletary said: “We lost a day. . . .  I don’t even want to get started.  It was not good.”
The Hall of Fame middle linebacker’s trademark intensity was on full display, but he declined to point out which specific players had drawn his ire.
“He’s got a standard,” linebacker Jeff Ulbrich said of Singletary, who hasn’t been shy in the past about visual displays when he’s angry, including one memorable halftime episode.  “It’s frustrating at times because guys are trying to adapt.  It’s not quite there yet.
“There are still some guys who are not fully on board.  But if you don’t adjust and start doing it, you’re going to be out of here.”
Apparently, that applies to defensive back Jimmy Williams, a former Atlanta Falcons second-round draft pick.  The former Virginia Tech cornerback was cut after a brief stint at safety.
“Right now, we just felt like it was the best thing to do,” Singletary said.  “We feel good about the guys that we have.”

12 responses to “Singletary Displeased

  1. If a hard ass like Singletary can’t get Jimmy Williams to shape up, there is no hope for that waste of talent.

  2. Lackluster team, lackluster performance. Have fun polishing turds, Singletary.

  3. He was so upset that he dropped his pants and” tea bagged ” Michael Crabtree to intimidate the team.

  4. I think these NFL brats need more coaches like this. Most of the players are coddled too much. Case in point Dallas.

  5. Singletary sounds like he has no control over his emotions or his team. I will not be surprised if their record is worse than last year when Martz was leading the offense.
    Can you say Mike Holmgren? Next year’s GM and or HC or both in SF.

  6. “He was so upset that he dropped his pants and” tea bagged ” Michael Crabtree to intimidate the team.”
    Is CrabMe even in camp yet?

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