Wilford To Tight End?

As receiver Ernest Wilford struggles to hold a roster spot in Miami, his agent might not be doing him any favors.
Drew Rosenhaus has publicly disclosed that the Dolphins are using Wilford as a tight end/H-back.
That’s fine, but does anyone think that the team wants this information shared with the rest of the world?
At a time when the Fins seem to be going out of their way to make it known that they aren’t messing around, disclosure by Wilford of the team’s possible plans for him in 2009 could get Wilford run out the door.
Of course, maybe that’s precisely what Wilford wants.

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  1. I thought the same thing when I read it. This sounds like something that the Dolphins might want to keep under wraps as they develop a bit of a new offensive gameplan of sorts. Rosenhaus doesn’t have the right to just go spewing these things on Twitter. I’m just waiting for the first asinine comment to come off of his feed that a player doesn’t want the public to know. That’ll be a fun soap opera to watch.

  2. Yeah, I’m sure Ernest Wilford and his 2000 career receiving yards are really out looking for a big lucrative free agent contract.
    Then again…..
    It must be difficult to go from being a high school superstar, and a college superstar, big man on campus type to being a career backup afterthought in the NFL. Oh well. I’m sure the money more than takes care of the mental anguish of mediocrity.

  3. Is this from Drew’s REAL Twitter account? Or his fake Twitter account from a dude with too much time on his hands, which are holding a tightly packed bong.

  4. Wilford may have had nothing to do with Rosenhaus’s “announcement.” After all, it’s not like Rosenhaus doesn’t have a big mouth all by himself.

  5. Really Mike, it’s only you who follows Rosenhaus’ sh(tw)itter like a puppy in a string….

  6. texasPHINSfan says, “this is a perfect example of one of the many
    reasons why Rosenhaus is an idiot and an a-hole”.
    Well Roseshaus got Wilford a $6M dollar signing bonus. What did
    you do for you clients last year texasPHINSfan? The job of the agent
    is to get the most money for a client and then get a percentage of
    of that money. Ernest Wilford is one of the few mistakes that the
    Parcells’ regime has made.

  7. First off the Fins have no plans for Wilford so no need to worry about plans being leaked. If it didn’t cost them cap space at this point he’d be gone already. If anything you’d think Wilford and Drew wouldn’t want the league to know that 12 months after signing a large contract that this turd has been shifted to TE.
    Even a cansual Fins fan knows that Wilford is gone. Ginn had an okay year, Camarillo got an extension before the injury, Bess beat out Wilford last year as an undrafted guy, London was dressed over Wilford late last season and the Fins drafted Turner in the 3rd and Hartline in the 4th.
    Thats 6 not including the undrafted and practice squad players. Wilford hasn’t been given valuable info since last training camp.

  8. I hear they’re going to try Wilford out at waterboy and locker room cleaner also.
    After giving him $6MM in bonus money to catch 3 passes for 25 yards for the WHOLE SEASON and being inactive for 7 games, not because he was injured, just because he sucked, I hope they try him out at tackling dummy too before they send him packing.

  9. Haha, this is just Drew trying desperatly to create a market for his guy once he is cut by Miami…
    Drew : “Look everyone, Ernest cannot only drop passes, run crappy routes, and gain no seperation at the line, but he can do that from all different postitions on the field. Give him money, and he can do it for you!!”

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