Benson Thinks New Orleans Will Get The 2013 Super Bowl

NFL owners are in Ft. Lauderdale for a brief business meeting.  The primary item on the agenda is the selection of a city to host the 2013 Super Bowl.
The finalists are Phoenix, Miami, and New Orleans.
Scott Hanson of NFL Network reports that owner Tom Benson is feeling confident that his team’s town will emerge as the host city.
There’s no ‘if’ about it,” Benson told Hanson.
The recent deal between the Saints and Louisiana, which will keep the team in New Orleans through at least 2025, was viewed as a critical to the chances of the Super Bowl returning to the Bayou.  Absent an agreement, it’s possible that the game could have been played in a city that no longer has a football team.
By virtue of his employment by the television channel that the league owns, Hanson will be in the room when the owners vote, and he has promised to “tweet” the outcome.  You can be among the first to know the result by following Hanson right here.
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Obviously, we prefer the latter.