NFL, Comcast Deal Will Include "On Demand" Content

The NFL has officially announced, via that dinosaur known as a “press release,” its agreement with Comcast.
The deal includes a feature not previously disclosed.  Per the release, Comcast customers will now have access to a “robust suite of NFL content On Demand, including game highlights, game replays, the ‘best’ of NFL Films, players and coaches interviews, local team highlights, and other NFL programming whenever they want a piece of the action.”
But NFL Network still won’t appear on Comcast’s basic service package.  Instead, NFLN will move from a current digital tier to the “Digital Classic” package, which will result in the content being available to two-thirds of all Comcast customers — a major upgrade over the current availability of NFLN.
The launch is scheduled to happen by August 1.
“We are very pleased that NFL Network and other NFL content will be widely distributed in millions of more homes on Comcast’s service,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said.  “We look forward to having NFL Network’s coverage of training camps and the preseason showcased this summer on Comcast.  NFL Network is the only TV channel devoted exclusively to football 24/7, 365 days a year.”
Comcast and the NFL also agreed to take immediate steps to discontinue all pending legal disputes between the two companies.
UPDATE:  The deal also includes, as previously reported, the Red Zone Channel, when the Red Zone Channel becomes available.  Under the new deal between the NFL and DirecTV, it will be available not later than 2012.

25 responses to “NFL, Comcast Deal Will Include "On Demand" Content

  1. Would it be too much to ask the douchebags at Time Warner Cable to sit up and take notice of what Comcast did and do the same for the hostages they call customers in Wisconsin?
    Tell you what, I’ll even give up the following channels on my digital tier of programming:
    103 – The Ovation Network
    104 – Bloomberg TV
    106 – C-Span 3 … Why are there 3 C-Crap channels anyway?
    119 – Lifetime Real Women TV
    137 – Sleuth TV
    140 – NBA TV
    142 – FOX Reality TV
    144 – SoapNet TV
    145 – Fine Living Network
    147 – BBC America
    156 – TV Superstore
    157 – World Wide Shopping
    158 – Gospel Music Channel
    159 – Daystar TV … WTF is that?
    161 – Hallmark Movie Channel
    162 – AmericanLife TV Network
    There, I just did the work for those over-paid jackasses at Time Warner. All they have to do is give me the NFL Network in exchange and a promise they won’t screw with the Food Network because I like watching Giada at Home, she’s smokin’ hot!

  2. again no new news… on Comcast you could always get stuff On Demand same thing different Tier. Still glad that I’ll have the NFL network during the season.

  3. What about charter?
    I can’t get Direct Tv to all you idiots out there who just constantly repeat that.
    Unless they give me NFL Ticket on cable, or offer a way to watch the games online, I will watch free streams online and the NFL wont get a dime from me

  4. This is still crap! I pay $4.99 fotr the NFLN on Comcast’s Sports Tier. The Digital Classic Tier is $34.99 & has a wide range of channels that I WOULD NEVER PAY FOR. I can only hope that Comcast will still make NFLN available on it’s Sports Tier so I can still afford to get it & I can get my NHLN also.
    This whole thing is CRAP!!!

  5. lol Stoogie I feel your pain –
    I guess it’s beyond reason to expect Charter to start carrying NFLN before they go bankrupt. Dammit, Comcast, buy Charter and give me NFLN!?

  6. “and to think that in the old days kiddies….we actually watched football for free!”
    Your Parents

  7. Press releases are dinosaurs? How about those of us using those new-fangled digital antennas to pull in all 13 of our channels? We’re the frickin’ dinosaurs.

  8. Is the Digital Preferred the same thing as Digital Classic? I only see Digital Basic, Digital Preferred and Digital Premier packages available on the Comcast website.

  9. Well said Stoogie! I like that plump hot chick too!
    God I wish stupid Cable One would follow suit down here in Mississippi. Its horrible. I would not even have cable if DirecTV offered the local channels here, but they do not offer locals in my zip code which is freaking stupid. I can’t afford both

  10. COMCAST SUCKS!!! all these xtras will only cost more!!! DIRECT TV RULES!!!

  11. so no redzone channel? wtf? i thank i would have switched to comcast if they offered just the redzone channel instead of having to buy the ticket and superfan pack. that is mostly what i watch anyways besides the colts games which are local. that would be great to just pay for the redzone channel

  12. Instead of spending all this useless money on Direct TV, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner whatever cable / satellite you have I would estimate if you get NFLN or direct tv customers if you get the “ticket” you are probably paying $100 – $150 a month for their “tier” aka ripoff package. that comes out to $1200 – $1800 a year for all in all mostly cr@p. I suggest buying a mac mini and hooking it up to tv, mac mini goes for $400 last generation to $600 for newest generation. Install plex app on it (free) and go to or both are (free) this will give you access to everything and more than cable and currently paying for top internet package at cable provider for $50 a month. lets say I wanted the $600 mac mini and $50 a month equals the $1200 ur going to pay for shibby cable you dont watch enough of to pay for it.

  13. No later than 2012? Well, hopefully it’s before than because in case you haven’t heard, the world is coming to end in 2012. The Myian calender said so.

  14. “I guess it’s beyond reason to expect Charter to start carrying NFLN before they go bankrupt. Dammit, Comcast, buy Charter and give me NFLN!?”
    Charter are already bankrupt.
    But given that (at least on my system) they’re carrying MLB Network (who’s watching THAT?) on regular digital, my guess is that the intention is that the Comcast agreement is intended to be a pattern agreement for other cablecos, and the others will fall in line over the next few months.

  15. does this mean that i can get some money back since im already locked into paying for the whole nfl package because i signed up and got the deal last season? also could this be a way to finagle my way into getting an extra hd box or two?

  16. So when will Comcrap stop charging the $5 a month for the “Sports Tier” they have been ripping me off for? Like right now? That’s all I want to know. Or do I have to wait to August 1st?

  17. What about the OTHER cable companies.
    Yes, we parents watched football for free. Two games, no choice of what game to watch either, and only on Sundays (till they came out with Monday Night Football).

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